How to get the splits for a week

To sit on the splits for a week, you need to constantly train., performing exercises at home. With the help of exercises you will become more flexible and elastic, your posture will improve and grace will appear.

A week is only 7 days, so if you want to do the splits, you will have to follow the instructions and regularly perform stretching exercises.

How to sit on the splits for the week: the rules

How to take the splits for a week?

Before you start training, you have to prepare. To master the skill of twine, follow these rules:

  1. A week before you sit on the splits, do stretching.
  2. Stretching exercises are performed daily.
  3. During the exercises, do everything smoothly and slowly, without making any sudden movements.
  4. Each exercise should last at least a minute.
  5. Watch your breathing and posture.

Exercises for twine at home

  • To start, warm up. For a warm-up fit jumps, running on the spot, intense walking, waving arms and legs, jumping rope, etc. Warm up should last 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Stand on one leg so that the whole mass is transferred onto that leg. With the second leg swing forward. Wash your foot as high as possible. With each such exercise, you will be able to lift your leg higher and higher.
  • Go to the table. Place one foot on the table and bend down to the floor. During the exercise, try not to bend your knees.
  • Sit on the floor. Spread your legs to the maximum width. Grab the feet with your hands. Stretch your chest to the floor, keep your back straight.
  • Lie on your back, right arm and left foot in a straight position on the floor. Raise your right leg as close as possible to your face, springing it with your right hand. Repeat the same with your left foot.
  • Sit on the floor, stretch your legs. Try to get your hands toes. The back should be straight. When you reach for your fingers, linger in this position for 30 seconds. Exhale. Exercise is performed 15 times.

How to take the splits for a week? Exercises at home

  • Sit in the following position: stretch one leg in front of you, the other - set aside at right angles to the first. From the first time, the right angle may not work, as your legs are not so well stretched. Try to make a right angle of the legs, constantly changing their position. Keep your back level during the exercise.
  • Lie on your back. Raise your legs strictly at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the body. Spread them apart and stay in this position for 1 minute. After connecting the legs, lower them to the floor and rest a bit. Repeat the exercise again and rest again. Repeat the exercise on the first day of training 10 times, in the following days, increase the amount at your discretion.
  • Stand with your back straight. Take turns raising legs forward at right angles. Perform 20 foot sweeps. After raising your leg and try to hold it for at least 20 seconds. The minimum number of exercises - 10.
  • Exactly the same exercise, just lift your legs to the side: max and foot on weight.
  • Stand up straight. Make a sharp lunge with your left foot forward at a 90 degree angle. In this position, make crouching movements for 30 seconds. Change leg and do the same. The exercise is performed for 8 minutes.
  • Stand with your back straight. Lift your left leg, bend it at the knee and press it to your chest. Take your leg to the side and lock it. Help yourself with your hand to take the leg aside as far as possible. Change the leg and repeat the exercise.
  • In a standing position, throw one leg over the back of a chair. Bend your knee and perform movements with your whole body in the direction of the chair. Perform the exercise 15 times, then change the leg.
  • Sit on the floor. Spread the legs so that the pelvis passes between the heels. Do smooth wiggle up and down. To make it comfortable, rest your hands on the floor.

How to take the splits for a week? Exercises at home

  • Sit on the floor and stretch your legs together. Bend forward and try to breastfeed on the foot. In this position, you need to lie for at least 30 seconds.
  • Staying on the floor, straighten one leg. Place the other leg on the thigh first. Put the knee of the bent leg to the floor. Tilt to a straight leg. Repeat the exercise several times.
  • Sit on the floor, one leg straight. Take the second leg with both hands and straighten. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Fix the position and hold on for at least a minute.
  • Sit on the floor, spread your legs to the side. Take turns to lean on each leg, without bending your knees. At the end, make a forward bend. Repeat the exercise several times.

Twine is an indicator of human flexibility. It is used in dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, etc. With the correct goal setting, regular training and the desire to sit on the splits can be a week. Constantly exercising, you will reach your goal and sit on the splits. Just do not overdo it, otherwise stretch your muscles so that then not only sit on the string, you can not walk.

-Misnik Svetlana

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