Dyukan protein diet

Human psychology is such that we always do not like something in ourselves, especially those extra pounds. And then in the course are a variety of methods of losing weight. For several years, the whole world has been discussing the efficacy guaranteed by the Dukan diet. Menu attack for a week helps to lose up to 10 kilograms!

The essence and principles of the stage of attack on Dyukanu

in the course are a variety of methods of losing weight

Pierre Ducane's method is based on 4 stages-phases:

  • attack (the use of protein products, that the effect on the body is similar to starvation);
  • cruise (inclusion of vegetables in the diet);
  • consolidation (gradual return to the usual menu);
  • stabilization (introduction to the usual diet of a regular weekly protein day and use 3 tablespoons of bran daily).

The first two stages are aimed at burning excess weight, and the last - to consolidate the result.

As in any new business, in multi-stage power systems, the main thing is a successful start. Not an exception and protein diet Dukana. The menu for the week is an attack of extra calories. This is the main task of the phase. Due to the intake of protein foods, the body begins to break down its own accumulated fats. In this case, the cells are saturated with proteins. Guaranteed weight loss during a protein attack - from 1.5 to 5 kg. In this case, the nutritionist accurately calculated the ratio of the planned loss of excess weight and the duration of the first period:

  • up to 10 kg - 3 days;
  • 10-20 kg - 5 days;
  • more than 30 kg - 10 days.

The basis of the first stage of the Ducane diet put the effect of proteins on the body:

  • to saturate a person needs a smaller amount of protein food than carbohydrate - due to this, the portion is reduced;
  • protein digestion takes much longer than carbohydrates, so hunger does not attend for a long time;
  • to digest proteins, the body must spend three times more strength than protein food provides. Such an extreme situation will release glucose from body fat, and weight loss begins.

Products recommended during this period

As in any new business, in multistage power systems, the main thing is a successful start.

The menu for the weekly attack phase of the Dukan diet includes the following products:

  • lean meats (rabbit, young beef);
  • cow and calf offal;
  • a bird (with the exception of duck, goose);
  • lean fish (by the way, this product can be cooked in absolutely any way);
  • seafood;
  • eggs;
  • non-fat milk products;
  • bran. It is noteworthy that bran is an essential component of the menu of any stage!

There are also a number of products whose consumption is permissible, but in limited quantities:

  • fresh lemons;
  • vinegar;
  • greenery;
  • onion;
  • salt.

Weekly menu options

The first 7 days of the diet - the most important, allowing to design the final result. Therefore, you should especially pay attention to the menu for the week.

  • First day. 1st meal - curd mass, tea; 2nd meal - steam fish, yogurt; snack - bun on bran; 3rd meal - baked chicken.
  • Second day. 1st meal - omelet, ham, tea; 2nd meal - chicken patties; snack - tea or coffee drink, 3rd meal - pollock cutlets.
  • The third day. 1st meal - herbal tea, bran yogurt; 2- food intake - cottage cheese pancakes; snack - tea or coffee drink; 3rd meal - tuna salad.
  • Fourth day. 1st meal - 2 boiled eggs, a slice of hard cheese; 2nd meal - fish baked with lemon, yogurt; snack - loaf with bran; 3rd meal - cottage cheese casserole.
  • Fifth day. 1st meal - curd mass, tea or coffee drink; 2nd meal - baked chicken, yogurt; snack - kefir; 3rd meal - stewed chicken liver.
  • Sixth day. 1st meal - omelet, tea; 2- food intake - baked meat (any of the recommended types); snack - bun on bran; 3rd meal - cheese cakes, coffee drink or tea.
  • Seventh day. 1st meal - bran bun, tea; 2nd meal - baked fish; snack - dairy product; 3rd meal - meat salad with greens.

We grow thin tasty: recipes

Therefore, at each stage, including in the attack phase, you can cook original, tasty, and most importantly, healthy dishes.

The main feature of the Dukan weight loss method is that the recommended products can be not only consumed separately, but also combined with each other. Therefore, at each stage, including in the attack phase, you can prepare original, tasty, and most importantly, healthy dishes. For example, fish patties (pollock).


  • pollock carcass;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 1.5 Art. l bran;
  • onions, greens.


  1. We twist the fish fillet with greens in a meat grinder.
  2. We drive in egg, we fall asleep bran.
  3. Fry over medium heat without oil for about 3 minutes, turning it over.

No less sophisticated approach to the method of losing weight and offers snacks. Tuna salad is cooked in just a couple of minutes, and it turns out to be very satisfying.


  • 1 can of tuna, canned in its own juice;
  • 2 eggs;
  • bow;
  • ½ lemon;
  • yogurt.


  1. Fish mash with a fork.
  2. Shred bow.
  3. Fish mix with onions in a bowl for salad.
  4. Squeeze lemon juice, season with yogurt.

For breakfast or an afternoon snack you can make a curd casserole.

The first 7 days of the diet - the most important, allowing to design the final result.


  • 300 g of curd mass or curd;
  • 2 eggs;
  • fructose or sugar substitute.


  1. Blender beat sugar and eggs.
  2. Put the cottage cheese in the mixture, mix well.
  3. We spread in a special form.
  4. For half an hour put in the oven, heated to 200 degrees.

Baked veal can be a wonderful dinner or lunch. And it is prepared in just half an hour.


  • 400 g veal;
  • ½ lemon;
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • rosemary;
  • basil;


  1. Meat cut into cubes of medium size.
  2. Well we coat veal with a mixture of salt and spices, leave to marinate for half an hour.
  3. In the refractory form put the meat.
  4. Cook for 30 minutes, the required temperature is 180 degrees.

The desire to lose weight is quite feasible using the principles on which the Dukan diet is based. Menu attack for a week will help to diversify the diet, so as not to experience discomfort from unusual food. A set of products in the diet allows you to create the most amazing and tasty combinations.

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