How to cook loose buckwheat on water

How to cook buckwheat on water so that its taste is saturated, and she herself - crumbly? It would seem, what a strange question? After all, what could be easier to prepare than this very ordinary dish? Many young hostesses are convinced that it is easier to deal with buckwheat, and spoiling the porridge is impossible. But this is far from the case!

Buckwheat is a delicate matter

How to cook buckwheat on water?

Some hostesses buckwheat turns out incredibly tasty and crumbly, while others - some kind of semi-edible mush. And it turns out so because cooking buckwheat is a very painstaking process. Taking a little time, he nevertheless requires a certain assiduity and attentiveness.

If you do not know how to cook buckwheat on water, but you want your porridge to be really tasty, you will have to follow a few simple rules. One of them concerns the preliminary preparation of the cereal: it is necessary to carefully sort it out before starting the heat treatment. This is done so that later, when you and / or guests enjoy your meal, do not reap the benefits of your carelessness. The presence of pebbles or other foreign objects in the dish will not decorate the dish or you as the hostess.

How carefully you approach the process of preparing the cereal for cooking will depend directly on the taste and appearance of the finished porridge. About other secrets a little later, but now let's get started.


  • buckwheat - 1 tbsp .;
  • water - 2 tbsp .;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • salt - to taste.


  1. Sort the grits, rinse and dry.
  2. After the water boils, add salt and grits.
  3. Leave the cereal to simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.
  4. After all the water has boiled away, add butter and wrap the porridge for an hour so that it will fit.

"Buckwheat Secrets"

Surely mother and grandmother told you about how to cook crumbly buckwheat on water. After all, according to old methods, passed down from generation to generation, this process should be taken seriously - then the porridge will be canceled.

Number of cereals

Before you start sorting out the cereals, you need to measure the necessary amount of it. This simple manipulation is actually very responsible. You do not want any of your households to have enough buckwheat porridge, or, conversely, that you end up with a volume several times larger than expected? Therefore, keep in mind that cereal in finished form will increase at least 2 times. Accordingly, you need to calculate its quantity. For example, 1 tbsp. cereal enough for a family of 4 people.

Washing cereal

In order for porridge to turn out crumbly, it is necessary not only to sort out the cereal, but also to wash it thoroughly before cooking. Now, some manufacturers are packing clean buckwheat. However, if you rinse it again, it will not be a waste of time. It is recommended to wash the grits several times until the water becomes clear. Then you are guaranteed not to miss even small rubbish.

How to wash buckwheat?


After you have washed the cereal, you need to dry it and calcine it in a griddle for 10 minutes. This procedure will significantly reduce the time for cooking. But most importantly - as a result you will get crumbly and flavorful buckwheat porridge.

Cooking water

If you do not know how to cook buckwheat on water, then keep in mind that the proportions of liquid to cereal should be 2 to 1. That is, there should be exactly 2 times more water than cereals. It is necessary to use a good quality fluid.

In the process of cooking the croup swells and boils over. Therefore, if you use a tough and tasteless liquid, the porridge risks not being as aromatic as you would expect. Even if you thoroughly sifted through the grain, washed it and fried it, unfiltered, poor-quality water can spoil all your labors.

Cooking capacity

What to cook buckwheat?

One of the important features of the preparation of crumbly buckwheat is the choice of capacity for heat treatment. And if a few decades ago, cast iron was used for this purpose, which was then put into the oven, now, a non-enameled thick-bottomed pan can easily cope with this task. It is such a vessel that must be taken in order for buckwheat to turn out rich.

Useful properties of boiled buckwheat

How useful is this porridge? Boiled buckwheat on water has a very low calorie content - 132 calories per 100 g, and at the same time this product is very satisfying and nutritious. This paradox is explained by the content in the croup of slowly digestible carbohydrates and high-grade proteins. In buckwheat there are no substances that are responsible for gaining excess weight - that is why this porridge is readily eaten by people who are on a diet.

In boiled porridge contains only 13% of the daily dose of calories consumed, while cereals are rich in minerals such as iron, iodine, copper, phosphorus, vitamins of group B. The content of useful components exceeds several other grains. It is for this reason that people who lead a healthy lifestyle, try to use buckwheat as often as possible, and among vegetarians it is among the favorites.

To feel on your own state of health all the beneficial properties of boiled buckwheat and get a tasty and crumbly porridge, you need to take into account the simple secrets of its preparation. If you adopt the above requirements, then you will have a dish - you will lick your fingers.

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