Failure of menstruation while losing weight. how to be

The process of menstruation is very complicated., like any other complex system it may fail.

Weight and menstruation are interrelated.The presence of regular periods depends on adipose tissue, if its amount is less than 20% of body weight, the menstruation will become irregular.

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Most adolescents do not like their body, this complex often does not leave a person for life. But at a young age, girls rush to the grave if only to achieve the desired weight. They declare hunger strikes, torture themselves with jogging on an empty stomach.

Excessive weight loss causes menstrual disorders.Going beyond the line of losing 15% of weight leads to the cessation of menstruation. Also improper weight loss leads to a decrease in the size of the ovaries and uterus. The long absence of menstruation can lead to infertility and not carrying a child.

If you have lost your period, you should immediately consult a doctor.

But not necessarily menstruation should disappear from improper weight loss, perhaps you have hypomenorrhea.

Hypomenorrhea - menstrual disorder, which is characterized by short non-abundant menstrual bleeding, lasting less than 3 days. This disease in childbearing age can lead to a problem with conception. This violation of the menstrual cycle is often found in women suffering from anemia, exhaustion. To hypomenorrhea leads the use of certain means for weight loss, violation of the diet.

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TO failure of menstruation may cause excessive exercise, which also lead to the loss of a large percentage of adipose tissue.

Crashes in menstruation while losing weight are frequent. How to avoid it?

  • Avoid abrupt cardinal weight loss.
  • You should lose weight gradually, correctly.
  • Avoid physical exertion with improper diet.

On our website in the weight loss section you will find many ways to lose weight without harm to health.

So answer yourself the question - can excessive leanness outweigh the joy of motherhood and a happy family life? Young girls are often indifferent to their monthly or not, the main thing is slimness. Such harmony is very dangerous, because the restoration of the menstruation process is extremely problematic. Today, hormonal treatment does not cause a set of extra pounds, but in any case, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

How to restore menstruation after losing weight exciting question for many girls. Often, a course of treatment together with a diet leads to a set of lost kilograms, so before going on a diet, approach the process rationally, choose a method that allows you to lose weight correctly, gradually, let it take longer, but health is more expensive.

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But what if the monthly disappeared, how to restore the menstrual cycle?

Rules of conduct for failures in menstruation. Summarize

  • It is impossible to treat the absence of menstruation on their own!
  • A visit to a gynecologist is necessary, it will help to find out whether the absence of menstruation is really associated with weight loss.
  • Proper nutrition, even if dietary, but complex mode.

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