Charcot's douche

Which of us never in a life took a shower? Of course, there are none. And did anyone ever think that taking a shower, we do not just wash ourselves, but also get a healing effect? The whole secret is in the water. Its influence on our bodies cannot be overestimated: water is the basis of life. The healing properties of water are hidden in its mechanical and temperature effects.

Scientists, taking advantage of these properties, figured out how to combine business with pleasure: healing baths, showers, hydromassage. The theme of our conversation - Charcot's douche: indications and contraindications, reviews.

What is Charcot's douche?

Charcot's douche

In general, Charcot is not a shower, but a person whose name is forever entrenched in the name of the water procedure. Charcot Jean-Martin (1825-1893) - Frenchman, psychiatrist, member of the Paris Academy of Sciences, specialized in neuropathology. His research in this area has opened up new directions and scientific methods. He also appreciated the effect of a jet of water of strong pressure on the body - from a significant increase in the emotional level to stress relief and the treatment of hysteria.

Charcot's invention is more than a hundred years old: at one time his souls were popular with the ladies, one might say they were standing there in a queue. And now, after some oblivion, modern medicine has drawn attention to a number of other beneficial effects of Charcot's soul-like cosmetic nature, allowing, without medication and surgery, to restore skin elasticity, achieve weight loss and fight the scourge of modern women - cellulite. And the achievement of a positive effect in the appearance of a woman, as you know, contributes to raising the overall tone of the body.

How is the procedure?

Now about the procedure itself. There is nothing supernatural in it - the whole thing is to improve the blood circulation process in the body. You are "set against the wall" and, from a distance of five meters, two streams of water are sent in your direction under strong pressure. One jet is hot - 40 degrees, the other is cold, about 20 degrees. Due to the contrast, a therapeutic effect is achieved: the blood flow improves, the vessels work smoothly, the metabolism is accelerated, the body is cleansed of toxins.

The water pressure in the jet is up to four atmospheres, it is regulated by the health worker according to your feelings. The massage effect is achieved through various methods of water supply: circular, fan, ascending (bottom-up), jogging, as well as with the help of a sharp change in jet head (weaker, stronger).

Dos Charcot: indications and contraindications

Dos Charcot: indications and contraindications

So, Charcot's douche favorably affects our health:

  • relaxes muscles, relieves overwork and migraines;
  • helps in the fight against cellulite;
  • effective in disorders of the locomotor system;
  • it is used in combination with physical therapy and diet for the treatment of obesity;
  • helps with osteochondrosis.

Many women wonder whether a shower Charcot helps to lose extra pounds. How effective is Charcot's douche for losing weight, the photos before and after the procedure are perfectly illustrated. It helps to maintain muscle tone and breakdown of fat deposits.

It is impossible not to say that there are certain contraindications for the passage of this water procedure:

  • varicose veins in the legs;
  • the presence of skin diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system of the body (heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, etc.);
  • oncological diseases;
  • a stomach or intestinal ulcer;
  • catarrhal diseases, inflammations.

Who is allowed and denied a circular shower?

Another type of therapeutic water treatment is circular or needle shower. The principle of action of such a soul is also based on the use of supplying water streams under different pressure, only here they are larger and thinner. Wisps of warm water are fed through a system of thin tubes with multiple holes. The tubes are located around the patient.

The jets affect the entire surface of the body at the same time, causing a pleasant tingling sensation with small needles. Circular shower not only has a massage effect, but also has a deeper effect on the subcutaneous adipose tissue, triggering the mechanism of their splitting.

A circular shower is prescribed if a person has the following diseases:

  • 1st degree hypertension, vascular dystonia;
  • malfunction of the nervous system;
  • chronic overwork;
  • nervous tension, irritability, insomnia;
  • the need to relieve joint pain;
  • cellulitis, obesity.

Circular shower also contributes to the overall strengthening of the body, its hardening.

The following contraindications have been identified for the procedure:

  • hypertensive disease in acute form;
  • the presence of asthenic condition;
  • cold, infectious diseases;
  • the presence of tumors, both malignant and benign;
  • epilepsy;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • cardiac muscle pathology;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • pregnancy.

Reviews of therapeutic procedures

Charcot's shower: reviews

If you have never taken a Charcot shower, but have only heard or read about it, it is difficult to say right away if you need such a procedure and how it will affect the body. To understand this, you need to communicate with those who have experienced all the effects of the soul on themselves. Of course, a shower circular indications and contraindications, the reviews have different, but the general picture for the decision can be made.

So, let's get acquainted with user reviews:

  • Valentina from Voronezh, 45 years old:In the shower, Charcot hit the sanatorium, being in Gelendzhik, where she rested: “The first impression is that you will just be carried away with a stream of water! the effect is stunning: the skin has become elastic, the tightness in the back has been removed, it seems that even the spine has become smoother. "
  • Elena from Pskov, 33 years old: "A couple of days ago I finished Charcot's shower procedures. When you stand under the pressure of water, it seems that you are removing the skin of a living person. And the more weight and volume you have, the more painful the sensation. But if it hurts a lot, you tell the nurse, she will weaken. The result impressed me - minus 3 kilograms. And the volumes have decreased. I recommend. "

From all that has been said, one thing is clear: if you do not have any specific contraindications, a medical dusk will only benefit. Of course, there is some minor pain, and even small bruises can appear. But the result is worth it, because beauty requires sacrifice!

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