Cellulose for weight loss

Cellulose plays an important role for the functioning of the human body. However, the necessary amount of food does not always come along with the food. But there is a way out of this situation - you can use a dietary supplement such as Siberian fiber.

Siberian Fiber Slimming: Description

Siberian fiber is a unique dietary supplement with which you can solve the problem of being overweight. The fact is that once in the stomach, the fiber begins to swell and provides a feeling of saturation, which remains for several hours. There is a decrease in appetite, you can avoid overeating and frequent snacking.

Siberian fiber is striking in its composition and natural pleasing, because it does not contain any chemical additives or dyes. It includes wheat or rye millet shells, fruit and berry supplements, nuts. It is thanks to this unique composition that the body receives the necessary amount of trace elements and vitamins.

Siberian fiber helps in the fight against fat deposits. Extra pounds begin to literally melt before your eyes, which is due to the unique components that make up its composition, which contribute to a decrease in blood sugar levels. Intestinal peristalsis is also normalized, all toxins and slags are eliminated from the body. As a result, weight loss occurs.

Cellulose for weight loss: reviews

The use of Siberian fiber should not be limited to just one desire to lose weight a little, because normalization of the gastrointestinal tract is also being carried out, the correct intestinal microflora is maintained, the structure of hair and skin color, overall health are greatly improved, which is most relevant for stress.

Also, like any other product, Siberian fiber has certain contraindications for use. First of all, it is necessary to refuse its use to people who suffer from diseases of the pancreas and stomach (pancreatitis, cholecystitis, an open ulcer).

Fiber contributes to increased gas formation, so after its use can begin to disturb the discomfort, bloating. Be sure to follow a strict dosage of the use of the product, because in the case of uncontrolled absorption of fiber, the stomach can dramatically stretch, resulting in a feeling of hunger.

It is important to know how to use a healthy supplement. Before use, it will need to be diluted in water (you can take tea or other liquid). Having eaten fiber, it is necessary to drink it with a fairly large amount of water (compote or herbal tea).

Per day is recommended to use about 3-4 tbsp. l., and this number should be divided into several stages. Take fiber should be half an hour before the start of the meal. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the established daily allowance.

Natural fiber is what products: list

Fiber is divided into 2 types - it is insoluble and soluble fiber, while in the human diet must be both at the same time.

Soluble fiber. This type of fiber is found in cereals (oats, barley, rye), legumes (peas, beans, beans, lentils), fruits (quince, peaches, apple peel, raisins, prunes, avocados).

Soluble fibers have characteristic differences - once in the intestine, they come into contact with the liquid and acquire a gel-like state. This gelatinous substance has a retarding effect on the further movement of food content. Consequently, the gel will significantly slow down the processing of carbohydrates, while reducing the performance of sugar in the blood.

Insoluble fiber. This type of fiber is found in legumes (2 types of fiber), unprocessed cereals, bran, nuts, seeds, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, greens, and fruit peel.

Cellulose for weight loss: reviews

It is insoluble fibers that are able to speed up the process of passing food through the gastrointestinal tract several times, while they have a mild laxative effect. This type of fiber can be used as a means of preventing constipation. The acidity is also normalized, the likelihood of developing cancer is minimized, and the correct microflora is restored.

There are quite a large number of products that contain insoluble and soluble dietary fiber, so they are divided into several main groups.

  • Whole grains. A large amount of soluble fiber found in whole oat grains, while they are also called beta glucan (soluble adhesive substance). This type of fiber helps to reduce the performance of cholesterol.
  • Bran. An excellent source of fiber are bran (rye, soy, oat, wheat). They contain about 30% of dietary fiber.
  • A high fiber content is noted in buckwheat (insoluble dietary fiber). For example, in 1 tbsp. cereal is approximately 20% of the daily intake of dietary fiber.
  • Legumes An excellent source of not only soluble, but also insoluble fiber is lentils, peas, peanuts, beans, beans.
  • Fruits. Almost all fruits include pectin, which is a storehouse of soluble fiber. They are fermented in the large intestine, with the parallel formation of fatty acids. Fruits include in their composition and a small amount of insoluble fibers, cellulose, which provide the intestinal permeability.
  • Vegetable crops. A large amount of fiber is found in vegetables, with the largest number in cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, and spinach.
  • Flax seeds. One of the rich sources of fiber are flax seeds - about 7 g in just 1 tbsp. l seeds.

Dietary fiber contains silicon, which due to its properties forms charged particles. These particles can attract various viruses and microorganisms. Cellulose not only collects, but also safely removes from the body radionuclides and heavy metals. When this happens, there is also a significant decrease in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, thereby preventing the development of blood clots.

However, it is necessary to gradually introduce fiber into your diet, and it is important to monitor the manifest side effects. Doctors recommend using about 20 g every day.

Siberian Fiber: reviews

Cellulose for weight loss: reviews

  1. Katerina: I heard about the benefits of Siberian fiber for a long time and nevertheless decided to buy it. We can say that it does not differ in a particularly pleasant taste, but adding to yogurt or kefir, it turns out quite tolerable. In just a few weeks of its reception, it took 2 kg, while practically no effort was made.
  2. Alla: I’ve been looking for an effective way of losing weight for a long time, but I can’t follow strict diets for a long time, moreover, after their completion, kilograms come back again. I have been taking fiber for 3 months and managed to lose 10 kg. There was not only a feeling of lightness, but also improved mood.
  3. Nastya: I constantly heard from my girlfriends about Siberian fiber, but everything was not solved. Once I just did not fit in my favorite dress and decided to try it, the result exceeded all my expectations! Without putting almost any effort, I lost 3 kg in a month, I plan to continue the course of losing weight.

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Eating fiber is necessary for everyone. In order for all body systems to function properly, its quantity contained in the products is sufficient: whole grain bread, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. If you need an additional source of this beneficial substance, enter into the diet Siberian fiber. Used in reasonable quantities, it will help maintain optimal weight and good health.

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