Diet 20 kg for 20 days

In the hope of finding the desired form, women decide on extreme diets that could be harmful to their health. Losing weight by 20 kg requires great effort and concentration of will power. Any nutritionist will recommend getting rid of 20 kg of excess weight gradually, then the lost kilograms will not return. But if you are determined, to get rid of body fat will help diet 20 kg for 20 days.

Diet 20 kg for 20 days

There are several options for diet.

The first way to diet 20 kg in 20 days

You can not eat spices, alcohol, sweet, salty, potatoes, fat.

In the morning: a glass of kefir, an egg fried without oil and salt, green tea if desired.

Dinner: kefir, half cooked chicken, chicken broth without salt.

Tea time: a glass of kefir.

Dinner: kefir.

During the diet you need to drink vitamins. Meat can be replaced with marine fish.

Diet 20 kg for 20 days

The second way of a diet of 20 kg in 20 days

The days of dietary nutrition indicated in the diet must be alternated for 20 days.

The first two days: on low-fat kefir, tomato juice with a slice of coarse bread is allowed for dinner.

The second two days on protein foods.

Breakfast: coffee, sandwich with butter and honey.

Dinner: broth with a portion of meat and green peas, a slice of bread.

Tea time: tea with honey.

Dinner: a portion of boiled meat, two eggs, a piece of cheese, a glass of kefir.

The third two days on vegetables.

Breakfast: apples and oranges.

Dinner: vegetable soup and vegetable stew.

Tea time: vegetables.

Dinner: vegetable salad or vinaigrette.

Diet 20 kg for 20 days

The third way to diet 20 kg in 20 days

The third version of the diet is based on the minimum consumption of calories and the alternation of refusal from one of the meals per day. Foods that are allowed low-calorie diet, but rich in vitamins.

Allowed products:

  • White cabbage, broccoli;
  • Apples;
  • Chicken breast - a source of animal protein;
  • Beans - natural Bud, contains many nutrients, a source of dietary protein;
  • Buckwheat, a recognized product for dietary nutrition;
  • Egg;
  • Cucumbers, tomatoes;
  • Sea fish;
  • Rice;
  • Greenery;
  • Milk products;
  • Green tea is an antioxidant.

The diet is divided into five blocks of 4 days each.

1 block

Breakfast: fruit, cottage cheese, tea.

Dinner: boiled rice, chicken fillet, vegetable salad with greens and vegetable oil, a glass of milk.

Diet 20 kg for 20 days

Refuse to dinner, if there is a strong feeling of hunger, let's say a glass of milk.

2 block

Refusing breakfast, you can drink a cup of tea.

Dinner: buckwheat, boiled cod, egg, tea.

Dinner: vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice, can be salted, water.

3 block

Breakfast: vegetable salad, a glass of water.

Refusing lunch, allowed only water or tea.

Dinner: boiled beans, chicken fillet, tea.

4 block.

Breakfast: green tea with cottage cheese.

Dinner: boiled cabbage broccoli.

Dinner: you can eat an apple and drink tea.

5 block

Breakfast: warm milk.

Dinner: salad with greens, boiled fish.

Dinner: rice and tomato salad.

The absence of one meal helps reduce appetite, the body adapts, reduces the volume of the stomach, the weight decreases.

Diet 20 kg for 20 dayscan lead to sagging of the skin, so it is important to combine it with sports, intensive walking.

To save the result, you can go on a separate diet, if you eat carbohydrates in the morning, and proteins for dinner, you can lose weight even in sleep.

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