Chocolate diet

The homeland of chocolate is Central and South America. For a long time this product was available only to very rich people. However, the sharp drop in prices for cocoa, cocoa products and sugar at the very beginning of the 20th century made chocolate affordable for everyone. Chocolate is an extremely useful product. He will help with depression and well-being will improve. Some countries consider this product to be an aphrodisiac. It is believed that chocolate has even wound-healing effect. It is useful for the work of the heart muscle and the vascular system.

Chocolate diet

The following species categories of chocolate are distinguished.

Black chocolate

It is made from cocoa liquor, powdered sugar and cocoa butter. The way the proportions between powdered sugar and cocoa liquor change, determines the taste characteristics of chocolate from sweet to bitter. The greater the amount of cocoa liquor in a product, the more prized chocolate is and the more saturated the flavor is.

Milk chocolate

Powdered milk is also added to the recipe for making dark chocolate. Often used cream or milk film dry, fat content of 25%. The flavor of this product will be based on cocoa. Taste-on the combination of milk and powdered sugar.

White chocolate

Production is carried out from cocoa butter, sugar, powdered milk powder and vanilla. Cocoa powder is not added and, therefore, such a chocolate bar will not differ in dark color. The taste of this product is based on powdered milk with a caramel flavor.

Diabetic chocolate

This kind of chocolate has been developed specifically for diabetics. Instead of sugar its structure includes its substitutes.

Porous chocolate

It is made from the usual dessert chocolate mass. It is in special forms filled with лы placed in vacuum boilers and waiting for four hours. In a vacuum, by expanding air bubbles, a porous structure of this valuable product is created.

Chocolate powder

Production is based on ingredients such as cocoa liquor and powdered sugar. Dairy products can be added, but you can do without them.

No matter how strange the phrase "Chocolate Diet" sounds, but it has the right to exist.

What you need to know about the chocolate diet?

Indeed, modern dietetics has come down to a chocolate-based diet. Such a diet is just a godsend for sweet teeth. Chocolate diet recognized very strict and low-calorie. In its classic version, it is a diet based on the consumption during the day from eighty to one hundred grams of chocolate. Allowed to drink black coffee without sugar with skim milk. By the way, you can only drink three to four hours after eating food. The entire daily rate of chocolate can be eaten in one sitting, but it is better to distribute it in such a way that there are two or three meals. Some experts claim that the chocolate diet can be used for five to seven days, and then it is advisable to take a break of four to six days. With the chocolate dose you get in one day, you will receive no more than 500 - 600 calories. Black coffee in this scenario falls almost on an empty stomach. Nutritionists do not recommend this diet to people suffering from chronic diseases, as well as those who have a weak stomach. Such representatives of our society, the diet can simply not endure. If the chocolate diet is carried out for seven days (a seven-day course), then there is a real chance to lose five to seven kilograms. It will still depend on the characteristics of the organism.

Chocolate diet

When conducting a chocolate diet is not suitable:

- white chocolate, as it contains almost no cocoa butter;

- chocolate with sugar substitutes (for diabetics).

Each reception of chocolate should be accompanied in the form of a cup of unsweetened coffee. It is not superfluous to note that the inclusion of coffee in the menu characterizes many diets. So, for example, the Chinese diet very actively uses black coffee as an active element of the diet, if not in its essence. It is very effective in that it accelerates metabolic processes in the human body. As a result, well-being and intensive weight loss. Any restriction of food in favor of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss is always a certain list of products whose use is unacceptable.

As part of the chocolate diet, chocolate is the basis.

Use is not allowed:

- sugar and salt;

- carbonated water, all types of juices and drinks;

- alcohol is strictly prohibited;

- no fruit salads and vegetables.

It is important to remember that if you decide to drink some water or green tea (which is allowed during the diet), they should be taken no earlier than three hours after the consumption of chocolate and coffee. You should drink at least one to two liters of water per day. This requirement is characteristic of all diets that exclude salt from the diet.

Permissible use:

- chocolate (preferably in several doses);

- green tea or water (in any quantity);

- black natural coffee.

Classic Chocolate Diet

(menu for seven days)

Breakfast: thirty grams of dark chocolate without fillers and a cup of black coffee (can be with skim milk).

Lunch: thirty grams of dark chocolate without fillers and a cup of black coffee (can be with skim milk).

Dinner: thirty grams of dark chocolate without fillers and a cup of black coffee (can be with skim milk).

Chocolate discharge day

Breakfast: forty grams of chocolate and a cup of black coffee without sugar and dairy products.

Lunch: thirty grams of chocolate and a cup of black coffee without sugar and dairy products.

Dinner: thirty grams of chocolate and a cup of black coffee without sugar and dairy products.

Such a menu for unloading your body is similar to what is presented in the classic chocolate diet. However, since the diet day is only one, the load on the body is not so hard. If you add to the chocolate diet, and more active (it can be walking or exercise through exercise), then the results will be the most that neither is wonderful. Chocolate diet is similar in terms of the amount of fluid consumed with the cabbage diet. So that cabbage lovers can achieve the same results as people who prefer more chocolate.

Pluses chocolate diet

Chocolate diet

  • you can put yourself in order in a very short period of time, for example, this is very important in the holiday season, when a short period remains before leaving for a cruise or a regular trip;
  • it is allowed to use that product that is strictly prohibited by all other diets, but we love it so much (of course, I meant chocolate now);
  • chocolate is very useful for the brain, therefore, you lose weight and become smarter and smarter during the period of the diet;
  • Doctors recommend this product for anemia and catarrhal diseases (therefore, there is an active strengthening of the immune system of the human body);
  • Chocolate contains powerful antioxidants that contribute to the inhibition of the aging process of the body.

Cons of chocolate diet

  • a huge number of contraindications (therefore, you must first talk to your doctor), it is better to carry out a diet under the supervision of a specialist;
  • chocolate diet forges diet and can adversely affect the stomach and intestines, as is accompanied by the consumption of large amounts of coffee almost on an empty stomach;
  • as the diet saves calories too hard, the body at the end of the dietary period and when switching to a normal diet can quickly gain what it dropped and plus those extra pounds;
  • the diet is absolutely not balanced in terms of the ratio: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. In this sense, another diet will be optimal, which is referred to as "Color".

Contraindications chocolate diet

  • It is unacceptable for use by people suffering from diabetes, as it is built on the consumption of chocolate without sucrose substitute;
  • the diet is not suitable for people who are allergic to chocolate and products containing it;
  • chocolate diet is prohibited for those suffering from liver disease;
  • will be harmful in the presence of stones in the gallbladder;
  • A large amount of coffee in the diet makes this diet unacceptable for people with high blood pressure.

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Be careful with the selection of the diet to eliminate extra pounds. Choose what is right for you. Good luck !!!

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