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The systems of Ekaterina Mirimanova and Pierre Dyukan were replaced by the method of Elena Anisimova - a nutritionist with a long history who composes a weight loss program via the Internet, which considerably simplifies the task for everyone who does not have the opportunity to get a specialist personally. How does it work, and does it work? What is the highlight of the diet of Elena Anisimova? What results should be expected?

The diet of Elena Anisimova: general provisions and principles

The diet of Elena Anisimova: general provisions and principles

The essence of the technique lies in the individual approach of the specialist to each client who applies to her. To give specific recommendations on nutrition, exercise and additional procedures (massage, wraps, etc.), Elena Anisimova asks for general data on height, weight, age and sex, as well as health conditions - chronic and hereditary diseases, pathologies, etc. All this allows us to derive a special complex, which not only provides an opportunity to get rid of several kilograms, but also eliminate the cause of their appearance, which makes the result obtained long-term.

In addition, Elena Anisimova shares the main rules that every person should follow during weight loss, regardless of the program offered to him.

  • In-the first, daily callorage. There are active debates on this topic, various formulas for calculating are proposed, and Elena Anisimova argues that women do not need to fall below 1200 kcal a day. However, she insists on the proper breakdown of this volume during the day: about 30% of calories should be at breakfast, about 43% at lunch, and dinner goes to the rest. Of course, meals are not only lined up for their energy value, but this is the base point for them.
  • In-second, losing weight must take place not only behind score abbreviations menu, but and behind score spending calories. Thus, the activity of the day always includes the motor activity, regardless of its nature: at least garden work, though simple walks. The doctor does not insist on the gym, because her frequent clients are overweight people who are not allowed to workout hard. But she is sure: the weight will move much more effectively in motion.
  • AT-third, is necessary follow drinking mode. In this case, the nutritionist focuses on the correct choice of water: besides the fact that it does not imply juices, teas, compotes, etc., water should not be in a plastic container that saturates the liquid with its negative chemicals. In addition, the temperature point is important: the water should be warm, the temperature should not be lower than room temperature, and consumed before meals for 15-20 minutes, and not earlier than 1.5-2 hours after it. Drunk immediately after a meal, water will disturb the digestive process and activates the appetite. Especially if it is cold.
  • AT-fourth, psychological mood. Elena Anisimova insists that in addition to a fervent desire to get rid of extra folds, there must be a determination to reconsider the attitude to food and your own diet, to understand how the body is built. Her diet is not a short-term technique, but a way of later life. Here the doctor mentions the importance of psychological support from relatives - relatives, girlfriends. If external obstacles are created, it will be too difficult to cope with the new regime, and failures are quite likely.

How to make a menu for the week on this diet?

How to make a menu for the week on the diet of Elena Anisimova?

According to the features of the program, the diet for a certain period of time is prepared individually for each client of Elena Anisimova, but the doctor gives a number of general recommendations for its preparation. Therefore, if you study them thoroughly, and if the problem requiring resolution is not too serious, you can deduce it yourself.

  • The main point concerns the distribution of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as the daily caloric intake of meals. 30-33% leaves breakfast, 37-42% goes to have dinner, remaining is divided on afternoon tea and dinner. If you need to eat 5 times a day, you can break breakfast in half.
  • Green vegetables should be present for lunch, it is advisable to choose protein foods with a minimum of fat for dinner, carbohydrates are preferable for breakfast. Meat does not interfere with cereals, as well as with starchy vegetables and fruits. At the same time, seafood can be served, for example, with pasta. Fats from nutrition cannot be eliminated, but their daily volume should not exceed 75 g, and most of them should be in the morning meal.

The weekly meal schedule below can be mixed within these 7 days. A further plan is easy to do by his example. For cereals and pasta weights are indicated on the basis of dry product, in boiled form their volume increases.


  • Breakfast. Banana and pear smoothies (1 pc.), Peeled almonds (5-7 pcs.), Low-fat cottage cheese (50 g).
  • Dinner. Buckwheat porridge on water (80 g), boiled chicken egg (1 pc.), Arugula leaves (bunch), Bulgarian pepper (1 pc.).
  • Tea time Grapefruit (1 pc.), Rye bread (20 g).
  • Dinner. Flounder baked in the oven (140 g), fresh cucumber (2 pcs.).


  • Breakfast. Millet porridge on water (70 g), walnuts (30 g), pumpkin braised without oil (100 g).
  • Dinner. Pasta from durum wheat (50 g), boiled salted shrimp meat (75 g), large tomatoes (200 g), a bunch of dill.
  • Tea time Mango and nectarine (1 pc.), Natural yogurt (100 ml).
  • Dinner. Steamed cod (200 g), salad of celery root and cucumber under lemon juice (170 g).


