Cheese and egg maggi diet

Summer is ahead, and therefore it's time to take a course on harmony. Want to be elegant? Challenge accepted! Your assistant in getting rid of the hated kilograms can be a diet maggy. The menu for every day, the uniqueness of this slimming system, effectiveness and contraindications - now you will learn everything about the egg diet!

Netvictory over weight - Maggie's diet: principle of action, effectiveness, pros and cons

Pure victory over weight - Maggie's diet

To begin with, that most worried about those who want to lose weight - which minus will give such a diet and how difficult is it to stick to? You can easily lose 5-20 kg, if you sit on it for 4 weeks. To lose 3-5 kg, a 2-week diet course is enough.

Maggi diet is not difficult. Its main principle - the use of chicken eggs (hard-boiled). This may seem unexpected, because eggs - high-calorie, indigestible food. However, a diet based on such a product of animal origin actually causes the fat to disappear.

The diet is based on biochemical processes that are triggered in the body by eating certain foods, in this case - eggs. For those who can not eat animal protein in its pure form, there is only one alternative - low-fat cottage cheese.

The benefits of the Maggi diet:

  • the body gets the essential for active activities;
  • there is no painful sensation of the hunger;
  • high performance without the extraordinary efforts of the side of the consuming person;
  • kilograms go harmlessly to health;
  • suitable for representatives of both.

Cons are few. Here they are:

  • Necessary to follow the established menu (no experiments with products!);
  • should eat many eggs;
  • dietary tolerance to allergic to citric acid allergies;
  • If, however, one does not violate the diet, it will be necessary first

Maindiet features

The main features of the diet

To diet has the expected effect, it is forbidden to change and add foods. On the table there can be grapefruit, orange, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, green peas, asparagus. It is allowed to eat boiled meat (chicken), fish. Banned include such garden products as figs, mangoes, bananas, grapes, dates. You can not potatoes, meat is unacceptable to use lamb. Cereals, pasta, fats and liquor are also excluded.

As for the size of the portions, there are no strict limitations. You can eat so much to feel full, but you should not overeat. Welcome tea, coffee (with sweetener), dairy drinks.

Food should be taken 3 times; snacking is a tough taboo.

DietEgg Maggie: Everyday Menu, from breakfast to dinner

Everyday menus, from breakfast to dinner

For two starting weeks, eggs and oranges should dominate the menu. Breakfast is the same for all 14 days. It includes 1-2 freshly boiled eggs and 1/2 of the "solar fruit".

Lunch and dinner for 14 days look like this. Seasonal garden fruit. For the evening - boiled meat (minced meat as an option) .2. Chicken (with which the skin was previously removed). Dinner 2 eggs and vegetable salad, allowed to eat an orange (grapefruit) with 1 toast. Low-fat cheese (feta) with toast and tomato. The last meal before bedtime may include a couple of lean meat slices (meatballs); 4. Dine should be fruit (from the prescribed list). Evening - a couple of slices of meat and vegetable mix.5. 2 eggs (soft-boiled) plus vegetables. Before sleep, it is permissible to eat fish, steamed or boiled, vegetable salad, something of citrus. For lunch - 1 fruit. For dinner - whole meat (minced meat) with vegetable salad. Chicken fillet (without skin) with 1 tomato. Evening - citrus fruits (1 pc.), Vegetables.8. In the middle of the day you can support the strength of 1 fruit. The third meal can consist of the following menu: boiled meat pieces (or previously passed through a meat grinder) .9. Fowl (chicken). Evening - 2 eggs, vegetable sliced, orange and toast. Low-fat cheese, 1 toasted slice of bread and tomato. It is necessary to have dinner with meat (naturally, after boiling), meatballs. The second main meal should consist of only 1 fruit. The day can be finished with boiled meatballs and vegetable salad.12. For lunch - a couple of eggs, you can add this menu with vegetables. For dinner, fish, vegetables salad and 1 fruit from the citrus family.13. At lunch 1 fruit is allowed, in the evening - lean meat and salad from garden produce. Boiled chicken with tomato. Orange, grapefruit, vegetables.

From 3 weeks some adjustments are made to the diet, but breakfast remains unchanged. Lunch and dinner should be like this. Fruits of fruit trees without limits.2. Vegetables. Fruits and vegetables. The first ones are fresh, the second ones are boiled and in a double boiler.4. Boiled fish with green salad, cabbage and vegetables.5. Chicken or minced meat balls. And, finally, 7 day - fruit.

