Breathing exercises for weight loss

Many women who exhaust themselves with strict diets know that diets are most effective in case of physical exertion. However, there are diets in which physical activity leads to undesirable consequences. Women may experience dizziness, pre-unconscious states. Here is perfect breathing exercises! It does not take much time. In addition to the effect of losing weight, breathing exercises are useful in many other ways.

Breathing exercises are not only a great way to lose weight. without much waste of time and physical strength. it's the same medical procedure, designed for cleansing the chest, lungs. It has a tonic, health-improving effect, and is also intended for people who have contraindications to physical exercises for untrained people.

Pluses breathing exercises

  • helps to lose weight!
  • heals the body!
  • improves metabolism!
  • strengthens the muscles of the chest!
  • cleans the lungs!
  • improves skin color due to better saturation of cells with oxygen!
  • makes the blood move faster!

Types of breathing exercises

Currently, there are several types of breathing exercises. More precisely, they should be called techniques. These techniques are developed and supplemented every year. Their essence in one - regular repetitive breathing exercises are able to improve (including in the form of, ie, lose those extra pounds) the human body.

Jianfei Slimming

This is a Chinese technique. She is very popular among those who want to lose weight. It is she who in comparison with others has the greatest efficiency.

From the Chinese language the name of the method is translated - dump fat.This technique has been known for a long time, but it has become popular recently. It developed a system of special everyday exercises based on meditative principles. And this is understandable, because the art of yoga came to us from the East. Meditation helps to relax and easier to bear the diet.

Many women are aware of the exercises called Jianfei "wave", "frog" and "lotus".

The essence of the "frog" in inflating the abdomen (abdominal breathing). Therefore, during menstruation, women cannot perform this exercise. All three Jianfei exercises cannot be performed after surgery. Must pass at least three months. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract does not need much to inflate the stomach, do not be zealous!

For classes you need comfortable loose clothing and time.

Bodyflex for weight loss

The method of breathing exercises is also based on yoga. The essence of Bodyflex can be described as:

Normal exhalation - deep full breath - strong sharp exhalation with a cry.

At the last stage, with a strong exhalation, an exercise is performed. Breathing is delayed for a short time. And the exercise is done without breathing.

Recommendations for practicing Bodyflex: diets are prohibited, conducting exercises on an empty stomach (2-3 hours after the last meal). After exercise, you should not eat too much. You can eat in 1.5 - 2 hours.

Oxisize for weight loss

This breathing technique resembles the Bodyflex technique. However, this technique is less common.

The exercise system is also based on breathing, or rather its delay. This technique is gentle. There are no sharp strong breaths with shouts.

Recommend this method of breathing exercises, even for pregnant women.

You can do the exercises on a full stomach (but not full!). Both time and place of employment are unlimitedly limited, because oxysize can be practiced at any free minute and in any place.

The effectiveness of training, according to the trainers, is the same as when riding a bicycle or exercise bike. However, little effort is expended. The abdominal muscles are well pumped, the tummy grows thin and the abdominal shape comes in excellent shape, the fat leaves the sides.

Besides, Oxysease training for women is also helpful in strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, in general women's health.

In addition to the three respiratory exercises listed above, there are others. However, for weight loss, these are the most appropriate: Jianfei, Bodyflex and Oksisayz.

The effectiveness of breathing exercises with weight loss

A small number of women involved in or practicing this or that method of breathing exercises, is that the method itself is doubtful. Many women simply do not believe in the possibility of losing weight with the help of breathing exercises. However, they think stereotypically. And the developers, trainers of breathing exercises, do not deceive anyone, insisting that their method helps to lose weight.

Some women expect miraculous results right away. That won't work. Getting rid of extra pounds occurs gradually. If you practice breathing exercises regularly under the supervision of an experienced trainer, you can achieve good results. In addition, you will notice a surge of vitality and vitality. Clean up the nervous system.

Of course, not all types of respiratory gymnastics will help you lose weight. However, the above three methods - pros in the issue of weight loss.

The most popular of these is the Chinese method of breathing exercises. but Bodyflex and Oxisise will suit most women.. Bodyflex is more effective in burning extra pounds than Oxisis, and therefore more rigid. Not every woman can do it for a long time. Sometimes it is not necessary.

According to scientists, to lose a large number of kilograms, doing only breathing exercises, will not succeed.Breathing exercises for weight loss without other measures (diet, pills) will help lose about 5 kg. Sometimes more, sometimes less. All purely individual. Greater effect will create tips trainer techniques, diet and lifestyle. I.ebreathing exercises need to be combined with other methods of losing weight (not radical, like fasting or strict diets).

Breathing exercises to achieve the expected results need to take a course, regularly performing exercises..Treat your exercise diligently, give it your all!Remember, the better you do the breathing exercises, the better you will achieve!

Change your idea of ​​the ineffectiveness of breathing techniques, choose one of them and feel free to sign up for classes! You can join like-minded people or do breathing exercises on your own. However, it is better for beginners to turn to professional respiratory trainers.

In addition to losing weight, breathing exercises will help you streamline your thoughts, bring nerves to rest, concentrate, energize, new strengths and great mood! Exercises for weight loss with the help of breathing exercises will significantly affect your health, improve shape and health!

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