Diet roller coaster. basic principles

Any woman who has ever tried for a long time to drive fat deposits, faced with the fact that in a certain period, the weight froze. Without violations of the rules of the method, without the concomitant growth of muscle mass. It seems that without any objective reasons. The struggle with a similar phenomenon prompted the psychologist and nutritionist Martin Katana to create a roller coaster diet.

Diet "roller coaster": the basic principles

The effect of the "plateau" - this is exactly what the sudden weight has been called - is characteristic of any long-term weight loss system. And if in isolated cases it can be caused by stagnation of fluid in the body (from excess salt), on critical days that can even give "weight gain", then for a prolonged stopping of the cause it is difficult to find.

Martin Catan made his assumption on this subject, saying that the ability of the organism to adapt is to blame. Because of this, too hard diets do not work for a long time, and even give the opposite effect. The period of 3 days is enough for all systems to start living by the new rules, and in the case of low calorie intake they slow down the metabolism. As a result, with an unreasonable reduction of the menu, weight reduction stops already in 3-4 days.

Diet Roller Coaster

The only way out of the situation, according to the American nutritionist, is considered the method of "shock therapy", in which the energy value of the diet does not remain the same throughout the entire period of weight loss. It is because of such jumps that the diet created is called the Roller Coaster: caloric fluctuations in it are comparable with sharp ups and downs.

If you believe the words of Martin Katan himself, 30 days of a similar food system will allow you to forget about 10 kg. Undoubtedly, with obesity there is a chance to get rid of 15 kg.

The first step is short-term unloading, which takes 1 day. Such a principle, ideally, should be carried out before any long-term diet. For this purpose, you can take any monodiet that suits you.

An attractive for women diet is a roller coaster, at least in that the menu is quite flexible. For example, the distribution for breakfast, lunch, dinner does not exist here. Meals can be any amount. The main principles that must be observed - this is the framework of calorie and healthy nutrition.

Menus and recommendations nutritionists

The full cycle of the technique fits into 16 days, after which it is repeated. And of these, the complexity is only the first 6 days.

  • Days 1-3 it is necessary that the menu be no more than 600 kcal per day. From the WHO-approved value, this is exactly half, and, as you can guess, is a rather hungry option. Some hard diets for 2-3 days suggest exactly this energy value. Not everyone can withstand it.
  • Days 4-6 are easier to carry. In them, the caloric intake increases to 900 kcal.
  • In the period from 7 to 16 days, the energy value increases to 1200 kcal, which meets all the requirements of doctors. And even if by individual standards this may not be enough, for a smooth weight loss is more than suitable.

What is the best way to eat during a roller coaster diet? Of course, the most appropriate choice is a healthy meal. But there is no rigid framework. It is best to choose low calorie foods to increase the amount of food consumed, thereby reducing the possible feeling of hunger.

Diet Roller Coaster

Therefore, on the table for a dieter slimming according to the principles of the roller coaster must be present animal easily digestible protein: poultry and fish, various seafood and some lean veal or beef.

One may not even mention the need for vegetables with fruits, but among them cucumbers, bell peppers and pineapples that detract from hunger deserve close attention. In addition, the list of daily plant food supplements cabbage of any varieties and asparagus, citrus fruits, kiwi and apples. Bananas are "heavier" than many other fruits, so they usually replace a full meal.

In order not to unnecessarily increase the calorie content of the dish, it is recommended to use a steamer, oven, microwave and a slow cooker.

Reviews about the diet and its results

Attention is given to reviews of the roller coaster diet by doctors and fitness trainers, since they provide several valuable recommendations for its implementation.

Low calorie 1-day diet is suitable for regular school or working day at the table. But if additional physical activities are planned, it is better to forget about them.

The first 6 days spent with an excessively low calorie should not have anything more complicated than a regular walk in the schedule. And in those where the energy value of the diet is increased to 1200 kcal, you can start light aerobic workouts. Callanetics or Pilates will be very useful. But for people who are regular visitors to the gym, the technique is not suitable, because it focused on a sedentary lifestyle.

Diet Roller Coaster

The results of the roller coaster diet are impressive. It seems that its creator really managed to accurately determine the cause of stagnation of weight, since the "plateau" during this technique is not observed. Kilograms are falling, perhaps not as rapidly as many would have liked, but the weight is definitely not in place. In 3 weeks, about 12-14 kg were lost. And in women with a normal body weight for the month took 5-6 kg. It was noted that physical exertion was minimal.

It is also interesting that while reducing the proportion of carbohydrate-rich food, the complete elimination of sweet and wheat flour products, the belly began to decrease. True, for its complete elimination it was necessary to add gymnastics.

In the reviews you can find some tricks that facilitate the process, especially for low-calorie days. For example, women are advised to add more boiled eggs and potatoes to the diet, as well as cabbage. These products give you satiety, and there are not so many calories in them. Additionally, in order to maintain the result, it was suggested not to eat 3 hours before bedtime, and try to transfer the entire food load into breakfast.

Some of the diet roller coaster may seem extreme due to the low calorie menu for 1 day. We have to admit that the technique is really tough and not suitable for everyone. But the result is impressive because the power system allows you to completely avoid the "plateau" effect (stopping the process of losing weight). If you plan to apply to this diet, consult with your doctor to avoid possible health complications.

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