Bodyflex for belly and sides

Many women in their desire to lose weight are faced with an extremely difficult task - to remove fat from the abdomen and sides. The fact is that the anatomical features of the structure of the female skeleton predetermined accumulation of fat deposits in this particular area. But to solve the problem, it turns out, you can with minimal time and energy. All that is needed for this is the bodyflex technique for the abdomen.

What is the essence of bodyflex?

Bodyflex - a set of exercises that combines physical exercise and breathing techniques

Bodyflex - a set of exercises that combines physical exercise and breathing techniques. This method of losing weight was developed by an American Grieg Childers, who by her example showed how to lose weight from birth to size from 56 to 44 after giving birth. She combined physical exercises with deep breathing, thereby allowing the body to get saturated with oxygen and break down fats. In addition, bodyflex has a beneficial effect on:

  • the condition of the skin (wrinkles are smoothed);
  • muscles (tissues gain elasticity);
  • aesthetics of the body (disappear manifestations of cellulite).

Benefits of Bodyflex Training

The popularity of abdominal body flex exercises is explained by its effectiveness in combating extra pounds, and also by the fact that:

  • for classes you need only 15-20 minutes a day;
  • as a bonus to a thin waist (according to statistics, it takes 10-15 cm of volume in 7 days) you achieve a rejuvenating effect on the skin;
  • has no age restrictions;
  • classes can be conducted not only in the gym, but also at home.

Contraindications for bodyflex

Any physical activity - and bodyflex is no exception - have a number of contraindications. This technique is not recommended:

  • with vascular diseases and high blood pressure;
  • if you suffer from heart failure;
  • in case of chronic diseases;
  • with problems with the spine;
  • with bleeding of any kind;
  • during pregnancy;
  • during infectious diseases.

The principles of bodyflex

Grieg Childers advises everyone who decided to try bodyflex to pay attention to the 3 rules for maximum training efficiency:

  • to go hungry (2-3 hours before or after meals, and preferably in the morning, 20 minutes after sleep);
  • do exercises regularly (and no matter how intense);
  • do not follow the diet (in the process of training the bodyflex, the body loses huge amounts of energy and needs to be restored).

Breathing through the bodyflex exercise system

Breathing through the bodyflex exercise system

The basis of bodyflex is a proper breathing technique. It consists of 5 stages:

  1. Fold the lips into a tube and exhale all the air to the feeling of emptiness of the lungs. We do it slowly, relaxedly.
  2. Through the nose do the largest possible breath.
  3. Exhale through the mouth with the sound of "ppaah."
  4. Inhale and hold the air in the respiratory system for 10 seconds
  5. We relax, slowly inhale when the abdominal muscles are lowered.

Bodyflex: exercises for the abdomen and sides

After a week of regular exercises on the bodyflex system, you can notice significant changes in the volume on the waist and sides - the most problematic areas of the female body. In this case, the lessons will take you 15 minutes, and the complex consists of only 4 exercises.

  • Make a flat belly
  1. We lie down on the floor, we rest our feet on the floor, bending our knees.
  2. Pull hands up, tightly clinging to the floor.
  3. We breathe on the bodyflex technique and pull our shoulders up.
  • Stretch the sides
  1. Bending the knee joints, put your hands just above their level.
  2. We do breathing exercises in this position.
  3. Put the right hand on the right knee joint, transfer weight to this part of the body.
  4. We try to stand on the left toe, freeze for 8-10 seconds, change sides.
  5. We repeat steps # 3-4 twice.
  • Exercise pretzel
  1. Sit on the floor.
  2. We cross our legs so that the left knee joint is on top.
  3. The left brush we get for a back, and we fix the right brush on the left knee.
  4. We do breathing exercises.
  5. We concentrate body weight on the left side, pulling the left knee joint to the body until we can look behind our backs.
  6. Change sides.
  7. We do 10 times in both directions.
  • Scissors
  1. We lie down on the floor, hands are getting lower back.
  2. We do breathing exercises.
  3. Raise the legs by 15 cm from the support and cross them in the form of scissors.
  4. Gradually speed up the pace.
  5. Perform for 10 seconds, alternating with muscle relaxation.

Reviews on the technique of bodyflex

Worldwide, one of the most effective methods of weight loss is considered body flex.

Worldwide, one of the most effective methods of weight loss is considered body flex. Reviews, photos before and after the cycle of classes - an excellent proof of effectiveness. Especially like this technique for women who have been struggling with the tummy for many years. However, according to some ladies, the key to success of the technique is regularity. If you stop classes, then everything returns to normal. Women over 40 state that breathing is the key factor, since the exercises themselves are not of particular value. And women giving birth say that bodyflex helps to get toned after childbirth, including a soothing effect on the psyche. At the same time, there are those who do not consider the method to be so effective with regard to excess weight, but breathing exercises are indeed recognized as valuable, as it improves well-being.

Bodyflex for a stomach, certainly, helps to achieve good results. And even if the volume of the waist does not change significantly due to the individual characteristics of the figure, the body learns to work out more oxygen. And this will improve the work of all organs, without exception.

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