Egg diet for 4 weeks

7-10 kg in 4 weeks? Think cheating? And no! An egg diet for 4 weeks is an effective way to lose weight and - as a bonus - a guarantee that the hated centimeters on the waist, hips and other parts of the body will not return after a month of restrictions. In this case, and special prohibitions in these 30, or rather 28, days will not be. Let's find out the details of the program!

White sheepskin, no seam, no hem

Egg diet for 4 weeks

Decipher this mystery about the egg can be in terms of the effect of losing weight. If you try on a white sheepskin coat (in our case, an egg diet), you will have a beautiful body without extra pounds and loose skin - certainly not a seam or a hem!

The thing is that the proposed diet is well tolerated by the body. Eggs perfectly saturate, but they have only 100 calories. They are characterized by the optimal ratio:

  • potassium to work the heart and blood vessels;
  • phosphorus for strong bones;
  • gland for blood;
  • manganese for protection against diabetes;
  • zinc to regulate metabolism;

they contain vitamins B, also A, E, K, D. And due to the fact that citrus fruits and vegetables must be added to the eggs, 7-10 kg will be the more unnecessary to replenish natural reserves of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to weight loss, you have:

  • the state of health will improve;
  • increase the overall tone of the body;
  • there will be no psychological discomfort due to food restrictions;
  • there will not be an exhausting feeling of hunger.

Contraindications and restrictions

It would not be superfluous to immediately say about the shortcomings of the egg diet. These include:

  • possible allergic reactions to the main product or citrus, leading to nausea, rash, weakness;
  • provocation of intestinal dysfunction and flatulence;
  • increased stress on the heart, as well as liver and kidney overload (therefore, you should not start a diet for diseases of these organs).

Separately, it is necessary to mention the strictest ban on such a diet for patients with hypercholesterolemia, that is, an imbalance of cholesterol in the blood. Also, this diet is not recommended for women in the position and during lactation. The fact is that, even if there is no allergic reaction to citrus fruits, the intensive inclusion of fruits in the diet can lead to a rash in the baby or cause abnormalities in the fetus.

General principles

Egg diet for 4 weeks

Despite the fact that the basis of the diet are yolk and protein, it includes other products. All this needs to be used according to the rules.

  • The start of the weight loss program is preferably postponed until Monday. This is not a superstition that all important things should start in the morning after Sunday. Just recommendations for the menu are given precisely on days of the week, starting with the first. And, starting on Monday, it will be easier for you to navigate the program.
  • It is necessary to eat three times a day, without snacks, extra breakfasts and second dinners.
  • Eat eggs need hard-boiled, without salt.
  • In the preparation of other dishes, salt, spices, sugar is a taboo.
  • Citrus fruits can be varied.
  • Meat should be free of fat layers and skin.
  • You need to drink at least 2-2.5 liters in 24 hours.
  • Starting the day is necessary with any citrus, as they provoke a spasm of the gastric muscles, and this, in turn, reduces the volume of the body.
  • The next course of the egg-citrus diet cannot be planned earlier than six months after the previous one.


Women who have practiced an egg diet with citrus for 4 weeks, leave mostly good reviews. Highly deserved a set of components for the diet, the ability to cook delicious meals. True, the sweet tooth complains that they still lack cakes and sweets.

Egg diet has earned a positive assessment, not only from those who periodically adhere to it, but also, last but not least, from doctors. Doctors say that such a program does not cause malfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract or depletion, citrus fruits saturate the body with microelements necessary for its functioning.

Diet sample for 28 days

Egg diet for 4 weeks

Meat, vegetables and some baked goods are added to the table of foods in the egg diet menu for 4 weeks along with the main component and citrus fruits. And one more important note: if the quantity of the product is not indicated in the dish map, it can be eaten without restrictions.

1st week

In the first 14 days of the month after waking up, you need to eat ½ fruit (grapefruit or orange) and 2 boiled soft-boiled eggs, to which neither salt nor spice is added. Products for the second and third meal can be varied, but only within a day.


