How slimming magnets work slim clips

Amazing near - now you can lose a couple of kilograms without making any effort, but simply wearing a magnetic earring on your ear. This technology was recently discovered by acupuncture specialists. No, of course, about losing weight and removing toxins from the body using acupuncture, they knew before, but now a simplified method has been discovered - all the details are on!

Acupuncture against slimming magnets

Acupuncture against slimming magnets

The essence of the old acupuncture method is to stimulate the work of the bio-active point responsible for any organs of your body. As a result, the processes begin to flow faster, for example, the metabolism is accelerated, food is rapidly eliminated from the body, the process of slag discharge improves, and water accumulation in the body decreases. However, the introduction of the needle into the point is a stressful process for the body, and there is always the danger of infection, which has serious consequences.

Magnets SlimClips- this is a new slimming format, superior to the effectiveness of the acupuncture method, and at the same time absolutely safe! The impact on the bio-active point occurs without skin injury - you just put a magnet on your ear, like a clip.

The two halves of the magnetic earring interlock with each other by the interaction of magnetic waves, which at the same time pass through a point on the ear and constantly tone it up. In this case, you can lead a normal life, as it does not cause any discomfort.

What point is wearing SlimClips

What point to wear slim clips

When we figured out how to use slimming magnets, a natural question arises - how and where to wear them correctly, because our ears are literally “stuffed” with acupuncture points.

Slimming it is necessary to take turns acting on the points of the pituitary, hypothalamus, stomach, hunger, thirst, thyroidNaya gland, mouth. It is recommended to wear Slim Clips magnets at each point for 7-8 hours a day, and then do rest until the next day. It is impossible to sleep in magnets for weight loss, because at night our brain no longer sends us clear signals like “I am hungry” or “food is not nutritious”, respectively, and “jamming” them is not necessary.

Slim Clips magnets are not the same size: one is larger in size and flatter, but their location on the point does not play any role. Usually a larger magnet is worn on the outside, as this is more convenient.

When you wear it, you may feel a rush of blood to your ear - this is absolutely normal and in a couple of days this feeling will become dull.

Results and reviews

How do slim clips slimming magnets work?

Based on the analysis of customer reviews, it was found that Slim Clips magnets gave a positive result in 83% of users with daily wear. The remaining 17% of respondents acknowledged the fact that they did not follow the established instructions, as this was due to their physiological features or insufficient motivation to lose weight.

Most customers reported the following effects:

  • appetite decreases; it seems that you eat up a smaller portion;
  • the desire to eat fatty and sweet food is significantly reduced, it “pulls” on fresh vegetables;
  • water consumption increases;
  • weight begins to gradually decrease from the second week of Slim Clips;
  • there is a feeling of lightness and tranquility when magnets are worn on the hypothalamus point, headaches and insomnia disappear.

With magnets SlimClips You can lose weight by 5-7 kg per month. It is worth noting that in this case you do not expose your body to stress, but simply gently help it work more efficiently and get rid of excess.

Be careful: Purchase Slim Clips brand magnets only from authorized distributors in order to avoid buying fakes. The original magnets are made of a high-strength alloy with a titanium coating - they do not scratch the skin, do not break or peel.

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