Fasting day on kefir

The benefits of kefir have long been known. The fungi contained in it have a beneficial effect on our body. Vitamins and microelements, of which there are a lot of kefir, are well absorbed. In addition, this lactic acid product has immunostimulating properties, helps with sleep disorders, problems with the nervous system and chronic fatigue. It helps to neutralize the action of antibiotics and reduces the risk of cancer.

Kefir fasting days are usually held once a week or ten days. Such nutrition helps both to lose weight and to heal from various diseases. In addition, kefir fasting days help to remove toxins and toxins from the body.

How is kefir fasting day?

  • Kefir is the main or even the only food on this day.
  • The caloric intake of food consumed per day decreases sharply (from 1,400 kcal to 300-700 kcal).
  • Oddly enough, but fasting days are varied. For example, fruit lovers can treat themselves to kefir-fruit day, and people who love meat - kefir-protein.

  • On fasting days you need to eliminate the use of salt and sugar. If absolutely no salt in any way, then it should be consumed in minimal quantities. Sugar can be replaced with honey.
  • Handling days should not be afraid. They are harmless to the body because of their short term.

Fasting day exclusively on kefir

For this day, prepare in advance yourself about a liter of kefir at least. Start the day with a reception of this product and then drink all cooked kefir in several receptions. Other food on this day can not be consumed. If the day is hot or you just really want to drink, you can drink water. By the way, kefir can use any, even fruit. Moreover, you can use several types of kefir in one day. You can drink water in unlimited quantities. It is better if it is spring or mineral.

If you spend pure kefir fasting days regularly, it will have a beneficial effect on the work of your gastrointestinal tract, circulatory system and liver.

Kefir-fruit fasting day

If your plans for a digestive device for a fasting day fall at the end of summer, when plenty of fruits are all around, then this option is just for you. In addition to kefir on the eve of this day, you should stock up on apples, pears, strawberries, strawberries, grapes, and so on. At the beginning of the day, you should drink kefir and eat those fruits or berries that you want in any quantity. As a second breakfast - kefir and apples. For lunch, eat kefir-filled fruit salad. In the afternoon snack, let your soul wander again and eat those fruits that you want. For dinner, you should prepare apples to eat, and just before bedtime, just drink a glass of kefir.

Kefir-protein fasting day

This option of unloading will suit lovers of meat and other foods that contain a lot of protein. Your breakfast will consist only of kefir. At the second breakfast relies to eat cheese and drink some ground coffee or tea. Drinks, of course, should be consumed without sugar. Your next meal will be lunch, in which it is necessary to boil or roast in a dry frying pan lean meat and vegetable salad, poured kefir, which can be used in unlimited quantities. At lunch you should eat a boiled egg and drink it with kefir. Dinner includes herbal tea a couple of pieces of cheese. Before bedtime, you again have to drink just kefir.

For information on how to spend a similar day on cottage cheese, read the article Unloading Day on Cottage Cheese.

Fasting day, you have the right to choose according to your tastes, needs and possibilities. Such days should not bring inconvenience or discomfort. After all cleansing the body implies lightness, well-being and mood. Good luck!

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