How to lose weight fast without dieting

So you want to be slim, but do not torment yourself with exhausting diets and physical exertion. This is possible if you adjust your lifestyle. It turns out that if you follow some simple rules you can easily get a delightful figure!

How to lose weight without dieting and sports: the rules

How to lose weight fast without dieting?

There are several rules for weight loss without diet.

  1. You need breakfast every day. There is a misconception that, not having breakfast, we reduce the number of calories we consume. Keep in mind that no breakfast at all - you will eat more at other meals. Therefore, most of the energy must be consumed in the morning hours. In addition, a full breakfast is the prevention of heart disease, diabetes, ulcers and vascular diseases.
  2. Try eating cereal. This is not only a useful delicacy, but also the best bakery product substitute.
  3. Pay attention to what you drink. After all, from the drinks, you can also gain extra pounds. Avoid soda - it is the most calorie, but also causes a strong feeling of hunger.
  4. Reduce the size of your portions. Eat, but smaller portions than usual. At first, you will not leave the feeling of light hunger, but you will quickly get used to it. This way to lose weight is more effective than any strict diet.
  5. Eat more protein foods. Eggs, milk (choose a smaller percentage of fat), low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, fish and seafood, chicken meat without skin, low-fat pork and legumes.
  6. Eat a little bit, but more often. To keep the blood glucose level - every 3-4 hours make a small snack.
  7. Consume only low-calorie foods.
  8. Walk more. This simple exercise will not only allow you to keep in good shape, but also strengthen your muscles. At the same time, it is not necessary to walk very quickly - the main thing is not how intensely you walk, but how much you cover.
  9. Get out of the way while cooking everything. Thus, you get about as many calories as from a full meal.

We lose extra kilos a week without strict diets

Without thoughtful nutrition for a week you will not lose weight.

  • On the 1st day, try to eat only vegetables without bread, sweet, flour, meat and cheese. Drink tea.
  • Devote the 2nd day to eating boiled chicken fillet. Eat it 3 times a day for 250 g. Drink from drinks mineral water and tea.
  • On day 3, may you have fruit and yogurt on your table. At lunch you can eat 200 g of boiled meat. Drink tea and coffee with a little sugar.
  • 4th day devote soups. For breakfast, eat pearl barley soup, for lunch - borsch, for dinner - vegetable soup.
  • On the 5th day, eat fish in any form and some vegetables. Drink drinks only kefir.
  • 6th day - favorite buns and pies! Just do not overdo it with sweet. Be sure to do a morning jog, about 20 squats, shake the press 50 times, 15 minutes. twist the hoop, in the evening go to the pool or sauna.
  • On the 7th day, eat boiled potatoes. Run in the morning, 20 min. twist the hoop, 70 times the pumping of the press can be divided by 2 times

How to lose weight fast without dieting?

Acting this way during the week, you will lose about 7 kg. This is a good result, because you do not harm your health at all.

Reviews of the fair sex:

  • Veronica: No diets. Eat everything, only apply smaller portions. And for 3 hours before bedtime, refuse to eat. It helps!
  • Alain: I do not eat after 19.00. From drinks I drink only green tea without sugar. I always have dinner without flour. For a month she lost 10 kg.
  • Irina: I do not eat before bedtime, 2 times a week I have a swimming pool, on Sunday I go to the steam room. I, indeed, slim, although diets do not adhere. The most important thing is to build a certain lifestyle.
  • Olga: Regularly clean the intestines by various means, and you will not have any barrels or tummy. But remember that in this matter is important knowledge of the rules. It is better to do the cleaning under the guidance of a doctor.

Without a diet you can lose weight, but efforts will still have to be made. For example, to review the diet and lifestyle. It is possible that the weight loss in this case will be slower than with severe restrictions, but the result to gain a foothold for a long time!

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