Dry fasting for weight loss

Every girl wants to have a slim and fit figure, but not everyone has the opportunity to follow a diet. But even from such a difficult situation there is a way out - dry starvation, which will help to maintain weight in the normal state, and also carry out an effective and gentle cleansing of the whole organism.

Thanks to him, all metabolic processes are normalized and the tissues of organs are restored.

The main unique feature of this technique is that cleansing and recovery will take place only at the cellular level.

In the event that the choice was made specifically on dry starvation, it is necessary not only to completely abandon the use of food, but also water. Today it is divided into 2 - hard and soft.

The basis of a soft technique is the complete elimination of water use. However, at the same time, it is recommended to take a variety of water treatments. With a rigid method, any kind of contact with water, including its use, is strictly prohibited.

It is important to remember that these methods of dry starvation are allowed to use no more than 2 days. Otherwise there is a risk of causing great harm to your health.

Before embarking on dry starvation, it is necessary to learn how to properly prepare your body for the test. In this case, this technique should be performed in a certain sequence and very carefully.

Dry fasting for weight loss

It is strictly prohibited to use it in the presence of certain diseases. You can not starve if you have:

  • Cirrhosis and hepatitis
  • Organ tuberculosis
  • The presence of malignant tumors
  • Various endocrine diseases
  • Blood diseases and diabetes
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • With a lack of body weight
  • The presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Renal or hepatic failure.

The first step is to properly prepare the body for the upcoming starvation. During the preparatory stage it is strictly forbidden to eat meat, salt, coffee and any coffee drinks, as well as products that include sugar, and of course, alcohol. It is worthwhile to diversify your daily diet with fresh fruits, boiled vegetables, dried fruits, dairy products. , different cereals, eat nuts, wheat germ, seafood, sprouted grains of different crops. You can drink only unsweetened drinks and juices, purified and mineral water, herbal teas.

Approximately 2-3 days before the beginning of observance of a dry diet, you need to completely transfer your diet to products of plant origin, as well as drink as much liquid as possible, with the addition of lemon juice or honey.

Exit from dry fasting

In order for dry fasting to bring only benefit, you must clearly adhere to the rules for getting out of it:

  • If starvation began at 18 o'clock, then the exit from it should begin strictly at the same time and not a minute later or earlier.
  • You can immediately brush your teeth, after which you can drink a glass of cold, of course, boiled water. If desired, add a few drops of lemon juice. It is important to take liquid only in small portions and take short breaks between meals.
  • Immediately after the end of the fast, it is strictly forbidden to drink mineral, raw, hot or other water. A nausea attack may occur. In this case, it will be necessary to first hold the water for a couple of seconds in the mouth and only then take a sip.
  • We must immediately take a cold shower or a warm bath.
  • Water is allowed to drink only up to 21 hours. Then you can eat small amounts of food - dairy products.
  • Exactly at 23 o'clock it is necessary to eat a portion of warm broth, but only without bread. It should be prepared on the basis of a low-fat chicken or fish. Do not add salt.
  • After the fasting is completed, during the first few days you can drink exclusively boiled water, as well as eat food, which is based on animal protein.
  • In the morning, 2 days is recommended to eat a slice of bread (not yeast). In the evening it is allowed to cook diet porridge or boiled vegetables.
  • During the first 2 days after fasting is not recommended to eat fresh food.

If an unpleasant feeling of nausea appears, a metallic taste in the mouth cavity, edemas are formed, severe belching is disturbed, it is recommended to drink several glasses of yogurt as soon as possible or transfer your diet to food, which includes animal protein. Without fail, this rule must comply with not only those who are hungry, but also vegetarians.

During this period, the body is experiencing severe stress, so you need to pay attention to the state of health with increased attention. The benefits come from regular walks in the fresh air, physical exertion of moderate intensity and airing the room.

It is strictly forbidden to change the fasting period directly in the process of the driest fasting. For example, if it was decided to hold a one-day fast, even if you feel great, you should not prolong it.

If this method of purification and weight loss is used for the first time, its duration should be exactly 1 day.

It is worth remembering that it is strictly forbidden to take any medication. If you start to feel worse, you need to stop fasting and make the right way out of it.

When complying with the method does not provide for the use of enemas, because toxins in the digestive tract will not be absorbed. This is due to the fact that the body does not receive fluids.

Dry fasting for weight loss

Dry fasting as a method of slimming

Fasting, used for weight loss, has some advantages over other methods and diets. All extra pounds go gradually, so that the process itself will be completely safe.

Regularly practicing dry fasting for weight loss, a person begins to feel light, it becomes much easier to breathe, pressure returns to normal, the feeling of chronic fatigue disappears, the load on the heart is significantly reduced. The unpleasant symptoms of indigestion and feelings of heaviness in the stomach also disappear.

If this technique will be used to combat obesity, then it is worth preparing for the fact that it is necessary not only to undergo consultation from an experienced doctor, but also need to pick up a whole range of activities. This and a variety of water treatments, regular exercise and morning exercises, adherence to a special low-calorie diet. It is necessary to adhere to certain restrictions in nutrition, and of course, to monitor their psychological and emotional state.

If you strictly adhere to all the rules and recommendations, you can bring back to normal, as well as significantly reduce body weight. As a result of using this technique, the body begins to burn its own fat reserves. On the first day, body weight can be reduced by a couple of kilograms. In the future, for the day of fasting, about 300 grams will be gone.

Specialist reviews

Today, dry fasting is one of the most common methods of losing weight. It makes it possible not only for a short period of time to get rid of a couple of extra pounds and significantly improve their health and to conduct a soft and effective cleaning. The body not only leaves off excess fat, but also significantly improves mood, a new surge of feelings of cheerfulness and strength appears, it becomes much easier to breathe, chronic insomnia and fatigue disappear. Having tried once such a method of losing weight, you want to periodically return to it again, which will bring only benefits as a physical, but also emotional state.

Dry fasting is a great way to lose weight and improve your health. It should be a serious approach to the application of the technique. This is not an easy task and some rules must be followed. One of them is the right way out of it. In the event that it is wrong, there is a risk of causing great harm to your body.

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