  • The second meal - apples, pears.
  • The third meal is grilled chicken (150 g).


  • The second meal is steamed beef with green peas (150 g).
  • Dinner - 2 chicken eggs, vegetable salad (150 g), 1 white bread rusk, 1 citrus to choose.


  • The second meal is durum cheese (50 g), 2 tomatoes, 1 white rusk.
  • The third meal is a non-greasy rabbit stew.


  • The second meal is sweet and sour fruit.
  • The third meal is boiled duck fillet (150 g).


  • The second meal - 2 medium-sized eggs, vegetables, steamed.
  • The third meal is grilled fish (200 g), a few leaves of lettuce, a small ripe orange.


  • The second meal is apples.
  • The third meal - lettuce leaves, boiled lean beef (150 g).


  • The second meal is chicken breast in tomato sauce (200 g), 1 fruit (it is better to have citrus).
  • The third meal is steamed green vegetables.

2nd week


  • The second meal - lettuce leaves, braised rabbit meat (150 g).
  • The third meal is lettuce, 2 chicken or quail eggs, 1 citrus.


  • The second meal - lettuce, stewed turkey (200 g).
  • The third meal - 2 small eggs, 2 citrus, lettuce.


  • Lunch - 2 small cucumbers, boiled chicken breast (200 g).
  • The third meal - 1 citrus, lettuce leaves, 2 boiled yolks and protein.


  • The second meal - 2 yolks and albumen, hard cheese (50 g), zucchini with eggplant and steamed (150 g).
  • The third meal is 2 small eggs with 1 white croutons.


  • The second meal is a steam fish (250 g).
  • The third meal is 2 eggs with a slice of cheese (40 g).


  • The second meal is stewed chicken offal, 1 large tomato, 1 small citrus.
  • The third meal is fruit sliced ​​(200 g).


  • The second meal is grilled chicken fillet (250 g), steamed green vegetables, 1 large tomato, 1 medium sized citrus.
  • The third meal is rabbit stew (150 g), 1 tomato, 1 citrus.

3rd week

Starting from the 15th day, the detailed menu for an egg-citrus diet for 4 weeks includes a daily set of components that you have to independently distribute into 3 doses.

Monday - apples and berries in any quantity.

Tuesday - fruit salads with low-fat yogurt, boiled vegetables (but potatoes - taboo).

Wednesday - a mixture of green vegetables with low-fat sour cream, apples, pears, boiled vegetables.

Thursday - low-fat fish on the grill (250 g), cabbage stewed with carrots and green peas (200 g).

Friday - rabbit meat, stewed with vegetables.

Saturday, Sunday - the weekend of one type of berries or fruits.

4th week

Monday - roast veal (200 g), tomato and cucumber salad, canned fish without added oil, 1 bread crumbs, 1 small citrus.

Tuesday - chicken stew (200 g), tomato and cucumber salad, 1 large citrus, 1 green apple.

Wednesday - 1 tbsp. l curds, steamed vegetables (100 g), 2 tomatoes, 2 small cucumbers, 1 large citrus.

Thursday - ½ carcass of large chicken stewed with tomatoes and carrots, 1 small cucumber, 1 toast, 1 small citrus.

Friday - 2 chicken or quail yolks and squirrels, 3 small tomatoes, lettuce, 1 large citrus.

Saturday - 2 servings of boiled chicken fillet, home-made feta cheese (150 g), 1 crouton, 1 tbsp. Kefir with a low percentage of fat, 1 large citrus.

Sunday - 1 tbsp. l cottage cheese, steam green vegetables, grilled fish (150 g), 1 white croutons, 2 small cucumbers, 1 large citrus.

The citrus-egg diet for 4 weeks is an affordable and proven method to get rid of 7-10 kg in 28 days. At the same time, you do not need to refuse tasty foods, you just need to strictly follow the recommendations on their quantity. During this period of time the body will get used to saturate with small portions, and you will be able to preserve the results for a long time.

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