Geisha diet

Oriental girls have long been associated with mystery and refinement: beautiful geisha, about whom so little is known, admire both men and women. Therefore, many people want to find out their beauty secrets, especially those related to harmony. The geisha diet may not have anything to do with the nutrition of Asian beauties, but it is certainly possible among the inhabitants of the east because of its special menu.

Geisha's diet: menu and key points of nutrition

At its core, the geisha's diet is a type of slimming technique on green tea, and is also close to mono diets, since it only requires 3 foods to be included in the diet. Of course, due to such a nutrition plan, it is only 4-5 days to adhere to the basics of the diet, after which a long break is required - 14-16 days. If the body is well tolerate the 1st attempt, then you can repeat the scheme after rest. Moreover, it is often possible to hear about the security of the system due to "extremely useful products." But is it really?

Diet geisha: reviews

The geisha's diet menu is easy to remember, but not too easy to follow:

  1. Breakfast is recommended green tea with the addition of milk, you need to drink 400 ml of this drink.
  2. Dine offered boiled rice, cooked without salt, and to him to submit warm milk (200 ml).
  3. Dinner again with rice, but not with milk, but with tea, diluted milk (200 ml).

What is important to take into account: tea and milk are combined in a 1: 1 ratio. Those. 100 or 200 ml each depending on the meal. Milk fat does not play a role, the usual 2.5% is much more appropriate than 0%, since it has great benefits for the body. The caloric difference is not too high, it will not affect the results of the geisha's diet.

Where it is more important to choose a good green tea: no flavoring, fruit and other supplements. The Chinese alpine is considered ideal, but if it is not possible to bring a natural product, it is permissible to choose the simplest in the store. And the rice variety plays an important role: the creators of the method recommend boiling brown, because in comparison with any white - round or long - it has much more nutrients and important trace elements stored in the shell.

In addition to the above ration, it is allowed to drink mineral water, choosing non-carbonated types of it. It is allowed to increase the number of cups of green tea per day by 2 pcs., But milk is no longer added to them. Butter is not enclosed in rice; sugar and salt are not used in its preparation. But if it is very difficult to use such simple cereal, devoid of any flavor notes and boiled in water, you can pour 1-2 tablespoons into the dish. warm milk.

No more departures from the menu should be done: this concerns the replacement of milk with kefir, the inclusion of low-fat sour cream in the diet, the variation of rice and buckwheat, which sometimes takes place among women, judging by their comments. All these actions lead to a violation of the algorithm incorporated in the diet of the geisha by its creators.

A diet of a geisha with a competent approach to it can be an excellent assistant in the struggle for harmony and health of the body. If you have no contraindications, and there is willpower, even in 2-3 days you can understand whether it suits you or not. In any case, according to medical commentaries, the geisha’s diet is much more attractive and safer than other monodiets.

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