How to lose weight

There are so many articles and books written on this topic that, probably, nothing new can be said. But requests on the Internet show that this topic is still very hot. Why it happens? Most likely, because so many myths, conjectures, prejudices and charlatans were divorced that it became hard to figure out what was right and what was not. What really helps, and what will be just another dummy and loss of time and money.

In order not to be disappointed and not to lose hope, approach the question sensibly, choose intelligently, try carefully.

What diet to choose

How to lose weight?

What only diets you will not find on the Internet. By the name of its creator (for example, Atkins), by the name of the main product (for example, buckwheat), by some other incomprehensible principles (for example, the geisha diet). Who knows what the Geisha really ate and were they really slim in the representation of the modern European, or do we just want to think so? Each diet first puts forward some idea or theory. As an example, fats are evil, they cannot be eaten in any form or quantity, only then can you lose weight. The same applies to carbohydrates (Kremlin diet) and proteins (vegetarianism). Note that all even the most popular diets eventually move aside and give way to the next "ingenious" idea, which should be excluded from your diet, and that, on the contrary, include. But if they were really as effective as they promise, then why invent more and more? It would be enough for one at all times.

Probably, the fact is that there is no universal diet that would suit everyone without exception. Taste habits and preferences are different for everyone. Moreover, it is impossible to force a person to eat only buckwheat, washing it down with carrot juice all week long, so that he would not experience discomfort and would not dream of returning to the diet he had used to since childhood. Therefore, do not flatter yourself on the promises and hope that the new miracle diet will get rid of the problems with overweight quickly and permanently. The diet should be only individual, as close as possible to the usual diet, only the calorie content should be less. Of course, if you are accustomed to eating only cakes, then how many do not reduce the amount, the caloric content will still be more than normal. Exclude only the most high-calorie foods, reduce the portions of others, replace fatty milk with skimmed milk, and boiled sausage with 40% fat content with boiled meat. Maybe this will be enough to reduce the caloric intake to the recommended 1500 kcal per day? Believe me, you can stick to this diet for as long as you like and not have feelings of hunger.

Which fitness club to go to

Cheny write that the most effective type of physical activity for weight loss is an easy run. But what to do, what if you from childhood hate to run or your knee hurts? To make yourself? But for so long you will not last; in time there will be a mass of arguments in order not to go for a run. Or maybe it's better to think what you like the most - playing badminton, playing Latin Americandance them, archery or just walk in the park. The main thing is to start at least with something. If you like the feeling of mild fatigue and the feeling of stiffening muscles that tighten the abdomen and buttocks, you can wipe at something more serious. But do not immediately sign up for a fitness club, buying a subscription for a year. Perhaps you abandon this idea very quickly.

Is it worth something to change in lifestyle

In fact, this item should be the first if you decide to take care of yourself. After all, not only excess nutrition leads to excess weight. Rate how you spend your free time - passively on the couch in front of the TV or behind a laptop? Or do you prefer to walk in the park? Are you awake enough, wake up easily and feel good in the morning? And maybe the other way around, in the morning you barely tear your head off the pillow, and then, before lunch, drink coffee, cup by cup, just to wake up? How do you spend your holidays, lying on the beach from morning to evening or visiting the sightsnosti?

If you get enough sleep, you move a lot during the day, and you spend your free time on weekends and holidays actively, everything is in order, you just need to adjust the food. If the opposite is true, then perhaps you should reconsider your usual way of life. It is likely that this will be enough to weight has already begun to decline?

How to lose weight?

If nothing helped

It also happens. Do everything right, get enough sleep, move a lot, watch the food, but the weight either does not change at all, or decreases, but too slowly. And I want every weigh-in to deliver only positive emotions. Well, then you can try to add to all the efforts of drugs for weight loss. But in this case, make your choice consciously.

If you actively and regularly visit the gym, you can add products containing L-carnitine. It enhances fat utilization by working muscles during physical exertion. But remember, if the muscles do not work, L-carnitine is useless.

If you want to reduce caloric intake, you can try drugs containing orlistat. Such as, Listata Mini. Orlistat blocks the absorption in the intestines of the fat from food, due to which the diet becomes less caloric. Of course, orlistat will not replace your diet, but it will make it more effective, and the process of losing weight will go faster.

If the feeling of hunger does not leave you, looking at a lenten salad, you dream of a juicy chop with fried potatoes and your mouth is filled with saliva, then you can not do without drugs that suppress the appetite. Drugs containing sibutramine, such as Goldline Plus, act on certain parts of the brain, prolonging the feeling of fullness. There is a desire to eat less and stick to a diet becomes easier. It has been established that with regular use of such drugs the caloric intake is reduced by 25%, and the amount of food consumed by 20%.

In addition, sibutramine increases the body's heat production, due to which approximately 100 kcal is consumed per day. But do not wait for a miracle, the drug does not begin to act immediately. Its effect develops gradually during the month of continuous reception. Doctors recommend taking these drugs for at least three months to get the maximum result.

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