Buttocks squats

If you want to have elastic, beautiful buttocks, then you must include squats in a set of exercises. But do not think that school squats will lead to the desired result, only special exercises will help to give the buttocks attractiveness and tone.

Correct squats for buttocks

buttocks squats

If the exercises are performed correctly, they use different types of muscles: quadriceps, adductor muscles of the thigh, large gluteus muscles, soleus muscles. Distribute the load caviar muscles and hip biceps.

How to do squats right?

  • To increase the load and make squats more efficient, you need to squat deep. Only deep squats will make your ass elastic.
  • If you do squats with a barbell for the buttocks, you can strengthen the muscles of the back, arms, and even the abs. This approach will help keep the body in good shape.
  • In order not to be injured in the process of doing the exercises, it is necessary that the squats should be preceded by a warm-up.
  • If you are physically insufficiently prepared for exercises with a large load, then it is better to start with a small number and depth of squats, gradually increasing the load.
  • You need to combine fast squats with slow ones.

Squats to increase buttocks

buttocks squats

Squats to increase the buttocks should be performed correctly.

  • Become level, put your legs not much wider than shoulders.
  • Begin to gently lower, the main load should go on the heels, buttocks should be taken back as much as possible. You need to look for an invisible chair with your hips. Tighten the muscles.
  • Squat to a depth of 90 degrees. After reaching an angle of 90 degrees, begin to straighten.
  • An additional effect will give statics, with every fourth approach, you need to stay in the squat position for 40 seconds. You can start with 20 seconds. An additional load will contribute to active muscle growth. After you get involved in the process, you can do exercises with weighting. If no load for one approach should do 40 - 50 squats, then with dumbbells it is better to stay at 15 - 30. For the day should be done 2 - 3 approaches.

Slimming squats

buttocks squats

  1. Squatting with a jump. Take a starting position for squats, just straighten your arms in front of you. Sit down and make a jump upwards, pushing off from the ground, pull your hands up above your head. Return to the starting position.
  2. Squatting with plié. You can perform squats in an unusual way. This exercise is used by ballerinas during the warm-up. It is necessary to place the legs as widely as possible, turn the socks in different directions and begin to carefully squat deeply.
  3. Squat against the wall. This exercise will reduce unnecessary load. Stand against the wall, lean your back and head against the wall and begin to crouch up to 90 degrees, without taking your body and head from the wall. Fix the body for a few seconds in this position, and return to the starting position.
  4. Squats with lunges. Get straight, take one leg back and start to squat forward. Go down to 90 degrees.

Squats for the buttocks - reviews

buttocks squats

Squats for buttocks help fight cellulite. For maximum effect, you need to apply anti-cellulite cream before squats and wear anti-cellulite shorts.

Start doing the exercises in spring to look perfect for the beach season.

Squats are effective exercises aimed at modeling the figure. But you need to remember that if you have joint problems, it is better not to do squats.

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When performing exercises, try to keep an angle of 90 degrees. An acute angle will not be effective for losing weight and acquiring the desired forms, but it can be traumatic for the joints.

To better learn the lesson, we recommend to watch "squats for the buttocks - video."

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