How did you lose weight svetlana khodchenkova. svetlana

The multi-faceted actress Svetlana Khodchenkovana screen embodied various roles, living in them incredibly deep. The famous film "Bless the woman" has depicted the image of a real Russian beauty with magnificent forms, faithfully loving her husband. According to the girl, she was from childhood distinguished by elegant forms and did not suffer from fullness. For the role in the film she had to work hard on herself in order to gain weight and get used to the role.

How did you lose weight Svetlana Khodchenkova. Svetlana Khodchenkova before and after weight loss

But few expected to see some time later that Svetlana Khodchenkova lost twenty kilograms !!! Is it possible for three months to transform so much? As it turned out, Svetlana was offered the role of a ballerina. The ambiguous image so attracted the girl that she agreed to perform a miracle with her and become very slim.

What is the secret of rapid weight loss Svetlana Khodchenkova?

  • First of all, Khodchenkova refused large portions and snacking between meals. Its food gradually reduced to "pecking sparrow": very small portions with a large time interval. Tip: to enhance the body's ability to drink plenty of fluids: purified water, green tea. After a while, the person begins to adapt, the habit is developed to eat moderately. The stomach decreases and ceases to strive for a large amount of food, being satisfied with small portions. There is better leisurely teaspoons, because in such a rhythm, food is consumed slowly, and the brain still receives a signal of saturation of the organism. A portion poured into a smaller plate is perceived by the subconscious more than the same, but into a large one. The conclusion suggests itself immediately ...
  • In addition, Svetlana began to load the body with exercises in the gym. As you know, active exercise is responsible for high calorie consumption, burning all excess fatty tissue. Tip: in this matter it is important not to overdo it so that the muscles are not pumped. Most suitable exercises shaping, yoga, gymnastics under the supervision of an experienced instructor. It is very difficult to sustain the first couple of weeks in such a tense rhythm. Then there is an addiction and being drawn into the process of training with a small use of food ..
  • The actress enrolled in a ballet school, practicing a terrible pain in her legs. Constant rehearsals of all kinds of pas burned extra calories incredibly quickly. Advice: it is hardly worth being so purposeful as not to feel sorry for the body in the least. But if you add dancing classes to the periodic exercises in the gym, it will add an extra incentive. After all, every second woman wants to dance beautifully in her soul. And during classes you can get great pleasure from studying the movements of the dance, while getting rid of fatty tissues and physically loading some muscles. That's for sure - combines "pleasant with useful"!
  • For all of the above, Svetlana managed to work effectively on the set. As it is known, shooting a film requires tremendous nervous tension, additionally affecting all the processes inside the body. Council: to maintain the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals, you should start taking special additives and vitamin complexes. Regarding the effectiveness of a drug, you can consult with a nutritionist.

Photo by Svetlana Khodchenkova before and after weight loss

What is the secret of rapid weight loss Svetlana?

With such a load of girls came the moment when the director drew attention to the general condition of the actress. He advised her to stop starving, so as not to risk complete exhaustion of the body. Khodchenkova ceased to improve her figure so radically, stopping at that.

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