Favorite diet - 7 days. reviews

Favorite diet- This is not an exchange of experience on diet forums, this is a specific, regulated food system. Favorite diet has proven to be an effective means for losing weight. The diet and the duration of the diet are quite benign. Favorite diet does not apply to monodiets, it is cost-effective, the reviews about it are mostly positive.

Favorite diet 7 days

Duration of your favorite diet: 7 days.

The result of your favorite diet: minus 5 - 10 kg.

The diet of your favorite diet is divided into two options. The first is sparing, the second is tough and more efficient.

Favorite diet for 7 days - a sparing diet

Day one: drinking.

You can drink everything except soda and alcohol. Drink tea without sugar, give preference to green tea or herbal tea. Kefir, ryazhenka and even vegetable and meat broths on this day are permissible. The main thing is that the volume of fluid consumed is at least 2 liters. Neutralize the acidity with fresh whey or skim milk. When cooking broths do not use salt. This day contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body. The 1st day of drinking can adversely affect your health, you may experience weakness. Therefore, if you play sports, it is better to exclude power loads, to engage in static exercises, for example, Kalanetics. Walk more outdoors.

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Day two: vegetable.

Permissible use of any vegetables and vegetable salads with the addition of vegetable oil. To avoid feeling hungry, eat vegetables every 2 to 3 hours.

Sample menu for the vegetable day:

  • cabbage salad,
  • beet salad
  • grated carrot,
  • tomato and cucumber salad,
  • stewed zucchini.

Day three: drinking

By analogy with the first day.

Favorite diet 7 days

Fourth day: fruit

Sometimes you can find recommendations that on this day it is better to eat grapefruits, since this fruit fights fatty deposits well. But so that the body does not experience stress, you can eat any fruit, you should not abuse only bananas and grapes, as these fruits are high in calories.

Fifth day: protein

Boiled meat is acceptable. Use lean meats, chicken breasts, fish, seafood, cottage cheese, eggs are good for this.

Sixth day: drinking

By analogy with the first and third days.

Day Seven: Out of the Diet

This day will help the body go on a normal diet. In the morning two boiled eggs, fruit in the afternoon, at lunch a broth with meat, fruit, in the evening a vegetable salad with butter.

Result: minus 4 - 7 kg per week.

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Favorite diet 7 days - hard diet

  • 1 and 2 day of drinking. You can drink any amount of yogurt. If you are very sensitive to acid, then neutralize the acidity of the product can ordinary water, which has an alkaline environment.
  • 3 day apple. Usually this is a classic combination of the unloading menu. If you do not like apples, from their use all day long the gums hurt, then you can change them for oranges or grapefruits. Also drink liquid to neutralize the acid.
  • 4, 5, 6 days chicken. You can eat boiled chicken without skin, plus liquid.
  • 7 day wine. During the day, it is allowed to drink a dry wine of good quality with cheese, for one glass of wine about 30 grams.

Together with the permitted products, liquid, consume vitamins and minerals in pills.

Result: minus 7 - 9 kg per week.

Do not practice this variant of your favorite diet if you have health problems.

Reviews of your favorite diet

Favorite diet 7 days

On the Internet in the forums you can read a variety of reviews about your favorite diet. Most women who practiced their favorite diet noted the following:

  1. Diet brings a positive result, but there are problems with the stool. It is recommended to leave the diet with oatmeal. For a week it is difficult to harm the body, but it reduces the risks.
  2. There is a lot of controversy over the wine day. Indeed, many women drive and work, and do not drink alcohol at all. A diet offers a whole day to spend on wine, or as an alternative to starve. But many have found a way out for themselves - drink pomegranate juice with cheese or fresh juices instead of wine on this day. Although it is believed that you should not change the ingredients in the diet, this can lead to a failure of the result, so either choose another fast diet or make sure that the viny day falls on a weekend so as not to shock your work colleagues.
  3. The hard diet regimen causes dizziness, therefore, it is not recommended to prolong the diet.
  4. In order not to gain extra weight after your favorite diet, you should review your diet, do not eat up, eliminate harmful foods, play sports. And to begin with, it is recommended to sit on a gentle option, so as not to be derailed from the inevitable restrictions.
  5. After the diet should not lean on the food, otherwise the lost kilograms will return.
  6. For those who do not like kefir, they suggest replacing it with ryazhenka, referring to a diet with ryazhenka.
  7. Combining a rigid diet with a gym is also not advised; power loads are especially dangerous during this period.
  8. If the gum hurts from the apple day, it is advised to make applesauce from apples, their value will not diminish from this.
  9. It is possible to add seasonings, including garlic, to broths, but this provokes a greater consumption of the product, therefore, reduces the result.
  10. Do not worry about the fact that the lost monthly. In one week, drastic changes with the body should not occur. If there are concerns, then before a tight diet, prepare your body so that it does not experience stress due to a sharp change in diet.
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But what are the results achieved by practicing beauties.

  1. Most on a rigid diet got rid of 7 kg per week. But there are higher rates. However, 7 kg is also an excellent result.
  2. The gentle option has helped many get rid of 4 kg per week.
  3. Already the first day of a hard diet helped some lose up to 2 kg.
  4. Those who did not limit their diet after the diet state that out of five lost kilograms, three are returning.

It is difficult to find completely diametrical and negative reviews about your favorite diet on the Internet, just not everyone manages to pull himself together and not get lost on the first drinking day. Not everyone can control their diet after the course, and those who do not notice the result apparently violates the diet menu.

Favorite diet: fitness trainer tips

Favorite diet 7 days

  1. On the drinking day you can drink milk, tea, fresh juices, but without sugar. You can drink up to 1500 calories per day. But be prepared for dizziness and nausea.
  2. Do not exercise during the vegetable day. Otherwise, the body will take energy not from adipose tissue, but from muscle.
  3. On drinking days while playing sports, drink soy milk. But it is better to reduce the weight load, do aerobics, Pilates.
  4. On a fruit day, eat fruits that you do not have allergic reactions to. Citrus allergens. Eat 2 fruits every 3 hours, so as not to suffer from hunger. On this day, eliminate power loads and just take a walk, in an extreme case, a long non-intensive cardio.
  5. On a protein day, it is better to eat meat or fish. Cottage cheese and yogurt can contribute to fluid retention. Power loads on this day are valid.

Compared with other fast diets with a hard diet, your favorite diet is tolerated more easily. But if the body is not prepared, there is no need to switch sharply to a hard diet, first, in a week, eliminate flour, fatty, fried from the diet, and then practice. Do not start a diet if you have a tendency to bulimia, if you have stomach problems, gastritis, colitis, kidney pain, or heart.

Experience shows that in a week it will take 1 - 2% of adipose tissue.

Successes in achieving the desired weight!

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