Exercises for the lower press


For women who dream of a beautiful figure, pumping the press becomes one of the main goals. But many women find it difficult to navigate what they need to work on first. Experts advise starting from the bottom. Therefore, for those who seriously decided to adjust their lines and curves, exercises for the lower press are key.

What is bottom press?

The human press consists of 3 types of muscles:

  • straight lines, which are responsible for the fit of the abdomen and are divided into upper and lower sections (upper and lower press);
  • oblique, defining the bends of the waist;
  • transverse, providing the cherished cubes on the torso.

Thus, in essence, the lower press is the lower part of the rectus abdominis muscle. In women, it aims to protect the fetus during pregnancy, therefore it is anatomically more elastic and thin than in men. In addition, nature has concentrated in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs to enhance the protective functions of a significant proportion of total body fat. Therefore, it is quite difficult to pump up the lower press for girls and women, and this should be done purposefully.

Training basics

Exercises for the lower press

In order for the press workouts to bring joy, and the body to improve, you need to take into account some of the nuances of the exercises:

  • to breathe correctly in the process of doing the exercises: while breathing in - exertion, while exhaling - relaxing;
  • pay attention to pain in the lumbar region. As a rule, they occur due to immature muscles and disappear in 2-3 days. If the pain lasts more than a week, you need to stop training and consult a specialist;
  • Don't take on too many kinds of exercises. It is better to let them be simple, but for all muscle groups;
  • load increase gradually. It is better to start from 10-15 times in 3 sets, gradually moving to 25-40 repetitions.

Exercises on the lower part of the press

Exercises on the lower part of the press

The complex on the lower section of the press includes only a few exercises, but they should be done regularly, 3-4 times a week. For training it is better to choose the morning or evening hours. And some elements (for example, a bicycle) should be included in the daily morning exercises.

Knee pulling

  1. We lay on our back, we put our hands on the back of the head - the starting position.
  2. Bend your knees so that the feet were on the floor.
  3. We tighten the knees to the chest, raising the pelvis.
  4. We return to the starting point.
  5. We do 30 repetitions in 3 sets.


  1. Initial posture as in the previous exercise.
  2. Straight legs as much as possible we plant in the parties, and then we cross.
  3. Do 40 repetitions and 3 sets.


  1. We lay down on our back, we fold our hands on the back of my head.
  2. We are trying to reduce the left elbow and right knee, without taking the pelvis from the support.
  3. Change a pair of elbow-knee.
  4. We return to the initial position.
  5. Perform 25 repetitions for 4 sets.


  1. In the initial position on the back lift your knees at a right angle to the body.
  2. We do the movements reminding cycling.
  3. Repeat for 2 minutes in 3 sets.

Fitball Exercises

Exercises on the bottom press with fitball

In addition to the usual exercises, the lower press can be worked out well with the help of a fitball. If there is no ball, then a pillow can be used instead.

Crunches twisting with fitball

  1. We lay down on the floor. Hands stretch along the body. This is the original posture.
  2. Clamp fitball feet, raise your legs.
  3. We are trying to draw an arc in the air with our feet, touching the floor with our right or left foot.
  4. We return to the starting point.
  5. We make 15-16 set-repeats in 3 sets.

Ball Strap

  1. The initial posture is a plank, the palms rest against the floor, the legs - against the fitball.
  2. Raise the torso as much as possible upwards, without moving arms and legs.
  3. Return to the starting position.
  4. We do 12 repetitions in 3 sets.

Passing the football footprint

  1. Lying on your back, we take fitball in hand, we get them by the head.
  2. Raise the legs and try to pass the ball from hand to foot, not lifting the lower back from the floor.
  3. We return the projectile back.
  4. Again we accept the position number 1.
  5. We make 15 sets in 4 sets.

How to enhance the effect of training?

Doing exercises on the lower part of the press at home can do each one. However, the effectiveness of training is determined not only by the quantity and quality of body movements, but also by what additional measures are used to increase the tone of the lower part of the press. In particular, it is:

  • the right approach to nutrition;
  • cardio training.

Basics of proper nutrition for a beautiful press

The figure is modeled not only in the gym, but also at the table. In order for your food to become a "companion" of physical exertion, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • calculate the calorie intake according to your weight and eat according to it;
  • proteins (animal and vegetable) should be 1/3 of the food intake;
  • Take 2/3 of the ration under slow carbohydrates, which are found in rice, vegetables, whole wheat bread;
  • drink 2 liters of water daily (excluding tea, soups, drinks) to improve the state of muscle tissue;
  • Spread the daily ration for 6 meals with a mandatory breakfast.

The essence of cardio

Kartotraining is a set of exercises aimed at improving the work of the heart and blood vessels. Its main types are:

  • run;
  • walking;
  • aerobics;
  • swimming;
  • cycling;
  • skiing;
  • rowing, etc.

The benefits of cardio are as follows:

  • strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • an increase in lung volume;
  • reducing cholesterol, the risk of diabetes;
  • sleep improvement;
  • increase stress resistance.

Cardio are a great addition to any workout, including pumping the muscles of the abdominal area. Exercises on the lower press for girls can and should be enhanced by aerobics. It is recommended to start pumping the press from 10 minutes of cardio and to complete the main workout with 15-20 minutes of aerobics or another type of cardiovascular exercise. Even in boring physical activities there is an opportunity to make a variety. After all, you can perform exercises for the lower press not only in the usual ways, but also by connecting a fitball. In addition, the cardio-preloading before the main workout in the form of aerobics under energetic music will perfectly adjust to the desired mode.