How can you bring yourself to anorexia

The desire of the woman to be slim is welcomed, but it is important to approach the separation with extra pounds. The loss of excess weight can become irreversible and bring a woman who dreams of slimness to the hospital, and even in general can be fatal if weight loss develops into a psychological disease.

How can you bring yourself to anorexia: what should not be done?

Anorexia is a psychological disorder. Anyone who has lost weight, knows that if there is no love for yourself, your body, no weight will satisfy you. The more you lose kilograms, the more you want to lose more.

When irreversible processes are involved with anorexia, weight continues to go away even with a normal diet; the body starts a depletion program. The body is weakened, there are hysteria, hair falls out, often in such a state women are admitted to psychiatric hospitals.

Psychological signs of anorexia:

  • Aversion to food.
  • Manic fear of gaining weight.
  • Obsession about the presence of extra pounds.

How can you bring yourself to anorexia: what should not be done?

If you have signs of anorexia you should:

  • Realize the problem.
  • Visit a nutritionist, he will determine the ideal weight and recommend the correct diet.
  • Turn to a psychologist who will help you to love yourself, increase self-esteem.

In the absence of treatment and proper nutrition, anorectics is threatened with atrophy of internal organs and muscles, cardiac arrest.

But working with specialists can cost a lot of money, so it is better to prevent the development of the disease.

How to stop in time to not bring yourself to anorexia

  • Determine your idealweight by the formula.

Height - 100 cm = Normal weight.

Normal weight - 10 - 15% = Ideal weight.

For example, your height is 164 cm.

164 - 100 = 64 kg is a normal weight.

64 - 10% = 57.5 kg is the ideal weight. This figure should be the ultimate in your relay fight with overweight.

How can you bring yourself to anorexia: what should not be done?

  • Do not go on a hard diet, that will guarantee getting rid of extra pounds in a short time, lose weight properly. Soon you will love diet foods and learn how to eat right.
  • Go in for sports. Turn weight loss into a dynamic process, an active lifestyle is important for health.
  • Start loving yourself. Buy clothes that will emphasize your dignity. Make hair, makeup.
  • Change idols. Kate Winstlet and Scarlet Johansson are no less popular with men.

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Remember that a disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. You should not risk life and health for the sake of getting rid of a fictional pair of extra pounds.

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