How to lose weight man

Fighting overweight actual problem for both women and men.

A woman to follow her figure is prompted by the instinct of procreation, and the understanding that, other things being equal, the partner will choose a more slender woman, and for men the attractiveness goes to the background. But overweight is not only not aesthetically pleasing, those extra pounds lead to health problems.

How to lose weight to a man? Boyfriend tips

Weight loss program for men will interest not only a teenager who wants to get rid of extra pounds, but also married men. It is no secret that after the wedding a man relaxes, begins to lose shape, gains weight. You should not think that only men require slenderness from their wives, women are also not satisfied with their fat husband.

Weight loss program for menThere are no significant differences from weight loss programs for women, but the differences still exist and are mainly related to physiology.

Consider the physiological and psychological differences between men and women in matters of weight loss.

  • Men lose weight faster than women, because the percentage of muscle mass in body weight in men is higher than that of the fair sex. And muscles, as is known, are the main fat burner.
  • However, psychologically, men lose weight more difficult, only 14% of men are able to take the path of struggle with excess weight, whereas for women this percentage is 30. Everything lies in the motivation, the motivation for losing weight in men is much less.
  • Women and men get fat differently, if a woman adds extra centimeters proportionally throughout the body, then the man’s belly grows and his arms and legs keep their shape for a long time.

What problems can lead to excess weight in men

How to lose weight to a man? Boyfriend tips

  • Because of the large abdomen, the spine is deformed.
  • Internal organs suffer.
  • The risk of diabetes increases.
  • Excess weight leads to atherosclerosis.
  • Shortness of breath and heart problems.
  • Crashes during sexual intimacy.
  • Adipose tissue can accumulate and produce hormones, mostly female - estrogens. From overweight in men, the thighs can take on female forms and the breast begins to grow. If the hips and shoulders begin to grow, then perhaps excess weight led to hormonal changes.

How to quickly lose weight man? Program and set of exercises

  1. Sports Hall or alternative physical exercise. It is important that physical activity was systematic at least 3 times a week. Football with friends on weekends, as the only training for the week can harm health, because in such conditions the body is not ready for supercompensation, that is, restoration of working capacity and weight loss without harm to health. The more muscle, the less fat.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to the abdominal area. Download press not only in the gym, but also at home.
  3. If classes in the gym are not included in the plans, you can buy dumbbells and train at home, perform not only dynamic but also static exercises, for example, a complex of callanetic exercises.
  4. A good example of support for a man can be his companion. joint runs.
  5. Bus rides are best replaced by intensive walking..
  6. It is important not only to play sports, but also to reduce the amount of food consumed, go on a healthy diet. You can not hope for weight loss and eat several servings at once. Women can help in the preparation of healthy food, they should remove all fast food from the refrigerator.

How to lose weight to a man? Boyfriend tips

Normal weight loss rate for men up to 1 kg per week.

Slender figure will give strength and confidence.

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