Fasting day on apples

Apple "unloading" is quite popular and effective way to help not only in losing weight, but also in the release of the body from toxins and toxins. In order to achieve the best result, nutritionists advise to arrange apple days once a week for 3-6 months.

Apple fasting day has an invaluable benefit due to the fact that the use of these fruits in the body gets a lot of useful elements: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium and magnesium, as well as vitamins A, E, C, PP, B1, B2, AT 6. These tasty fruits help to organize the work of the digestive system and improve the intestinal microflora.

Apples help reduce the absorption of fat, remove excess fluid from the body and maintain a feeling of satiety. The latter quality of fruit is due to the content in them of a sufficient amount of fiber. It is worth noting that the fasting day on apples will benefit not only people who want to lose weight, but also in the treatment of certain diseases, such as hypertension.

Which apples to choose?


In fact, there are no hard rules and requirements in this matter. Just try to give preference to sweet fruits. The fact is that sour apples can lead to malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract and "play" the appetite. In other words, if you have been diagnosed with an ulcer or gastritis, diets on apples that last several days are contraindicated to you. You can arrange a fasting apple day, but only if you eat sweet fruit. In addition, keep in mind that the green fruits of C vitamin C contain more than the red ones.

Basic rules for "unloading"

In order for the apple discharge to pass without harm to health, it is necessary to know about some rules that are very important to follow.

First, during the apple "discharge", you need to significantly reduce physical activity. For example, if you go to the gym daily, on the day of the diet, give up this activity. Try not to overwork at all. On this day, even a pleasant purchase of a new dress in every sense will make you more tired than joyful.

rules for fasting day on apples

Secondly, do not arrange "unloading" on apples for more than 1 day. If you want to lose weight, you eat fruit for 2-3 days or more, you not only risk eating an upset stomach, but also a feeling of weakness. Wanting to get more pleasant numbers on the scales, combine the best apple day with going to the sauna.

Thirdly, on the eve of the fasting day on apples, take a laxative - this will contribute to cleansing the intestines. And after the "unloading" drink infusion of choleretic herbs. The fact is that limited nutrition leads to stagnation of bile in the liver, which is very important to get rid of.

Fourth, try to have less delicacies in the fridge on the apple day that will prevent you from losing weight. It’s better to have nonfat kefir on the shelf, than food that provokes you to break down.

Fifthly, after an unloading apple day, when you rejoice at the achieved result, in no case do not pounce on food. Eat properly and in small portions at least 5-6 times a day.

If you adhere to these recommendations, it will be easier for you to “unload”, which means that you will not only become slimmer, but also ensure yourself in a good mood.

Variants of fasting days

Variants of fasting days on apples

  • The classic version of the fasting day for apples involves the use of only these fruits in fresh or baked form. Per day you need to eat 1.5-2 kg of apples. Drinking regime on this day should be abundant and consist of mineral water or unsweetened teas. Eat fractional - 5-6 times a day. This will help prevent a strong feeling of hunger.
  • A fasting day on apples and kefir is an option suitable even for pregnant women who experience severe toxemia. The daily ration consists of 1.5 kg of fresh apples, as well as 1 liter of low-fat kefir and 1-1.5 l of mineral water without gas. In addition, from apples and kefir can prepare a cocktail.
  • Apple honey day is enriched with natural honey. In addition to 1.5 kg of apples, on this day you will need to consume 1 tsp. honey 3 times a day. It is also recommended to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of mineral water without gas.
  • Every day of any unloading day allows you to lose about 1 kg of excess weight. If you have the desire and opportunity, you can resort to a three-day apple diet, allowing you to lose an average of 2-3 kg.

Abandoning apples for weight loss is necessary for people who have been diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer or stomach. In addition, we should not forget about the individual contraindications to the one-day apple diet, so before resorting to this method, it is recommended to consult a specialist for advice.

The popularity of the fasting day on apples is growing every day. This is due to the fact that when it is carried out there is no strong feeling of hunger, which makes it possible to tolerate such unloading fairly easily. There is no definite answer to the question, how much can you throw off in 1 day of applying the technique. But most women claim that weight is reduced by 1-2 kg.

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