How to get on the bridge

Most likely, such an exercise as a “gymnastic bridge” was performed by each person in physical education classes during the period of study at school. After all, it is included in the category of basic and is the basis for the further execution of acrobatic stunts. If you haven’t got up on the bridge for a long time or you just don’t know how to do it, then you shouldn’t experiment. In this case, not the last role is played not only by flexibility, but also by the sequence of rules.

How to learn to get up on the bridge?

How to get on the bridge?

  1. In this case, a good warm-up and consistency will be useful, you need to warm up your body and muscles and do several exercises. The first of which should be done lying down, hands should be raised up, knees should not bend and try to bend. When performing the exercise, there should be no sudden movements and you should try to lock in this position for 1 minute.
  2. The following exercise must be performed to train leg muscles. To do this, stand on your knees apart, raise your hands up and gradually lean back, with your fingers while touching the floor.
  3. 3rd exercise should be performed while lying on your stomach. Hands should be at the level of the thighs, legs - bent at the knees, with your head you need to reach. This is an excellent stretch for the spine, especially this procedure is useful to those people who have sedentary work.
  4. After performing all these exercises, you can try to get on the bridge, only from the prone position. To do this, lie on your back, focus on your arms and legs and begin to pull up to your shoulders, raising your back from the floor. Surely locking in this position, you need to start straightening limbs. Now the bridge is ready! Then you need to smoothly repeat the exercise in the opposite direction, lying down gradually on the floor.

Become a bridge from a standing position

After you manage to get on the bridge from a prone position, you can try to perform these exercises from a standing position. Well, if you have a wall bars, if not - then it is better to choose a support with a non-slip coating, for example, a wall covered with wallpaper.

Legs should be set shoulder-width apart, arms should be raised upwards, while standing with the back against the wall. It is better to ask someone to insure you. Ideally, of course, such exercises should be performed under the guidance of a qualified trainer. Now, from a standing position, you need to make a slope to the wall, while the legs should not slide. It is time to gradually go down the wall. Returning to the starting position at first is better by leaning on the wall.

How to quickly master the exercise?

Learning to get up faster on the gymnastic bridge will help knowledge of the subtleties and safety rules when performing this exercise. To hurry in this matter is impossible, so you can damage your musculoskeletal system.

How to get on the bridge?

After the active growth of the human body stops, solidification processes in certain areas begin to occur in the spine, but once again it is possible to acquire the former flexibility, but only gradually. This requires regular training, especially if you are not a sports person.

For starters, you can try yoga. This is the safest method of achieving maximum flexibility, in addition, yoga will bring considerable benefits to the body. The bridge itself is the chakrasana, which involves arching the spine and relaxing the deep-lying layer of muscle tissue.

This exercise allows you to strengthen the muscles of the body and limbs, increases the tone of the glands of the body and internal organs, improves the general condition and metabolism. Energetically, this asana is associated with the solar plexus and energizes the entire body. Following the instructions of yoga, men should go to the north with their heads while women should go to the south.

Legs should be brought together, arms should be freely placed along the body, while breathing should be free. Put your palms on the floor, under the shoulder joints, your fingers should lie facing the legs. Now the torso needs to be raised, with it bent over in the back and putting the crown of the head on the floor. In this position, you need to briefly fix, while watching the breath.

Then continue pushing on the arms from the floor until the legs and arms are fully extended. It is necessary to continue in this position until the first signs of fatigue appear, breathing should be free and even. At the end of the exercise, you should slowly exhale and calmly return to the starting position, and then relax. Perform this exercise from 1 to 4 times, with a two-minute interval.

You can not get up on the bridge on a slippery floor, do not rush to perform a full deflection. The arms and legs should serve as a fixed support for the whole body. Attention should be focused on sensations in the lumbar region and kidneys.

If you are a person at risk for health reasons, then you better not get on the bridge. This is true if you have high blood pressure; there are diseases of the thyroid gland, gastric ulcer; problems with hearing and capillaries of the eyes. It is also best not to perform this exercise for people who have recently suffered bone fractures or abdominal surgeries. In addition, you will first need to master the exercises, which include backward bending. They will help speedy adaptation of the spine and muscles to the implementation of the gymnastic bridge.

The bridge brings excellent results in stretching the spine, provided that the exercise is correctly observed. This is a good gymnastics and a great way to warm up the muscles. Performing a gymnastic bridge, you can get rid of pain in the back, neck, spine, of course, if a person does not have medical contraindications to this. Practice and everything will work out for you!

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