Exercise for weight loss with a ball for fitness

For best results, a diet for weight loss is desirable to combine with exercise. If you do not like running and cycling, and swimming or gymnasium brings boredom, then try exercises for weight loss with a ball for fitness at home. It is simple, effective and, most importantly, fascinating.

How to effectively use the ball for fitness while losing weight?

In Europe, fitness balls have long been popular in secondary schools, where they are replaced by ordinary chairs. Researchers and scientists unanimously say that such training improves concentration of attention, develops good handwriting and helps to master the material studied. In our country, such practices have not yet won the hearts of teachers and parents, but the ball for fitness is actively used in exercises for weight loss.

Ball for fitness while losing weight

The main advantage of training with the ball is that virtually all muscle groups are involved in maintaining the right balance and posture. In addition, there is no need to pre-develop bundles on other simulators, since the ball will be universal equipment even for a beginner.

Other benefits include:

  • improving muscle tone and endurance;
  • restoration of flexibility;
  • maintaining proper posture and coordination;
  • spinal strengthening;
  • increased stress on the muscles and loss of excess weight.

In addition, the ball is a very versatile subject for fitness:

  • it can be used both in group trainings and for personal training;
  • adapts to any age, weight and height;
  • the ball itself is almost weightless, it is convenient to travel with it and is easy to store;
  • It is an inexpensive tool for effective weight loss.

Choose the right size ball is quite simple. Sit on it, and if the hips with ankles are at right angles, the ball is perfect for your options.

Ball Training Program for Beginners

The goal of fitball exercises for beginners should not only be to lose weight, but also to help strengthen the muscular system, as well as to prepare the body for more complex physical exertion. Try to master the following training plan.


  1. Start the exercise by lying on your back, placing your heels on the ball, and place your hands along your body, palms up.
  2. Then raise the pelvis slightly and hold it in a similar position for a few seconds.Lifting the pelvis
  3. Slowly roll the ball towards the body, while raising the hips as high as possible towards the ceiling.Rolling the ball to the body
  4. Then, smoothly return to the starting position to complete the first repeat cycle.
  5. Make three sets of 10-15 repetitions.


  1. Lie on your stomach, grabbing the ball with the calves of both legs, and stretch your arms upwards.Capture the ball with the calves of both legs
  2. When inhaling, squeeze the ball and lift your knees, arms and chest from the floor. Hold for 10, and then slowly lower the body to the floor.Raising the ball with the calves of both legs
  3. Repeat these steps in two sets of 10 lifts each.


  1. Lie on your stomach, place your legs on the ball and lift yourself on your arms, thus taking the position of the bridge.
  2. Gather more air into your chest and lift your leg up, count to 3 to yourself and gently lower it back, but do not let it touch the ball. This counts as 1 replay.

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  3. Do three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions for one leg, and then do the same with the other leg.

Downloading the press:

  1. Lie face up, place your hands to the left and right of the body, and place the ball between the calf muscles.
  2. Squeeze the ball with your feet and lift the hips a few inches from the floor, and pull your knees up to your chest.We swing a press with a fitball
  3. Hold this position for 1 second and then return to the starting position. Make three approaches.
  4. Then put your hands behind your head and repeat all the actions in the same way, but at the same time stretch your nose to the bent knees.Swing press we stretch to fitball
  5. Repeat all actions on three approaches.

Simple pushups:

  1. Start by kneeling in front of the ball. Bend your fingers into fists and place your hands on the ball.Pushballs with knee bent fitball
  2. Then gather air in the chest and rise from your knees to the toes, with the emphasis on the forearms.Straight leg fitball pushups
  3. Hold the body for about 1 second and then return to the spot.
  4. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

General recommendations

Use the following recommendations to protect your body from injuries during exercise for weight loss on fitball:

  • Always wear sportswear or other home clothes. When you perform a workout program, the body sweats, the ball will slide off, which can lead to accidental injury, especially if you are using weight training weights.
  • Try not to use any kind of support or anchor for the stability of the limbs during training with the ball. The whole idea of ​​training is that the body independently finds the necessary balance in an unstable neuromuscular environment.
  • Do not use strong physical activities for fitball training if you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge. Moreover, you should not be zealous in the initial stages of training, when the muscles are not sufficiently heated.
  • Try to deal with the ball on a flat surface in an apartment or house. It is better not to take the ball outside to avoid trouble in the form of a sudden puncture of the rubber during a workout.
  • Each manufacturer of fitball encloses instructions for use to its product. Observe these instructions for pumping and caring for the product so that the ball does not burst during operation.

In general, gymnastics with a ball is extremely useful for the body, not only to those who are trying in every way to get rid of excess calories, but also to people who are watching their health. Master a simple set of exercises, and your body will change right before your eyes. Successful training and good mood!

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