How many calories are burned during the torsion of the hoop

Hoop - the perfect way to lose weight at all times. Even in the Soviet past, women were made to maintain their shape with the help of this simple projectile. Today classes with hula-hoop are no less relevant, developed a whole complex of effective exercises. But before starting training, I want to know, and how many calories are burned during torsion of the hoop? This will help to calculate the effectiveness of classes and develop the correct diet.

What is the use of torsion wrap?

But before talking about the main benefits of classes, I would like to note that not only calories burn from intense feminine incendiary movements. There are other advantages from torsion hula hoop.

How many calories are burned during the torsion of the hoop?

  • The hoop is an ideal projectile to prepare the body for heavier sports and aerobics, because training with it strengthens the heart, and the lungs begin to work more confidently.
  • Training for the vestibular apparatus.
  • Helps to develop flexibility, artistry.
  • He quietly trains the muscles of the arms, back and hips.
  • The gut starts to work better.
  • It helps not only to make a woman's waist slimmer, but also for men to remove the stomach.

Calorie consumption when hoop torsion

To calorie consumption was maximum, you need to follow the basic principle of practice, when the muscles tension, breathe out, while relaxing - inhale. It is important not to overstretch the back muscles, but at the same time to give the load to the waist to the maximum.

  1. Put your legs together during class.
  2. Do not make jerky movements so as not to hurt your back.
  3. Rotate your waist clockwise.
  4. The smaller the amplitude of rotation, the better.
  5. Except for the waist muscles, do not engage other muscle groups.
  6. Spin the hoop on an empty stomach.

How many calories are burned during the torsion of the hoop?

Calorie burning depends on several factors:

  • View hoop
  • Workout intensity
  • Time classes
  • Physical training

But you can give general numbers that when practicing medium intensity for 20 minutes, you can burn 100 calories, but 20 minutes of intensive training will help to cope with 200 calories.

How many calories are burned during the torsion of the hoop?

Slimming with a hoop: reviews

  • Elena: "I love this type of physical training. It is difficult to force myself to go in for sports, for motivation you need motivation, and a hoop is aesthetically pleasing, feminine and easy, you can play it and it’s cool. Of course, to burn even one cake, you need to turn 3 hours while losing weight cakes, so you need to round up what has already accumulated. "
  • Svetlana: “I believe that the shell is effective for body shaping. This is an excellent massage of the problem area, it helps to keep the posture, this is a big plus of classes. I first just worked with hula-hoop, and then began to come up with various artistic numbers. "
  • Ira: "Personally, I believe that the hoop does not help either burn calories or lose weight, but only drives fat from place to place."
  • Tasha: “Hoo-hoop helped me lose weight, I twisted it and actively moved myself. I bought 2.5 kg heavier, with spikes, and it was difficult to keep him out of habit. Even as a child, my mother filled aluminum with sand and torsion a light projectile will have no effect. Just don't practice right after eating. "
  • Ulyana: “I don’t know exactly how many calories the hoop burns, but for example, Latin dances help to lose 485 calories per hour, and this is a whole chocolate bar, an hour of cycling 320 calories, and active sex is only 150.”
  • Yelenka: “I will give figures from my life. I give exercises for half an hour 5 days a week, for 2 months I got rid of 5 cm at the waist. Of course, I limited myself in food, but I was satisfied with the result.”

Contraindications for doing hoop

You need to start classes with a light projectile. If you have loose muscles, it will be difficult for them to protect internal organs from pressure of several kilograms. Therefore, increase the load as you strengthen the torso.

Do not twist the hoop for more than 20 minutes in a row, rather repeat the exercise several times a day.

Inventor Arthur Melin did not think that the hula-hoop would become a panacea for weight loss, and in fact inspired the American to create a hoop invention of flying saucers. Hula-hoop will allow each woman to take the desired height, the main thing is to make an effort. A good mood from pleasant workouts you will be provided.

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