How to cook an egg in the bag

Chicken eggs are part of many dishes. Even our mothers and grandmothers argued that such a product must be in the diet, because it contains vitamins and natural protein. To cook eggs in its pure form can be different. Today we have to figure out how to boil an egg in a bag.

Interesting facts about eggs

How are we used to cook chicken eggs? A variety of options just happy. They can boil hard-boiled, soft-boiled, make scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs. Have you ever cooked eggs in a bag?

boil an egg in the bag

Before we figure out how to boil an egg in a bag, and clearly determine the time of heat treatment, let's see what is its feature? In appearance, such boiled eggs are very reminiscent of a soft-boiled product. However, you must clearly see the line between them, namely the consistency of the protein mass. In eggs in the bag the protein is thicker than in the product, boiled soft-boiled. The yolk is located inside the protein mass.

Egg in the bag can be served as a separate dish or added to salads. How many cook such eggs? Opinions of professional culinary specialists in this matter are divided. First, they believe that the duration of heat treatment depends on the number and size of eggs, and secondly, on the method of preparation.

Let's take a look at a number of interesting facts, having learned that you no longer want to cook chicken eggs differently:

  • Pre-we get eggs from the refrigerator. They must reach room temperature marks.
  • Always dip the eggs in well boiling water.
  • So that they do not burst, firstly, the water should be salted, and secondly, the eggs should first be washed with warm water.
  • The egg in the bag can be cooked using special dishes - Kodler. True, it is known far from all, and has received widespread use only in the Americas.
  • For cooking eggs in the bag, you can use a regular pan, a film for food.
  • To simplify the task, boil the eggs in the shell.
  • The duration of heat treatment is 4-5 minutes after boiling water.
  • Please note that the consistency of the protein mass should be thicker than the yolk.
  • If you cook eggs without the shell, then you can immediately add salt, spices, spices, cheese, and even chopped greens.

Culinary Experience of American Chefs

So, we have already figured out how much to boil an egg in a bag after boiling. If you want to surprise your guests not only with a delicious and delicious dish, but also with its original decoration, then this recipe is for you. Of course, cooking eggs in a codeler is much easier. This dish is a small container with a screw cap. As a rule, coders are made of glass or porcelain.

Before hammering an egg into a container, it is recommended to lubricate its walls with butter, so that we can preserve the original protein texture as much as possible and give the product an exquisite aroma and soft taste. Modern technology gave us the world wide web. As you know, through the global network, you can buy even scarce dishes in our country.

boil an egg in the bag


  • chicken eggs;
  • butter;
  • salt, spices, herbs and seasonings - to taste.


  1. About half an hour before cooking, we remove the eggs from the refrigerator. Their temperature should be at room temperature.How to cook an egg in the bag
  2. Pour water into a wide thick-walled container so that its level does not exceed 3 cm.
  3. Put the saucepan on the stove and bring the water to a boil.How to cook an egg in the bag
  4. To keep the kodler from slipping, the bottom of the pan can be pre-covered with a cloth towel.
  5. Carefully lubricate the walls and cover of the Kodler with creamy softened butter. How to cook an egg in the bag
  6. Now we drive in eggs in the kodler. If desired, we can immediately add salt, herbs, bacon bits or cheese.

    How to cook an egg in the bag
  7. Tightly close the cover of the kodler.How to cook an egg in the bag
  8. Move the kodler to well boiling water. Cook eggs in a bag for 4-5 minutes.How to cook an egg in the bag
  9. After the set time has expired, carefully remove the kodler from the water and open the lid.How to cook an egg in the bag
  10. Boiled egg can be served to the table in the same pot or put on a flat dish.How to cook an egg in the bag

We keep up with the times

Many housewives, having once tasted such a dish in a restaurant, immediately seek to reproduce it at home. Why not? Moreover, we will cook eggs in a bag without using water in a microwave oven. Fortunately, the 21st century has presented us with technologies that greatly facilitate the fate of women in the culinary field. Please note that you need to cook the dish in the microwave oven at maximum power. You should also stock up on ice in advance.

egg in the bag


  • chicken eggs;
  • ice.


  1. Prepare the eggs as described in the previous recipe.
  2. In a separate container lay out the ice.
  3. In the absence of such, it is possible to use very cold water.How to cook an egg in the bag
  4. In a special container break the eggs.How to cook an egg in the bag
  5. We send eggs to the microwave oven in an open dish and cook at maximum power for 15 seconds.How to cook an egg in the bag
  6. Exactly 15 seconds later, move the dish with cooked eggs into a container with ice and leave in this form for a few minutes.
  7. Now the eggs in the bag can be served.How to cook an egg in the bag

If you want to surprise households and arrange a real feast, try to cook eggs in a bag. It is very useful, tasty and original. The main thing is to clearly understand what consistency the protein should have. If you do not have a Kodler or microwave, boil eggs in the shell, taking into account all the above culinary nuances. Enjoy your meal!

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