Ginger for weight loss. reviews

Now it has become very fashionable trend to lose weight with the help of ginger. But does it really give such positive results, as promised commercials on the Internet? Only people who have tried ginger to lose weight can say this.

Ginger tea for weight loss: reviews

  • Alina, Moscow: “I tried to make ginger tea for myself! I got such pleasure that now only I will use ginger for weight loss. Before that I added ginger to cereal, but in the summer they somehow don’t go well.”
  • Olesya, St. Petersburg: "I have been drinking ginger tea for a whole year, I refused coffee completely. I use only fresh ginger root, sometimes I add green tea, cloves, lemon and always honey to tea."

Ginger for weight loss. Reviews

  • Nika, Omsk: “I decided to lose weight without using diets, I only saw ginger tea. I really liked it, unfortunately, I dropped only 1.5 kg in 2 weeks. But I didn’t torture myself with diets.”
  • Angelica, Saratov: “I drank ginger tea daily. For 1.5 months I broke up with 7 kg. But, at the same time, I ate a lot of rice, vegetables, and noodles with meat. I drank fresh juices and juices. I came home from a slim and contented rest. Ginger tea for weight loss is completely suitable for me. "
  • Olga, Chisinau: "I drink ginger tea with pleasure. I checked it myself, the weight goes away, slowly but surely."
  • Linda, Belgorod: "But I recovered by 7 kg, because ginger tea causes great thirst and increases appetite."
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Ginger root for weight loss: reviews

  • Albina, Vladivostok: “I love ginger in any form. I really like pickled ginger from sushi. In Thailand last year I tried green tea with ginger — cold with ice. Nothing better, honestly, I did not try. Ginger with green tea speeds up the metabolism by 2 times, so it's just a double blow to excess weight. I advise everyone who decided to lose weight! "
  • Nelly, Krasnodar: "Ginger has not had time to try, but I am going to the other day. I read somewhere that it can be brewed not only grated, but also in the form of seasoning, that is, ground ginger."
  • Adelia, Crimea: “I added grated ginger to tea. The taste of tea became unusual, but I liked it. In 2 weeks I was able to lose 2.5 kg. At the same time I didn’t refuse anything, but I tried not to abuse it much. So I advise "You don’t torture yourself much with diets, and the result is useful."
  • Alexandra, Krasnoyarsk: "My mother brewed ginger root and drank like tea. I found out about this recipe in some magazine. And in two weeks I lost 6 kg. It's amazing! It turns out to be an excellent remedy."

Ginger slimming dishes: reviews

  • Lyudmila: "Ginger gives the meat a pleasant and soft taste. I advise you to try."
  • Katerina, Kiev: "I really liked the soup with mushrooms, shrimps and ginger. It resembles Thai soup. In it, both shrimps, and mushrooms, and ginger help to lose weight."

Ginger for weight loss. Reviews

  • Anna, Thailand: "I ate fresh ginger root, adding it to salads. In 6 weeks I lost 7 kg."
  • Anastasia, Minsk: “I ate ginger for a week, I could no longer, I didn’t like its taste. However, I lost 1 kg.”
  • Anastasia, Sochi: "I eat ginger during fasting days when I need to lose weight urgently. I add ginger to green tea and some buckthorn. I drink only such tea all day. It helps to lose a few kilograms quickly."

Ginger with spices and fruits for weight loss: reviews

  • Diana, Nizhny Novgorod: “I saw a recipe on TV. We need to take 1% kefir, add a pinch of ginger and cinnamon, and little red pepper. They said that you can lose 10 kg. I decided to try it. I drank for 10 days, but didn’t notice anything.” .
  • Ulyana, Nizhnevartovsk: "My friend added 1 tsp. Of ginger and cinnamon to 1 cup of water and drank a day, z before the meal. In 6 weeks I lost 2 pounds of weight."
  • Nastyusha, Ivanovo: "I liked the recipe for pears baked with ginger. Very tasty, even my husband liked it. Waiting for the results. It seems like I lost a few kilograms."
  • Blair, Pskov: “I’ve been buying ginger for a long time, adding to biscuits, soup, tea. It helps protect my husband and daughter from colds, and helps me lose weight. I add cinnamon and ginger to kefir or tea at night. fine!".
  • Olesya, Tula: "I recommend using ginger in cooking sweet dishes. You can eat sweets and not get better. I can not lose weight, but the weight remains constant for 10 years."
  • Elena, Odessa: “I eat pickled ginger with fish. I lost 3 kg in 10 days. I am very satisfied: both tasty and healthy.”

Ginger for weight loss. Reviews

Ground Ginger Slimming: reviews

  • Natalya, Tyumen: "I use ground ginger, add it to tea. I try to limit the sweet, and have already dropped 2 kg. I have a positive impression of ginger!".
  • Rita, Volgograd: "And I use ground ginger for weight loss. Usually I add it to lime juice, the amount I pour on my eyes."
  • Nati, Rostov-on-Don: "I add ground ginger to tea, salads, juices, I usually put 1 tsp. The result for a week is 1 kg."
  • Anuta, Novosibirsk: "I studied a lot of reviews and decided to try to lose weight with the help of ginger. I drink only 3 days, but the result is obvious, minus 1 kg. There is no limit to joy. I will continue further, as I eat everything as before."
  • Kira, Yekaterinburg: "I add ground ginger to lime juice and drink 3 times a day. I lost 3 kg in 10 days. I will continue further."
  • Pauli, Odessa: “I hated ginger at all, but I decided to drink for weight loss. I add lemon, orange, grapefruit, it is very tasty. It combines well with anise, coriander, fennel and burns fat!”.

Many of the women dream of losing weight and use for this a variety of methods, diets, tips and personal knowledge. But the process of losing weight is quite a serious step and not every woman can approach what has come up different. Here it is necessary to focus, first of all, on your well-being, advice of nutritionists, and reviews of those who have already tried this or that method.

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