The final week is the easiest stage of all four, which includes the maggy diet. The menu for each day of this period is built as follows:

  • Boiled chicken carcasses or 4 comparable with this volume of the piece; Chicken cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, 1 canned tuna, tostipellesin;
  • 2 pieces of kamkyasa, 4 fresh cucumbers, 3tomats, a piece of fried bread, fruit;
  • cottage cheese (with raw fat) - 1 bed, vegetables cooked to 150 g, 3 to 4 cucumbers and a tomato, toast, citrus;
  • half-hen, cucumber, 3 tomatoes, small sweet-fried bread, orange
  • 2 eggs (cook hard-boiled), green salad, tomato, citrus;
  • chicken breast, brynzaliborog (120-150g), toast, gourmet tomato, citrus, kefir;
  • Sunday: cottage cheese - 1st. l., tuna - 1bank, 150gostey, toast, citrus.

Cottage cheesediet option

Curd diet option

Success also has a variety of methods in which eggs are partially substituted for cottage cheese. See what the Muggie diet looks like - a menu for 4 weeks (a curd variation) to decide which will be more acceptable for you.

Its principle is the same, with the exception of one moment: the place of boiled eggs is occupied by cottage cheese. This method of losing weight is low-calorie and low-carb. Thanks to a specially selected diet, the body begins to actively burn existing fat reserves. The diet also lasts a month (express version - 2 weeks). It is forbidden to rearrange lunch and dinner. Be sure to drink a lot. Boil vegetables in water, do not use broths.

The daily menu for a curd diet consists of:

  • cottage cheese;
  • chicken (beef);
  • shrimp (fish);
  • vegetable cooking;
  • sweet and sour fruits - apples, apricots, plums, peaches, pears, oranges, kiwi.
An additional component of the system may be sprouted wheat. Breakfast 2 weeks after the start of the diet is always the same - a 200-gram serving of cottage cheese and fruit.

The weekly menu (lunch, dinner) looks like this. Unsweetened fruit; boiled beef, sliced ​​vegetables.2. Fish (meat), salad; citrus, rye bread. Curd cheese "zero", 1 slice of bread, tomato; meat, vegetables. Fruits; meat and vegetables cooked in the same way. 2 eggs (hard boiled); orange, fish. Fruit mix; meat with vegetables. Chicken fillet, tomato, citrus; vegetables (cooked in water).

Diet 2 weeks: 1. Daytime meal - vegetables, cottage cheese. Evening - vegetables, citrus. 2, 3. For lunch - meat, vegetables (all boiled); for dinner - cottage cheese, fruit. Vegetables, cottage cheese; meat, vegetables. Vegetables, shrimp; fruit, cottage cheese. Tomato, meat, orange; fruits. The list of dishes for lunch and dinner is the same: chicken breast with the addition of products from the garden.

Meals from 15 to 21 days:

  • fruits;
  • vegetables (besides the thermally processed may be organic);
  • vegetables fruits;
  • shrimp; vegetables.
  • Fifth, six-way - fruit.
  • Closing week:

  • Twenty - 200 gr., cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, fruit, tuna, bread;
  • 400g; Poporeogurchikovatomat, gardenproducts, bread;
  • Tileptics - not more than 400 grams; cucumbers, tomatoes, fruits, slice of bread;
  • 2 chicken eggs, raising fruits and fruits;
  • Saturday - cheese, sour milk, cottage cheese, chicken, fruits;
  • The last day of nutrition - up to 400g curd, vegetables, boiled the plant, canned fish (tuna), a piece of bread, 2 tomato.

"HowI lost weight ": feedback about the system

In theory, everything seems to be easy and simple, but what kind of reputation did the Maggie have in practice for losing weight? The menu for every day (reviews on this criterion are almost unanimous) - satisfying, there is no particular feeling of hunger. Weight melts quickly (some even believe that such efficiency is harmful to the body). If you believe those who have tried this method on themselves, the result exceeds all expectations, but under one condition - the menu should be strictly followed. Therefore, not everyone is able to survive to the end, some stand only a couple of weeks.

What is the difficulty? In the opinion of people, it is difficult to strictly adhere to a certain diet. We'll have to give up sweets and bread. Several "annoying" a large number of eggs (it happens that you need to eat up to 6 pieces per day). Not everyone is satisfied with the condition that the diet should be combined with physical exertion (training).

The advantage is that the weight does not return or it happens extremely slowly. Both egg and cottage cheese diets have earned praise (the latter even scored more points by such criteria as convenience).

If we summarize all the reviews, we can conclude: the Maggi diet is worthy of your attention! It is quite strict, it does not allow any initiative, but it will open the way for you to the desired forms. This method of losing weight will require discipline and patience. Just take everything superfluous out of the fridge - and forward, to slimness and lightness!

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