Acetic slimming wrap

Slim figure - the dream of every woman. In pursuit of ideal forms, the girls are ready for almost everything: spend hours in the gym, run in the morning and sit on hard diets. But the best option to get rid of extra centimeters at the waist is wrapping. With the help of vinegar wrapping you can easily and quickly correct your figure.

Apple Cider Vinegar Wrap: Rules

It turns out that only one procedure of vinegar wrapping can save you from 1 to 3 kg. In addition, the skin will be smooth, without cellulite, and most importantly decrease the volume.

Acetic wrap dilates capillaries, improves blood flow, increases metabolism and dissolves fat. All this effectively combats excess weight and cellulite deposits.

To carry out vinegar wrapping at home you need to choose the moment when you have enough time. In total, the procedure will have to spend about 4 to 5 hours. Before you start wrapping, you should prepare the ingredients in advance.

Acetic body wrap for weight loss: how to do?

  • For the procedure you will need 4 - 7% natural vinegar. Better if you take an apple or wine. And also cool water. The solution for the procedure is prepared in proportions of 1: 1. Do not forget to get a plastic film, a warm blanket and a cotton sheet in advance.
  • Before the start of the wrap, it is recommended to drink 5 - 6 tbsp. water with lemon (every half hour, drink 1 tbsp.). Before wrapping, you can make a warming massage with a special mitten or brush. You can also use an anti-cellulite scrub made from natural coffee or sea salt mixed with olive oil. For sensitive skin, a scrub of semolina and finely grated carrots is suitable. These procedures will increase circulation and lymph flow.
  • Dampen a sheet in a cool vinegar solution, squeeze a little and wrap it completely. Then you need to completely wrap the film and wrap a blanket. At this stage, you can not do without outside help. It is important that the body is completely shielded from the air. In this position, lie from 2 to 4 hours, trying not to move.
  • Acetic wrap may be partial. In this case, only problem areas are wound: the abdomen, buttocks, hands, etc. In this case, the wrap lasts only 40 minutes.
  • This procedure is very effective and simple. True, the sensations during the wrapping are not very pleasant. The first 15 minutes will be very cold, then very hot. In any movement you will sweat.
  • After wrapping it is recommended to take a warm shower, without the use of cosmetics. The result can be checked by standing on the scales - after the 1st procedure, you can lose about 2 kg, and your body will become light, refreshed and smooth.
  • The course of carrying out vinegar wrapping is designed for 1 month, when performing wrapping 3-4 times a week. During this time, you can lose up to 15 kg, which will not provide you with any diet.

At present, the recipe for vinegar suffers some change. Some girls add various essential oils (orange, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, etc.), sea salt, honey, flour and other ingredients to the solution.

Acetic body wrap for weight loss: how to do?

If during the procedure you cannot warm up for 20 minutes, you can drink hot tea from diaphoretic herbs (linden, raspberry, lemon balm, milkweed, chamomile, etc.).

Caution: There are contraindications!

Like any other procedure wrapping with vinegar has a number of contraindications, including:

  1. Allergy to vinegar;
  2. Chronic or recent gynecological diseases;
  3. Cardiovascular diseases;
  4. Pregnancy and lactation;
  5. Menstruation;
  6. Burnt skin;
  7. Various skin diseases, because wounds, ulcers, rashes and eczema.

You must also take precautions that will help you avoid complications:

Mandatory compliance with the concentration of vinegar, otherwise you can get a serious chemical burn of the skin;

During the procedure, try to avoid hypothermia and cold. Wrapping can be done only in a dry room, without drafts, with the air conditioner and fan off;

After taking a warm shower, do not forget to moisturize the skin with a special cream to avoid dryness.

Feedback on the procedure:

Acetic slimming wrap: reviews

  • Olesya: After reading the reviews, I decided to experiment with vinegar wrapping and did not regret it. For 3 weeks she took off 8 kg. The only negative is not very nice to sit and pour in sweat. Feeling just like in a bath, but without much pleasure.
  • Barbara: I've been wrapping up for a week now, but I have lost only 1 kg. Perhaps this is just the beginning, in general, I will continue the procedure. I hope the end result will please me more.
  • Tatyana: I used to know only about drinking vinegar for weight loss. But recently my friend told me about vinegar wrapping. In one procedure I lost 1.5 kg, which really impressed me. But to sit and sweat for 4 hours is quite a dubious pleasure.

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Acetic wrap is an effective and easy way to lose weight. With it, you can not only lose a few extra pounds, but also transform your body and skin. Just be patient, because the procedure is long and rather unpleasant.

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