Abdominal slimming massage (+ video)

Abdominal massage for weight loss is the easiest to perform. Moreover, unlike back massage, it is very convenient to do it yourself. Isn't that why it's so common? Abdominal massage is effective for weight loss, helping to actively get rid of sagging tum and excess fat in the waist. The problem of excess fatty tissue in the waist area is typical not only for women, but also for men. Due to the regularity of the procedure and the use of various oils, skin cells are strengthened.

If you have decided to engage in self-massage of the abdomen, then you should take note of the following information:

  • To achieve the desired result, you should tune in to the regularity of the procedure, repeating the massage every day for several minutes.
  • Movements are made with pressure, but without being too rude. It is important to preserve the "golden mean".
  • Massage is possible only two hours after eating, and after the completion of an hour something is undesirable (you can drink water, green tea).
  • The best results are obtained by those who in parallel adhere to a healthy balanced diet and active physical activity.

Types of massage for slimming belly

There are several types of abdominal massage for weight loss.:

  • Pinch massage for the abdomen refers to the simplest, without the use of additional devices or appliances. Before it starts, warming and kneading of the abdominal muscles occurs. Lie on your back on a firm, level surface, set your breathing even and pinch your belly, moving around the navel in a clockwise direction. Gradually make skin pulling with your fingers more and more. Execution smoothly ends with reddening of the skin. Pinch massage designed specifically for smoothing and toning the skin of skin cells.
  • Can massage for the abdomen can very quickly get rid of excess fat. To hold it, prepare silicone jars specifically designed for similar procedures with skin (can be purchased at a pharmacy or online store). In a massage oil, add a few drops of rosemary essential oils. The abdomen is thoroughly lubricated with a combination of oils, and then clockwise movements are performed by the cans, occasionally lifting the skin with their help.
  • Honey massage for slimming belly possible only with the use of the best, proven flower honey (ideally - fresh pumping). To do this, apply liquid honey on the skin of your hands and begin to knead the stomach with active movements, periodically “patting” excess fat. Due to the sharp sticking of honey, the muscles will warm up and be actively involved in the process of massage for weight loss. After the procedure, the skin will become more elastic and silky to the touch.
  • Water massage for belly is done by switching the shower to the mode of crowded exit of water jets under high pressure. Slowly clockwise, the abdomen is massaged with a change in the temperature of the water in one direction or the other..

For a better understanding of how to make a massage for slimming the abdomen, we decided to give you the opportunity to watch videos for free with professional performance of all movements.

A brief reminder of the massage sequence

  1. Lie on your back on a hard, flat surface (for example, the floor), put a pillow under your knees and bend them slightly. Set up calm breathing and relax as much as possible the number of muscles.
  2. Begin to massage the abdomen with small strokes and rubbing, accelerating the movement of the palms (or fists) before warming up.
  3. Perform a pinch massage (see description above).
  4. Grabbing a fold of fat with one hand, chop it across with active ribs of the other. Gradually go through all the folds.
  5. Perform “spider” exercise with the correct position of the fingers (perpendicular to the abdomen), pressing with quick and light movements, moving clockwise.
  6. With the edge of your palms produce active shaking movements designed to “stir up” the stomach.
  7. To complete the whole procedure, smoothly stroke the whole palm.

Anti-cellulite massage for slimming the abdomen. Video

Understandable video about the right abdomen massage

Giving your body a few minutes a day, you will certainly achieve high results!

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