As a girl quickly pump up the buttocks at home

One of the answers to the question of what a woman wants is an elastic butt. Unfortunately, nature did not make everyone happy with such a gift, so it makes sense to get acquainted with how to pump up the buttocks and get closer to the ideal of any man. And for training it is not necessary to go to the gym - at home the result will be just as good!

Features of the gluteus muscles

Booty - a part of the body that is perfectly amenable to the adjustment of muscle volume

The booty is a part of the body that perfectly adapts to the adjustment of muscle volume. This is due to the structure of the buttocks. The volume of this body part is 3 muscles:

  • gluteus maximus;
  • gluteus average;
  • small buttocks

For the shape and volume of the priests meets the gluteus maximus, therefore it is necessary to pump it.

What you need to swap priests?

Correction of the line of the buttocks, like any other muscles of the body, requires complex effects:

  • run;
  • diet;
  • gym;
  • special massage;
  • yoga, etc.

Of course, the most important is the selection of classes for swapping priests in the gym. However, not everyone has the opportunity and time to go there. Therefore, special training complexes have been created to help pump the buttocks at home. Exercise in such a volume allows you to achieve the desired form in 3-4 weeks, that is, somewhat longer than when you visit the gym. But at the same time it is no less effective.

Exercises for swapping priests at home

How to pump up the buttocks at home quickly? There are several approaches to the choice of exercises. Among them, fitness experts distinguish their "top-5":

  • classic style squats;
  • lunges back;
  • pye;
  • lunges in the Bulgarian style;
  • bridge on the buttocks.

To achieve results, you need to give training 15-20 minutes every day (preferably in the morning).

Classic Squat Technique

Squats work best on the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Squats work out the muscles of the legs and buttocks best. By engaging in the work of the whole body, this kind of stress triggers metabolism and growth of muscle mass. Do not forget to knead the joints, especially the knees, before performing all the exercises.

So, how to quickly pump up the buttocks with the help of squats?

  1. We select a comfortable setting of the legs: we cover our eyes and imagine that we want to sit down, fix the width and spread our socks in opposite directions.
  2. Hands over the head.
  3. We start squats. Imagine that there is a chair behind your back, and we want to sit on it. Thus, we lower (on the inhale) and raise (on the exhale) the ass.
  4. We do 20 exercises in 4 approaches.

To increase the load after a few days, add dumbbells (or bottles of water and sand), and slow down the pace of squats.

How to do reverse attacks?

To give the buttocks a delineated form, fitness instructors recommend reverse attacks.

  1. Put the legs together. We have straight socks.
  2. Hands hug ourselves on the waist.
  3. Taking a breath, we take a long step back with our left foot; right on the spot.
  4. We return to the original position, exhale.
  5. Change legs.
  6. We do 20 exercises in 4 approaches, gradually increasing the load with the help of dumbbells.

What is a pye squat?

To make relief the inner thighs, pay attention to the special plies.

  1. We set our feet to shoulder width, turning the socks in opposite directions.
  2. We set hands for a waist and we lower a body to the parallel line of hips with a floor.
  3. Going down, inhale; starting in the initial position, exhale.

Technique attacks in the Bulgarian style

If you want to know all the subtleties of how to pump a girl’s buttocks, then you cannot do without Bulgarian attacks, which, apart from the buttocks, also put pressure on the hips.

  1. Become back to the chair or sofa.
  2. We throw one foot on the fulcrum.
  3. Holding the back straight, on the inhale, we squat to the level when the toe of the static leg does not equal the active knee on which we squat.
  4. We return to the first point, exhale.
  5. This exercise, like the previous ones, is performed 20 times in 4 sets.

How to make a bridge on the buttocks?

The buttock bridge is a very useful exercise for reloading your workout.

The buttock bridge is a very useful exercise for loading up a workout. To fulfill it, you also need support.

  1. We put our feet on the same line with the shoulders, with the shoulder blades against the fulcrum.
  2. Hands behind head or on belly; on the inhale, lower the body down as much as possible, on the exhale - raise to the initial position.
  3. Perform 15-20 times in 4 sets.

How to enhance the effect of training?

After success is achieved, the question arises how to consolidate the result. This statement is true for those who seek a beautiful line of buttocks. So that the priest does not hang again, the effect of physical activity will be supported:

  • refusal of the elevator (walking up the stairs in 1-2 steps gives muscles a tone);
  • raising and lowering straight legs and pelvis before bedtime, while watching TV or reading;
  • rational selection of food (the required ratio - 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 20% fat).

Anyone who is interested in how to pump up the buttocks, you first need to connect the strength of character and begin to train. If you can not go to the gym, then spend 15-20 minutes a day home exercises. Also, keep an eye on the increase in physical activity and your nutrition - and in just a few weeks you can enjoy beautiful and noticeably toned buttocks.

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