Fasting day on cottage cheese

Every woman wants to be slimmer, slimmer. But it is not always that simple. We choose a diet and suddenly, on the fourth day, the birthday of a friend or meeting with a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time. All your efforts go down the drain when you eat a high-calorie piece of cake or something else. The problem may also lie in the work. We work all day so that we don’t even have time to eat, and by the evening we are so hungry that we don’t fall asleep without eating something like that (after all, diets are forbidden to eat before bedtime!).

For such cases, when there is no possibility to diet for a long number of days, and fasting days are invented. This is a kind of one-day diet, or mini-diet. Usually, one product is selected and eaten throughout the day. It can be cabbage, apples and even meat. We will talk about cottage cheese.

Pluses curd unloading day

  • Fasting day on cottage cheese - universal, enough soft mini-diet. Cottage cheese is very useful to all people, it can be eaten as much as you like, without any restrictions.
  • Cottage cheese rich calcium. And this is a very important microelement for a person who is responsible for strong bones and teeth, for the shine and beauty of hair. With regular use of cottage cheese reduced risk of osteoporosis.
  • Everyone knows that athletes prefer eating protein foods. No athlete can do without cottage cheese. The proteins that make up the cottage cheese, very quickly digested. Our body absorbs them easily. Use of cottage cheese improves physical condition person

  • One-day diet on the cottage cheese useful in diabetes, hepatitis and poor blood circulation.
  • In addition, cottage cheese normalizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, and metabolism generally.

Cons of curd unloading day

  • Those who suffer from diseases of the genitourinary system (for example, kidney) apply unloading days on the curd is undesirable. After cottage cheese has a diuretic effect.
  • Also do not choose this product on the fasting day, if you don't love and often refuse milk and dairy foods. For you, curd day will be difficult to sustain.

Preparing for a fasting day on cottage cheese

Best of all, if you pre-select a day for a daily diet. You adjust yourself psychologically and stock up on cottage cheese.

On the eve of the unloading day, it is better to refuse dinner. You can cook and eat for dinner a dish (or dishes) of low-calorie food. In any case, do not drink sweet tea, do not eat bread and baking. It is good to replace dinner with weakly made savory tea with milk or tea with honey.

What you need to know about the bottom of the cottage cheese?

Fasting day on cottage cheese refers, as already mentioned, to one-day diets. The main principle of fasting days is eating one or more low-calorie foods.

  • Should eat on such a day often (up to six times) in small portions.
  • Sugar is replaced with sweet dried fruits: dried apricots, prunes, etc.
  • The amount of food eaten should not leave a feeling of hunger and greatly saturate you. Eat moderately.
  • If you decide to eat one curd, choose a clean product, without additives.

Variants of fasting day on cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a product that goes well with many other products. Therefore, there are a lot of options for curd unloading days.

  • Classical fasting day on the curd is reduced to use per day about one kilogram of low-fat cottage cheese. You can not add dried fruit. But you can drink green, chamomile tea and tea with honey.

The following are options for a fasting day on the curd with the addition of other products.

  • Cottage cheese + berries. To the daily amount of cottage cheese (600 g) add a glass of berries. They can be eaten fresh, mashed, mixed with cottage cheese.

  • Cottage cheese + fruits. Dried fruits can also be consumed here. Fruit should not be much. It is better to choose one fruit: eat 0.5 kg of cottage cheese per day and, for example, two oranges.
  • Cottage cheese + vegetables. From vegetables fit cabbage. Tomatoes can not be.
  • Cottage cheese + kefir (ryazhenka). In this embodiment, an equal amount of kefir or ryazhenka and cottage cheese is taken and used throughout the day.
  • Cottage cheese + meat. 0.5 kg of cottage cheese and two times less than boiled meat during the day.

Eat cottage cheese and lose weight! Good health to you!

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