  • Breakfast. Oat crispbread (20 g) with soft low-fat ricotta (40 g), herbal tea, fresh strawberries (100 g).
  • Dinner. Mutton baked with rosemary (180 g), boiled cauliflower (150 g), dill (bunch).
  • Tea time Kefir or sourdough (250 ml), fiber or bran (1 tbsp)
  • Dinner. Green beans (170 g), cherry tomatoes (100 g), lettuce leaves (bunch).


  • Breakfast. Omelet from egg whites (2 pcs.) And low-fat milk (3 tbsp.) With bell pepper (1 pc.) In the oven. Rye bread (10 g), any cheese (30 g).
  • Dinner.
  • Tea time Orange (2 pieces) or kiwi (3 pieces)
  • Dinner. Salad with avocado and seafood (210 g).


  • Breakfast. Porridge on water (70 g), fresh apricots (60 g), cherry (60 g).
  • Dinner. Greek salad with lemon juice and olive oil dressing (170 g), boiled veal (120 g).
  • Tea time Natural yogurt (200 ml), cranberries (40 g).
  • Dinner. Vegetable stew (220 g).


  • Breakfast. Corn porridge on water (50 g), fresh nectarines (2 pcs.).
  • Dinner. Stuffed cabbage with minced chicken (minced fillet, egg white, salt) and rice (180 g), parsley (bunch).
  • Tea time Low-fat cottage cheese (120 g) with cinnamon.
  • Dinner. Baked cheese with tomatoes zucchini (200 g).


  • Breakfast. Barley porridge (65 g), steamed prunes (50 g), hazelnuts (25 g).
  • Dinner. Chicken broth soup with carrots and onions (200 g), fresh tomatoes (100 g), rye bread (10 g).
  • Tea time Salad of boiled beets and carrots with an apple (140 g), a handful of pine nuts (30 g).
  • Dinner. White mushrooms stewed in sour cream (140 g).

Apart from the fact that the menu for Elena Anisimova’s diet is rather strict regarding a variety of harmful products - sweets, pastries, carbonated drinks, fried potatoes, etc., she recommends including healthy herbal or berry drinks that will act on the principle of products. with negative calorie. When they receive the body will begin to spend existing calories, and not to process received. For example, this is possible in the case of ginger or lemon drink.

Weight Loss Reviews

The diet of Elena Anisimova: reviews thinner

The comments of women and men who have tried Elena Anisimova’s diet on their own experience coincide in most aspects, but there are several nuances that make the specialist be skeptical. The technique itself, judging by the reviews, raises no objections.

Yuliya: In our family, weight gain usually occurs after 20 years, and life has not saved me from this: no matter how hard I tried, but the figure "swam". At the same time, hormonal background was normal. She heard about nutritionist Elena Anisimova, went to her website and decided to order a diet for herself: good, the price is low. I sent all the necessary data (on health, age, etc.), received a sheet with recommendations, and began to perform. Weight really moved, the result saw by the end of the month, there was an incentive to continue to lose weight and not to break. I managed to interest my mother - she, too, turned to Elena. What was my surprise when the same recommendations were sent to her! I don’t know what to think - either we have one reason for failure, although it still can’t be an identical program, or an individual approach statement is a fiction.

Tatyana: Elena Anisimova’s diet was a salvation for me! I adore chocolate. I can give up everything, but not from him - otherwise the sugar completely drops. Therefore, turning to her, I immediately said that it would not work to eliminate this product: Helen went to meet me, and in the proposed complex there was a place for a favorite delicacy. Everything was painted so competently that the diet did not cause any inconvenience at all - I lost 3 kg in a month, while not giving up the chocolate and not changing the dark to the bitter.

Eve: The main advantage of Dr. Anisimov’s methods is a clearly painted menu, detailed recommendations and advice. Slimming, if not joy, then at least makes it impossible to feel like a flawed person: I calmly ate salads with olive oil, and sometimes even allowed myself shashlik. But the weight continued to decrease. I have been sticking to the system for the 3rd month, I got used to it, I don’t even want to change the mode, although sometimes thoughts of french fries flash.

In fact, the postulates discussed above are based on 2 things known for a long time: a healthy diet and separate diets. Elena Anisimova did not bring anything new, and the only reason why people actively apply to her is the opportunity to receive an individual program. However, as practice shows, it can be made independently.

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