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Ksenia Borodina - the host of the scandalous TV show "House 2". Kenya has never been very slim. When the TV presenter watched House 2 on TV, it seemed to her that there was no one thicker on her project. "That is, in general, the cow is sitting on TV," Ksenia said in one of her interviews. That only she did not try: pills, the famous Kremlin diet, starvation, etc., but no methods gave the desired result.

What was the main reason for the dramatic change in the figure?

In the summer of 2010, Ksenia Borodina gave birth to a beautiful daughter Marusya. After giving birth, she recovered a few more kilograms, after which she promised herself and her husband, by all means, to lose weight. Ksenia refused to breastfeed the baby (for certain reasons) and, not long after staying at home, went to work. In one of the interviews, Ksenia said: "Because of the busy work schedule, I simply have no time to eat." Combining work, sport and special diet two weeks later she got rid of twelve extra pounds.

What helped Ksenia Borodina become a slim beauty?

So, the diet of Ksenia Borodina’s diet:

Main product diets - these are vegetables, namely cucumbers. Vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner - this is the secret of the slim figure of the presenter.

For breakfast Ksenia ate some fresh cucumbers (up to 4) and 100g of rye bread.

For lunch: to choose: vegetable soup; a salad of cucumbers and green onions, seasoned with vegetable (preferably olive) oil; some boiled meat.

For dinner: cucumber salad, dressed with olive oil; or just a cucumber.

On the day you need to eat at least four cucumbers. Other sources say that Ksenia Borodina helped to lose weight by the advice of Ksenia Sobchak, an equally well-known TV presenter. The basis of losing weight - as little as possible food and daily enemas. But, official confirmation of this method of losing weight from Xenia herself was not.

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