How to get rid of ears on hips

Not everyone is naturally given a perfect figure, and quite often young girls and women encounter such a problem as fatty thickenings, or, differently, ears on the hips. They can appear for a variety of reasons - from a sedentary lifestyle, from excessive absorption of sweets and buns, and simply from the body's tendency to fat deposits. Ears on the thighs are dangerous because the fatty tissue thickens and becomes denser, so it is harder to get rid of it than from the usual fat reserves.

Types of adipose tissue

  1. To understand how best to deal with fat deposits should have a little idea about it. Adipose tissue in the body is of two types - surface (functional) and deep (backup). Superficial tissue is formed when we absorb too many calories and do not spend them completely, the calories are deposited in the subcutaneous layer and form functional tissue. Virtually all diets and magic bullets are aimed at reducing precisely this amount of fat, but they give only a temporary effect and when they refuse, the fat returns again.
  2. Another type of adipose tissue is deep. Such fatty deposits are located in the inner layers and their structure is more dense. In women, this tissue is a necessary component - the body prepares supplies for future pregnancy. The reserve tissue begins to form from the period of puberty from 14-15 years and is completed by 20-22 years. Deep tissue is involved in the production of estrogen, which is necessary for the female body.

How to get rid of ears on hips

When the puberty period is over, the deep tissue slows down its formation and the reserve layer becomes more dense, acquires the upper layers of the tissue. But this reserve layer may, under the influence of many reasons, suddenly appear on the most conspicuous places. At the same time, fat reserves are distributed rather unevenly in the body, and it is rather difficult to remove them. Only patience and perseverance will help you in this difficult task, but the difficulty of getting rid of ears on the thighs does not mean the impossibility, therefore it is better not to make yourself an excuse, but act.

Exercises to rid the ears on the hips

Your problem part is the hips, and therefore the emphasis should be placed on them. If you have not done any exercises before, then begin to practice a little - twenty minutes, but every day.

  1. Very well in the fight with ears on the hips help swing legs- with your hands, lean on the wall or other support and perform quick and sharp strokes with each leg 20 times. First swing to the side, then forward.
  2. Squats are a must-have exercise in fighting the ears, repeat them as many times as you can until you feel a lot of tension.
  3. In addition to the usual squats, do squats with lunges. They are made very simply - stand with one leg and do a broad lunge forward, repeat the same with the other leg. Exercise for each leg repeat 15-20 times.
  4. The next exercise - lie on the floor, knees bent, arms extended along the body. Begin to raise the buttocks above the floor, linger for a few seconds, then lower. Do the exercise at least 15 times.
  5. Now stand up straight, and cross your legs, while the right leg will be on top. Begin gradually stretching your arms and lean forward. In this position, linger for 5-7 seconds and again stand up straight. Then repeat the exercise, changing the leg. Exercise do 12-15 times for each leg.
  6. Lying on the side, legs extended, one hand under the head, and the other rests on the floor near the chest. Now begin to raise the leg as high as possible, while not bending it at the knee. Do the exercise 30-40 times. Then roll over on the other side and repeat the same with the other leg.
  7. We remain lying on the side, the legs are still straightened, one hand under the head, and the other rests on the floor. Begin to pull tight legs to the side, then return to the starting position. Try to move your legs slowly. Exercise do 15 times, then roll over on the other side and do the same.
  8. Lying on its side, legs straightened, hand under head, the other rests on the floor. Bend your legs at the knees and quickly press them as close as possible to your chest. Do the exercise 12-15 times, then roll over and repeat on the other side.
  9. Sitting on the floor, stretch straight legs in front of you. Then begin to tilt the body forward and wrap the part of your leg with your palms that you can reach - shin, foot or ankle. You should feel a little stress, but not much pain. After that, lift your leg up and return to the starting position. When performing the exercise, make sure that the body does not strongly deviate backwards. For each leg, do the exercise 20 times.
  10. The next effective exercise for getting rid of ears on the hips is a bicycle. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees at an angle of 900 degrees. Pull each leg forward one by one, posing as if you are riding a bicycle. Do the exercise for 3-4 minutes.
  11. Lying on the floor, stretch your legs straight and begin to tear them 450 degrees off the floor. Cross your legs like scissors. After performing the exercise several times, hold the legs in a raised position for a few seconds, and then continue to do the exercise. Scissors also do 3-4 minutes.

How to get rid of ears on hipsHow to get rid of ears on hips

Massage to get rid of ears on hips

To deal with the ears on the hips should be a complex, which means that do not forget about massage. It helps not only in the fight against fat deposits, but also eliminates cellulite. Massage is useful for the problem area with its warming and activating effect. Start the massage with light stroking movements, then gently knead and gently shake problem areas. Complete the massage with stroking movements, of course it is better to massage using special creams.

There is nothing impossible and even any woman can get rid of ears on hips, if she is not lazy. The main thing is to present yourself more often with an ideal figure without extra kilos and then both time and desire will be found!

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