Acid-base balance


Acid-base balance- the basis of life, it is necessary for the beauty and health of women.

Acid-base balance

How does the body react to excess acid?

Blood, tissues, muscles and fatty layer are involved in the distribution of acid in the body. Acid residues enter the blood from the intestines.PHblood 7,43,if the acidity is 7.41, then for the body it is tantamount to death, so the body pushes acids into the interstitial space, the acidity of which reaches 6 and a person is able to live. But even here the medium is capable of oxidizing, carbon dioxide is absorbed into the blood by acidifying it again. The body sends excess acid to the fatty tissue, resulting in the formation of cellulite. Fat is able to accumulate a huge amount of acid. Oxidized adipose tissue has a loose structure, poor texture and yellow color. If you want to have a good quality fat tissue, you need to take care of yourself from a young age.

It is useless to fight cellulite massage, all sour fat is pushed into the intercellular space. If after the massage your condition worsens, it means that your adipose tissue is acidified, and as a result of the massage, interstitial space and blood intoxication has occurred. As soon as the body takes over the acids, the lymphatic system is activated. Lymph nodes begin to emit acid through sweat, acids rush into the armpits, and their output is blocked by deodorant, then palms and foreheads begin to sweat. Deodorant protection blocks sweat, and the unpleasant smell remains inside, there is no way for the poison to stand out.

If you are strongly acidified, then the acidic foods in the body should be 1/5 part, and 4/5 alkaline.

Acid-base balance

Sour food

  • Meat;
  • A fish;
  • Eggs;
  • Butter;
  • Yeast and white bread contains a huge amount of fungus that adjusts the immune system to fight;
  • Refined vegetable oil;
  • Nuts (except almonds);
  • Vegetables: eggplant, tomatoes;
  • Lactic products: kefir, yogurt, sour cream;
  • Sour berries: gooseberries, cranberries, currants;
  • Sorrel, rhubarb, onion, garlic;
  • Sour fresh juices;
  • Sugar, products when adding sugar becomes sour. Lemon is an alkaline product, but if you sugar it, after 10 minutes it will become sour.
  • Beans, peas, lentils;
  • Chocolate;
  • Cakes, creams;
  • Cheese;
  • Melon;
  • Green and black tea;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Crabs, shrimp.

Acid-base balance

These products when splitting in the body give an acid reaction.

If you eat only sour food, then the person can become ill with osteoporosis, because all the calcium from the bones will go to alkalization of the acidic environment.

Mushrooms are not acidic or alkaline.. Mushrooms are not recommended, because they are practically not digested by the body. Mushrooms digest proteins, moose and pigs in the human body there are no enzymes that can digest mushrooms. A person himself will not eat mushrooms without salt; by this, the organism tells the person that they are useless to him.

How to determine the acidity and begin to restore the acid-base balance?

Buy litmus test and check urine. Urine should be weakly acidic or neutral. If the urine is acidic, then the body is strongly acidified. You can take a litmus test and measure saliva, it must be alkaline, because the intestinal juice is alkaline.

Alkaline environment gives a person energy, and sour drinks absorb this energy. This is especially true of effervescent drinks, which are very harmful to use.

Ecologically harmful and sour drinks

  • Instant coffee.
  • 90% of juices, except carrot, pumpkin. There is no juice from cherries, cherries. The usual juice in a bag added at least, the rest chemicals. Juice yourself.
  • Either good tea or none, it is better to drink water with lemon, it has an alkalizing effect, and tea is an oxidizing product.
  • Mineral water should be natural, less than 100 rubles, this water is not worth it, it is sold in pharmacies in glass bottles.
  • Sparkling water.
  • Kvass, you need to cook yourself.

Acid-base balance

Drink good quality drinks and small portions.

Sour foods acidify the body, but they can be eaten. It is important that the body receives acid and alkaline foods in equal proportions. Also recommended a slight preponderance of alkaline foods.

To normalize the acid-base balance you need to follow an alkaline diet, which includes alkaline foods.

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