Fasting for weight loss

Fasting is the rejection of the use of any food for a certain time.

Proper fasting for weight loss.

Otherwise, in medicine, fasting is called unloading-diet therapy.

Fasting for weight loss is more effective than low-calorie diets and is better tolerated by the body.

Consider the benefits of fasting for weight loss over diets:

  1. Fast and safe weight loss.
  2. There is no continuous feeling of hunger.
  3. The skin does not sag.
  4. Fasting is accompanied by cleansing the body of toxins.
  5. Disappears constant fatigue.

Fasting for weight loss is a difficult task, because it requires a preparatory and recovery period, but in time of fasting the body switches to internal nutrition with its own reserves, that is, the adipose tissue is consumed first of all.

The first day of fasting can reduce weight by 1 - 2 kg, with prolonged fasting, over two weeks, there is a decrease in the rate of losing weight to 350 grams. per day.

Beginners starve lose weight more actively, the more the practice of fasting, the more economical the body spends resources.

Effect of movement on weight loss during fasting

During fasting, the body begins to absorb air components (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon) and use them in metabolic processes, so the body loses most of its weight during fasting during sleep, using its own resources. The movement is a kind of food, so when fasting, do not overload the body.

Slimming during fasting procedures contribute to accelerating blood flow and metabolic processes: massage, water treatments, sauna.

Proper fasting for weight loss.

Dry fasting for weight loss

In the first 2 - 3 days of fasting, it is better not to drink liquid, and then drink water, focusing on well-being. It is impossible not to drink during fasting, dry fasting is acceptable at the beginning, because the body uses its resources, dry hunger is more easily tolerated, weight decreases faster.

It is important to remember that before fasting you should take into account your state of health, you can not starve if you are sick. Before fasting you need to consult a doctor.

Fat people during fasting lose weight more intensively, especially at the beginning, as the body gets rid of excess fluid, and the more weight, the more energy is required for the life support of the body.

Young lose weight on fasting faster than the elderly.

Pain first starvation associated with toxins that do not want to leave the body.

The average fasting period is 10-14 days, it is effective for losing weight with restorative nutrition. However, in order to carry out such hunger strikes, you should adapt your body, you need to start with a one-day fast, which also requires training.

One-day fasting: how to prepare your body?

Before one-day fasting the body needs to be cleaned. Just like before a long fast, a few days before it you need to eat only boiled vegetables, drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. Do not eat sweet, do not drink alcohol, coffee, strong tea. Your feelings will depend on the preparation for fasting.

During the fasting period you can not smoke!

Duration of fasting should be increased gradually, it will help reduce weight and fix the achieved result, strengthen your desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, learn not to overeat during the recovery process.

Of course, you can immediately go on a hunger strike in a few weeks, but if you do not learn to control your appetite during the recovery period, you will not only not achieve positive results, but also harm your health.

Pendulum fasting course, which is carried out by doctors in slimming clinics, can lead to a decrease in weight by 80 - 100 kg.

Exit from fasting: how to get out of fasting?

Proper fasting for weight loss.

It is worth noting the importance of the recovery period. Exit from fasting is directly related to fasting. All the problems that happen to people after fasting, it is associated with the wrong way out of fasting. Time after fasting is strategically important for losing weight, if you direct your strength to self-control and can avoid overeating during the recovery period, adhere to the technique, you will not only get rid of extra pounds, but will also clean the body of toxins by all rules. After all, the main purification of the body occurs precisely during the exit from fasting.

There are several recipes for the recovery period after fasting.

1. Recipe for vegetable salad.

Cabbage, apple, carrot, chop beets, sprinkle with lemon juice.

This recipe is more suitable for getting out of a short one-day fast.

2. The most suitable for the correct way out of fasting is the use of fresh juices without pulp diluted with water one to one. In the first days of going out of fasting, it is better to prepare juices from lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, orange, berries without sugar. Apple juices are recommended to enter later. Juice saves vitamins for 10 minutes, so eat it immediately after preparation. Juice is taken in small portions every two hours.

Term out of fasting is equal to the term of fasting. After a period of fresh juices, you can enter into the diet fresh vegetables without salt and oil, honey, dried fruits, and later boiled vegetables, cereals, whey and kefir. Meat, fats, flour products are found in the diet last. The basis of the recovery period is a plant-milk diet.

The recovery period is extremely important because it allows you to run the stomach and intestines, without overloading them.

During the period of restorative nutrition, the body continues to lose pounds.

After fasting, it is extremely important to follow a diet, because after fasting, the metabolic processes in the body are active, if you start eating as before, you will not only regain your previous kilograms, but also gain a few extra ones. Therefore, fasting, like any other system for losing weight, requires a change in stereotypes of behavior and attitudes towards food.

Fasting will help reduce weight and restore metabolic processes, cleanse the body of toxins, restorative nutrition will help maintain the result.

Proper fasting for weight loss.

Fasting for weight loss is not a one-time action, in order to achieve weight loss, it needs to be practiced several times a year.

All concerns about proper fasting are not justified, it is important to follow the guidelines, properly prepare the body for fasting and follow a restorative diet.

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