How many calories are burned while walking

Walking is a natural way of moving a person. It strengthens the heart muscle, improves the functioning of internal organs and increases stamina. But besides this, it also contributes to weight loss. Thanks to daily walks, you can easily get rid of a couple of kilograms of excess weight.

Weight loss while walking: is it possible?

Weight loss while walking: is it possible?

The secret to losing weight is very simple: the more you walk, the faster you lose weight. But you definitely need to walk in the fresh air, since oxygen in the cells oxidizes fats, they burn faster. However, every walk is different, and the number of calories burned can vary. An ordinary walk through the public garden will not be as productive as an intense step of a person hurrying somewhere or walking. Even more you can lose weight if you walk the stairs, downhill or quickly moving over rough terrain. In other words, walking must be intense.

In order to feel for yourself how many calories are spent when walking, it is enough to walk around vigorously every day for 2 hours. In total for a week, this exercise will help get rid of 2 thousand calories, which corresponds to 200 g of subcutaneous fat. In order that the result is fixed, walking must be supplemented with an appropriate diet, you can not overeat, get involved in sweets and eat fatty foods.

It is impossible to say for sure how many calories are spent during walking. The result is influenced by indicators of weight, age of a person and his physical development. No less important is the time range of hiking, their regularity, weather conditions and soil.

The average amount of calories spent per 1 hour of active walk is 200-300 kcal. But the greater the weight of an athlete, the more he burns calories, because the body of a full person spends more energy on movement. A person weighing 60 kg can lose 200 calories per hour if he passes 4 km per hour. If the walking speed is 6 km per hour, then it’s more realistic to lose 315 calories. Under the same conditions of movement, a person weighing 70 kg loses 288 calories at the first speed, at the second - 336 kcal.

Walking the stairs will help you use energy even faster. Moving up, 6 calories are lost in 60 seconds, and going down will eliminate 4 calories in the same time. But for this speed should not coincide with time. To determine the speed of your walk, you should consider the steps:

  1. 50 steps per minute equals 3 km per hour;
  2. more than 70 steps per minute - this is more than 4 km per hour;
  3. 100 steps in 60 seconds are about 6 km per hour.

Calorie consumption when walking can be more if you add a workout diet. When the body's endurance increases, you can connect various weighting compounds to walking: for example, you can hold dumbbells in your hands or carry a heavy backpack during training. You should always take a bottle with water for a walk. If you follow all the rules of walking, it will bring not only the long-awaited weight loss, but also beautiful physical shape, good health and a flourishing appearance.

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