Gel "horsepower" for wrapping

Almost every woman dreams of a beautiful toned figure and charming forms. To achieve the ideal parameters, you can use a balanced diet and exercise. But when losing weight, women often face other problems: the appearance of loose skin and cellulite. It was considered impossible to get rid of it at home before, but it was necessary to contact beauty parlor and make wraps or liposuction. Today, you can eliminate the effects of losing weight and tighten your skin on your own, using Horse Power gel for wrapping. Reviews of women say about the amazing effect after several procedures.

Gel "Horsepower" for weight loss: reviews

eliminating heaviness in the legs and feeling tired

Gel "Horsepower" can be purchased at any pharmacy. In its component composition, this tool is considered absolutely natural. The gel contains essential oils, propolis extract, which perfectly tones the skin, camphor and menthol, which has a cooling effect. In addition, the gel contains red pepper, which stimulates blood circulation, as well as an extract of leeches, which is characterized by a splitting effect.

Gel "Horsepower" works well on blood vessels, strengthening their walls due to the content of wild rosemary and horse chestnut. And glycerin perfectly softens and nourishes the skin.

The procedure and its effectiveness

Gel "Horsepower" is used to eliminate the heaviness in the legs and the feeling of fatigue. Many girls began to use it not for its intended purpose, but as a means for drainage wrapping. To carry out a wrapping for weight loss of a stomach and sides at home is very simple. And this is the best way to confirm the feedback from women.

It is advisable to carry out the procedure on a day off, when you have enough free time. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to properly wrap with horsepower gel:

  1. First, take a hot bath to open the pores and the skin to steam out.
  2. While bathing, treat problem areas with a scrub, you can use natural, for example, ground coffee.
  3. After that proceed to the application of the gel. Apply it should be progressive clapping movements to activate intracellular processes.
  4. Gel is best to rub in the direction of the massage lines, that is, from the bottom up and on the sides.
  5. The gel should completely cover the problem skin area with a dense layer.
  6. Wrap the area of ​​the skin treated with gel with cling film or a special stretch coating.
  7. Wear warm clothing and engage in vigorous physical activity. So the effect will be stronger.
  8. After about 1 hour, rinse off the remaining gel with cool water.
  9. The procedure should be repeated daily for at least 2 weeks.

Many women in various forums share their impressions of the results achieved and leave comments that in a few procedures a noticeable decrease in the number of bumps on the skin can be seen. The skin becomes smooth and soft.

Some representatives of the fair sex in their responses say that the wrap should be carried out for at least 1 month, otherwise the result will not be visible. With the help of such procedures, women get rid of not only the ill-fated orange peel, but also lose extra centimeters in volume.

Some girls say that the use of the gel can get rid of not only cellulite, but also from pronounced vascular reticulum. Women consider the Horsepower gel to be an effective remedy in the fight against extra pounds, for example, after a month of its regular use in the abdomen, many girls lost 5-6 kg without much effort.

Some users of the global network are happy to share their results and brag about achievements. For example, in reviews you can read that the Horse Power gel fights cellulite much more effectively than blue clay or another lymphatic drainage agent.

Indications and contraindications

can be used not only for wrapping procedures

Gel "Horsepower" can be used not only for wrapping procedures. According to many reviews, the gel has a wide spectrum of action. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • to relieve fatigue;
  • as a prophylactic agent for pain syndromes in muscle tissues and ligaments;
  • to eliminate puffiness;
  • after exercise;
  • for the treatment of varicose veins;
  • to eliminate spider veins and rosacea.

Despite the fact that the horsehide gel has remarkable properties, not everyone is allowed to use it. This drug has its own contraindications, in particular:

  • It is not recommended to use the gel in case of individual intolerance of any component;
  • if there is damage to the skin.

The ladies leave their feedback that the best gel to use in accordance with the instructions. Many deviate from this rule and apply the gel too often or, conversely, rarely, rather than prescribed by testimony. Some girls in their reviews about the drug say that they did not even suspect the presence of an individual intolerance to the constituent component of the Horsepower gel, and as a result of its use they developed an allergic reaction. Therefore, it is best to read the instructions before use.

How much is the remedy?

Many girls leave their feedback on the fact that Horse Power Gel is an inexpensive and affordable drug. One bottle is enough for several wrapping procedures, and it can be purchased at any pharmacy or online store. The average price of a gel in the Russian Federation is 500 rubles. In different regions, the cost may vary significantly.

Gel "Horsepower" can truly be considered a universal preparation. With it, you can get rid of not only from the vascular network or puffiness. When carrying out drainage wrapping procedures using a gel, it is easy and effortless to get rid of the ill-fated orange peel or extra centimeters without any special efforts and expenses. Be beautiful and healthy!

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