7 psychological steps to losing weight

Most people start a new life on Monday, but how long this new life will last and what the result will be depends on the right mood. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate on the stage that precedes the exhausting diets and physical exertion.

How to believe in yourself and run a weight loss program?

So, we present to your attention 7 psychological steps!

Step 1.

The fight against excess weight, the lack of a positive result contributes to the fact that a woman is in constant stress. But it is stress is a common cause of overeating. A person who decides to change his usual life is simply necessary learn to relax, reconsider views on many problems. Do not judge yourself harshly a positive attitude, lack of panic and fuss - a great help for getting rid of extra pounds. Learn to give your body a rest. There is a beautiful expression: "The more you sleep, the fewer violations." In a dream even can lose weight. Do not think that the nervous exhaustion of the body can lead to something good.

Bottom line: learn to relax.

Step 2

There is an opinion that excess weight is a protective reaction of the body. But from what protects your body you need to find out before you take the path of losing weight. Understand yourself, a person does not like to delve into himself, but time passes and one should acknowledge one’s weakness, sacrifice pride and, if the situation demands, turn to a specialist who will help find the true reasons for self-dissatisfaction and unwillingness to take the path of correction. Often people like to feel sorry for themselves, and harmony will not give such an opportunity. Other extra pounds save the attention of men, which for a number of reasons they are afraid.

Bottom line: look at yourself.

Step 3

Before losing weight it is important to clearly define the goal, and it is only at first glance an easy task. Imagine what you want to achieve weight loss, what you see. The main thing is not to overdo it and give a full account of your expectations. Even if those extra pounds go away, the natural constitution will not change. Not everyone has a thick layer of fat, as in a joke, a thin waist, beautiful breasts and elastic hips. You need to understand that the goal to become an Angelina Jolie after losing weight is not feasible, but to become slim by itself is real. Remember the incredible transformations on the program "Fashionable sentence", one slimness for a stunning look is not enough. In the process of losing weight, change the hairstyle, style. All this will bring you closer to the ultimate goal: a beautiful woman in the reflection of the shop window, to which you cast admiring glances. Presenting yourself beautiful - sweet pill in the fight against obesity.

Outcome: clearly formulate the goal.

Step four.

Soul and body need cleansing. During the time that you spent on the absorption of food, lying on the couch, your body began to shake, and intoxicated from all this, you have to save it. Every cell in your body needs to be cleansed. It's never too late to start, remember the sensational story of losing weight 60-year-old Hollywood actress Kirtsi alley Stick to cleansing and activity.

Bottom line: mental cleansing of the body.

Step five.

Imagination - the main thing in the process of losing weight. Do not turn off in the process of waking for a minute, such concentration by her own will contribute to the loss of extra pounds. You are in the war with excess weight - take this fact as a reality. He lost control, fell in battle.

Bottom line: self control.

Step 6

It’s not so easy to prepare for change, suppose that the X hour has come, the person has lost weight, but it may happen that he will be uncomfortable in a new body, he will not know how to dress now, the former joys of life are forbidden, and he hasn’t yet received new ones learned Prepare yourself for change in advance.. Choose a new wardrobe, albeit only virtual, not necessarily spend a lot, on a slim figure, everything sits well. Sign up for driving courses, change the interior in your room, work (as an option). A healthy body must have a healthy mind.. The beginning of losing weight is just an impetus to global change, their presence will make the process of life change exciting. When to live, if not now. Take care of what you have been dreaming about for a long time, the more you are busy, the less often there is a desire to eat.

Bottom line: preparing for change.

Step 7

Do not be afraid of your desires. A positive attitude will help to cope with temptations., do as in the film "I am the most charming and attractive" or in the saying "On the catcher and the beast runs." If you believe that the lack of privacy is associated only with extra pounds, look in the mirror. Maybe you do not like men, because they do not smile, everyone is not happy, constantly grumble. In the meantime, life passes. Tune in positively, not for nothing that the mood, and harmony have the same root. Smile, in the mornings and evenings, praise yourself, dream, when you like yourself, others notice you.

The bottom line: positive emotions.

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