How thin julia nachalova

Show business always dictates its own laws for each participant in the system. Unfortunately, times have passed when it was the pure voice that was the pledge that the singer would become famous and popular. Nowadays, a beautiful "decoration" is needed so that the stage image of the performer and his dancers, vocals will correspond to the voice. Julia Nachalov tried many slimming recipes before choosing the most appropriate one for her body.

First of all, says Julia, it is important to understand the needs of your body, its features. Based on well-known diets, by trial and error, an individual program is determined for each person. You can always somewhat move away from basic foods and see if the weight and volume of the body changes.

How thin Julia Nachalova?

Experiments with food for weight loss. Tips from Julia Nachalova

To achieve the maximum effect, you should choose several "unloading" days a week, when onlygreen salad leaves.To improve the taste, lettuce leaves can be sprinkled with lemon or lime juice, seasoned with a small amount of olive oil. For variety, grated cheese (such as parmesan) is allowed. From the liquid should drink enough purified water per day (up to 2.5 liters) and pineapple juice (up to 1 liter).

During pregnancy, Julia Nachalova, like most women, gained extra pounds, who did not leave after giving birth. Television cameras have the ability to "add" a few pounds during the shooting. And quite an ordinary person may look somewhat replenished. What can we say about the persons inclined to corpulence ... Therefore, in addition to her “unloading” days, the singer decided to exclude from the daily diet sweet, flour, bananas, potatoes, carbonated drinks. If possible, Julia tries to eat steamed or boiled dishes, occasionally baked in the oven. In the diet added a lot of fresh vegetables rich in fiber. The principles of separate nutrition complete the basic rules of eating.

Julia Nachalova lost weight, paying a lot of attention to the sport!

How thin Julia Nachalova?

Dieting is strengthened by the singer visiting gyms, swimming pools and walking. It is not enough to lose weight, says Nachalova. It is necessary to maintain muscles, monitor skin elasticity, so that the body will get beautiful forms. To consolidate the result, one cannot stop at what has been achieved and continue to work on oneself.

Big nervous shocks can turn beautiful slimness into awful thinness. It is safer to treat life troubles, take care of your nerves. When Yulia Nachalova experienced a divorce with Dmitry Latansky, she began to look not the best way. Friends sympathized with the exhausted singer, who reached a weight of 43 kg with her height of 165 cm. Obsessive thoughts about losing weight led Julia to an emaciated state and the habit of eating only apples and salad leaves. After the start of kidney problems, the girl revised her eating style, listened to the needs of the body, stopped torturing herself and developed the basic principles of healthy eating. How thin Julia nachalovaat a rapid pace, and recovered, if desired, to “correct” the figure. Having received an acceptable weight of 54 kg, she stopped at what had been accomplished and decided to maintain the optimal ratio of all the parameters of her body.

It can be said that the result of the Julia Nachalovoy diet depends not only on the selectivity of the food consumed, but also on active physical activity with a positive attitude. Thanks to her weight loss, the singer continued her successful career and began to appear again on the covers of glossy magazines.

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