Elkar slimming

Obesity is a real problem of modern society, because overweight affects reproductive functions of both men and women. Completeness is the cause of divorce, so many pharmaceutical companies, including Russian, are thinking about the development of means for losing weight. The Russian-made slimming drugs include Elkar.. But it is difficult to find a more controversial drug for weight loss, the use of which causes so much controversy. The fact is that Elkar is recommended not only to combat excess weight, but also for anorexia to normalize metabolic processes and improve appetite.

Elkar slimming

What is Elkar for weight loss and how does it work?

Elkar was created as medication to normalize metabolism, and not as a means to lose weight. This drug is often prescribed to children for weight gain, athletes to increase physical activity. The main active ingredient that is used in other means for losing weight - L-carnitine. In a healthy body, the thyroid gland itself regulates the amount of L-quarantine, it is not necessary to artificially take it. In an overweight person, fat and protein metabolism is often impaired, L-Caratin helps to cure this problem. Fat is converted into energy, there is a slight weight loss.To use Elkar for weight loss should be combined with sports and nutrition. In addition to combating obesity, medicine helps to cope with other problems.

  • Helps to produce digestive enzymes, improves digestion.
  • Weight is normalized, as with obesity, and with anorexia.
  • Increases physical endurance, decreases fatigue.
  • The thyroid starts to work better.
  • Improves blood circulation in the brain.

Prescribe the drug to people with poor appetite, including anorectics. Elkar treats anorexia nervosa, chronic gastritis, skin pathologies, muscular dystrophy.Elkar is often prescribed to newborns for recovery from birth trauma, weight gain, growth acceleration, recovery after surgery. The fact that Elkar is prescribed even to children indicates its safety and the minimum number of side effects.

Elkarsozdana relatively recently, and judging by the reviews, it helps not everyone.

How to take Elkar for weight loss?

Elkar slimming

The dosage of the drug per adult is 2 teaspoons. Take the drug should twice in the morning. The duration of the course depends on the problem you want to solve with this drug. Elkar can be taken for weight loss up to 30 days, then you should take a break. But even with interruptions you should not use the medicine for more than 90 days.

Elkar slimming: side effects

The use of the drug can cause pain in the stomach, provoke diarrhea. If pain occurs, reduce dosage. Sorbic acid, which is part of the drug, can cause allergic reactions. Excessive use of Elkar can lead to problems with the thyroid gland.

Elkar slimming: reviews

Many Internet users advise you to keep Elkar in your first-aid kit and use it when you want to lose weight slightly or improve performance, for example, in a period of increased mental and physical activity. Elkar gives strength in sports, with its help you can increase the duration of training, weight loss is faster. And Elkar does not have the effect of energy, fatigue does not come to replace the activity.

The drug has a diuretic effect. True, there is a not very pleasant smell of the drug.

Elkar slimming

If problems with appetite occur in children, then many pediatricians prescribe Elkar to normalize the processes of eating food. But not all mothers have a positive effect as a result of its use, there is an increased excitability, and allergic reactions may occur on the skin. Moms are advised to use the drug in combination with massage and exercise, both for the treatment of children, and to combat excess weight..

Before you decide on the use of Elkar for weight loss, you need to consult with a specialist.

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