Holosas slimming

The drug Kholostas is an extract from hips. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Initially Holosas was not defined as a means to lose weight, its purpose was to clean the liver and bile, and it was given to strengthen the immunity of children. But the reviews from the use of Holosas made it clear that it can be used as an excellent means for losing weight, which has a diuretic effect.

Holosas slimming

Holosas slimming effect

  • Increases the body's resistance to colds and infectious diseases, strengthens the immune system;
  • Stimulates the excretion of bile;
  • It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic action;
  • Strengthens the body, relieves stress;
  • Helps relieve alcohol intoxication;
  • Strengthens the bowels.

Important Kholosas advantage is it low cost, a vial of Holosas costs less than 100 rubles, but at the same time the price does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. It can be used as an additional means for losing weight by rich people and those who cannot afford Hollywood slimming methods.

For weight loss, a special drink is prepared from Holosas, raisins and hay grass.Raisins ensure the proper functioning of the pancreas, and hay has a laxative effect. Hay grass can be replaced with prunes.

Holosas slimming

Cholosas-based slimming drink recipes

1. For 1.5 liters of water, 150 grams of raisins and 30 grams of hay grass. The broth is boiled for 10 minutes, cooled, filtered, then 150 ml of Holosas is poured into it. Drink a drink to be daily in the evening, an hour after dinner. After taking the drink can not be. The duration of treatment from two weeks to 20 days. After two weeks break, you can resume treatment. During the reception of the drink you need to diet. Stored, prepared drink in the refrigerator.

2. 200 g hay grass brew 1 liter of boiled water, in parallel with 200 g of raisins and pour boiling water. Let it brew, mix, strain and pour 300 g of the preparation into the drink. Take a drink of ½ cup before bedtime until it ends. You can repeat the course once every six months.

3. Boil half a liter of water, add 25 grams of sena, a quarter cup of raisins, bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. After composition, it is necessary to filter, cool and mix with ½ bubble Holosas. Drink half a tablespoon after dinner daily. The tool will end, you need to take a break for a month before resuming the drug.

The combination of holosas, raisins and seine is effective for losing weight, It is especially recommended to take this drink full of people to prepare your body for weight loss. After all, excess weight is a consequence of malnutrition, slagging of the body, metabolic disorders. Drinking will help the body to earn with the same force, normalizes metabolic processes, and therefore, those extra pounds will not linger in the tissues. Acceptance of a decoction is a natural way to lose weight.

Holosas slimming

But this method of struggle with obesity has both supporters and opponents.

Holosas for weight loss: contraindications

  • Diabetes;
  • Cholelithiasis;
  • Increased bile secretion;
  • Allergy to vitamin C.

Holosas slimming: side effects

If you take Holosas for a long time, digestive disorders are possible, as it can have a strong laxative effect. If the stools become green and liquid, you should immediately stop taking the drug.

Experts note that Holosas does not affect body fat in problem areas, to eliminate them you need to go in for sports and go on a diet. Holosas only helps to prepare the body to fight obesity by cleansing the liver of toxins. Taking the drug will not give amazing results, but if you follow all the recommendations, the weight will still be reduced, and you will be satisfied with the result.

Holosas slimming affordable and relatively safe drug.

Since Holosas, along with Saltos, Dibicore, Siofor was not created as a means to reduce weight, then before using it you need to consult with a specialist.

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