Healthy food for weight loss


To diet does not harm health, you need to eat properly. But what does it mean healthy food?

The main thing with the diet is less than the body requires to ensure its vital functions. Then the calorie deficit will be removed from their subcutaneous fat. But since the calories in food are consumed less, you need to balance the diet so that the body receives all the nutrients.

Healthy food for weight loss

Diet for weight loss needs to be made correctly. Calorie counting alone is not enough. Losing weight and eating 1200 kcal does not mean eating two chocolates a day, such a diet will spoil health.

Basics of healthy nutrition for weight loss

  1. Often a diet can not provide the body with all necessary, then you need to purchase vitamins and minerals in the pharmacy.
  2. It is important that the body receives carbohydrates, which are slowly digested, then the feeling of hunger will not disturb you any longer. Choose carbohydrates to taste, or dietary buckwheat and other cereals, or coarse-grain bread and bread. Let's say baked potatoes. Carbohydrates are better in the morning.
  3. Healthy diet for weight loss should include squirrels. Protein foods can be consumed at any of the meals. But, for example, with separate meals for weight loss in a dream, it is recommended to use proteins in the afternoon and evening. Especially protein food is important for those who combine weight loss with sports. Otherwise, the body will take calories not from fat, but from muscle tissue. Proteins that are acceptable for weight loss are chicken (preferably chicken breast), low-fat fish, dairy products with a low percentage of fat, cheese with fat content up to 25% not more than 50 grams. per day, greens.
  4. Fat also shown when dieting, they improve skin condition. Two spoons of cold-pressed vegetable oil, such as flaxseed, or a handful of fresh nuts will not affect your waist.
  5. Fruits and vegetables - fiber source. Their presence in the dietary nutrition has a beneficial effect on digestion. On the day you can eat 300 g. vegetables and fruits, but not in canned and fresh. Even sweet fruits are safe, if you eat them before lunch one by one.

If you like sweets, you can eat a couple of tablespoons of honey per day, or a few (2 - 3) dried fruits.

Basics of healthy nutrition for weight loss

Healthy food menu for weight loss prescribes not only products, but also takes into account the portion size, method of preparation of the product. It is better to cook food for a couple, bake, but do not fry. Regarding the amount of food on the plate, it should be from the palm, whether it is porridge or meat. Cottage cheese can be eaten a little less than a pack, milk and kefir in a glass.

In its healthy food for weight loss You can include fasting days and promotion of yummy, if you are able to control yourself. In the restaurant and on a visit, do not forget about the diet, choose and order dishes from the list of healthy food. If the liquor does not whet your appetite, you can afford a glass of dry wine.

Healthy diet for weight loss excludes:

  • Chips, crackers. They are very high in calories and contain preservatives.
  • Concentrated instant foods: noodles, soups, mashed potatoes.
  • Cookies that are stored for a long time.
  • Smoked products.
  • Mayonnaise.
  • Fried shop pies.
  • Fast food

Healthy food for weight loss excludes

Healthy nutrition will help not only lose weight, but also maintain health.

What kind of healthy food do you prefer? What is included in your diet?