Exercises to work out the lower press

It is unlikely that you will find at least one girl who is completely satisfied with her figure. Some nature itself has endowed with good forms, which only slightly require improvement. Others are forced to constantly maintain a certain state, not rarely denying themselves gastronomic pleasures, regularly engaging in physical activity.

Without training, the muscles in our body lose their tone and elasticity. Another perennial problem - an increase in the layer of subcutaneous fat. There is an adequate solution - exercises on the lower press for girls at home. If you do not have enough willpower to do it yourself, contact a fitness instructor; in any gym, exercises for girls are included in the training program.

Watching the lower press at home

Watching the lower press at home

The lower press is a part of the rectus abdominis muscle. From her elasticity depends on how fit and small will be the tummy. Exercise is only half the battle. Correction of the figure with the task to pump the lower press requires an integrated approach:

  • proper nutrition;
  • rational calorie burning;
  • regular strength and cardio load (workout).

When performing exercises on the lower press:

  1. Do not exhaust yourself with too many repetitions.
  2. Should pay attention to the technique of performing movements.
  3. The load on the hip flexors should not be feasible, otherwise the legs will quickly tire.

exercises on the lower press for girls at home

Consider some exercises on the lower press for girls at home. Most of them are performed in the prone position. You do not need special sports equipment; a rug or double blanket will be enough.


Performed in the supine position. Hands lay the head. Now alternately trying to reach the opposite knee with an elbow. We bend one leg at the knee and pull up to ourselves parallel to the body, the second leg is straight. Slightly raise the upper part of the body (head, neck, shoulder blades) and with the opposite elbow reach for the knee. Similarly, perform the second leg. We move not fast, 2-3 repetitions up to 20-30 times.


Hands along the body. Legs straight, hovering above the floor. We perform wide, quick flips with a slight crossing of the legs. The entire upper part of the body, up to the buttocks, rests on the floor. The number of times - how much stand, with a repetition of 2-3 times.

"Reverse twists"

Starting position, as in the "Scissors". Feet together, all the time straight. Raise the lower extremities first perpendicular to the floor, then tear off the pelvis and, as it were, fold in half. A similar task - with legs bent at the knees. 2-3 repeat up to 20-30 times.

Lifting legs

The position of the body, as in the previous exercise. We raise our legs vertically upwards, lower them, but not completely. And so 10-20 times. Do 2-3 repetitions.

Exercise cat with rocking press emphasis on elbows

Exercise cat with rocking press emphasis on elbows

Starting position - on all fours. The upper limbs can be positioned on the wrist support. In our case - the exercise of a cat with the swing of the press with emphasis on the elbows. When inhaling, lower your head down, round your back, draw your belly in. When you exhale - deflection of the back, head raised. We carry out slowly. Start 10 times, in the future you can increase the frequency and number of approaches.

And if you engage in the hall?

All this can be repeated there. Add to this the exercises on the press for girls on the bars of the gym. The best for the lower press will be the raising of legs in a leg on a horizontal bar. Lower limbs, straight or bent at the knees, must be raised above the level of the pelvis. The higher the rise, the stronger the load on the muscles. We do not do it quickly, we try not to sway. We do as it turns out. We try to do 2-3 approaches per workout.

To make the process of inflating the lower press effective, it is not necessary to use the whole set of exercises. It is enough to choose the most convenient for you. However, do not forget about the regularity of training. You can start with 2 times a week, later go to 3-4. Exercises for the lower press should also be combined with loads on other muscle groups.

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