6 petals diet

Risk their health for a beautiful figure no longer have to The new Swedish 6 petals diet is universal for weight loss.. The slimming system combines several one-day mono-diets. Food does not bother, as every day a new diet, the weight goes, the mood is excellent.

6 petals diet

The diet of Anna Johansson combines several principles of dietary nutrition.

6 petals diet

  1. Separate meals;
  2. The alternation of protein and carbohydrate days;
  3. Monodiet.

6 petals are six days of diet and the seventh fasting day on the water. Separate nutrition accelerates metabolism. When you eat cottage cheese all day, the body expects diversity, but does not receive it and begins to spend already accumulated substances and calories. With a diet of 6 petals, the body does not have time to fully spend all the vitamins and minerals, which means that the diet is safe for health.

With a normal mono diet, after 3 days of monotonous nutrition, the body goes into energy conservation mode, and the weight stops falling. A diet of 6 petals does not allow the body to get used to one product., because the weight is uniformly reduced during the entire period of weight loss.

Pluses of a diet of 6 petals

  1. No depression and breakdowns;
  2. 3 - 4 kilograms per week - the result of a diet of 6 petals;
  3. Allowed salt, seasonings.

Diet 6 petals: pros

The most important thing is not to disturb the sequence of mono-diet, otherwise do not expect a positive result, as the protein-carbohydrate sequence will change.

Diet 6 petals: menu

First day on fish, water and green tea. Fish day diet 6 petals allows even canned food, but it is better to prefer boiled cod or pollock. A pound of fish divided into 4 meals. You can eat fish, drink fish broth. If you chop the fish and add greens to the broth, you get a delicious soup. For variety, you can eat not only fish, but also squid, mussels and other seafood. Easily digested fish proteins will help the body prepare for a six-day diet.

Diet 6 petals: menuDiet 6 petals: menu

Second day on vegetables. On the vegetable day of the 6 petals diet, boil the vegetable soup, eat fresh vegetables, drink vegetable juices. Do not forget about greens and fluids. On this day, the body will replenish vitamin deficiencies.. Fiber is hard digested by the body, it actively spends calories. Per day allowed eat 1 - 1.5 kg of vegetables.

Diet 6 petals: menuDiet 6 petals: menu

The third day on chicken breasts. In order not to whet your appetite, cook chicken breasts without salt. For the day you can eat 500 gr. meat. Boil chicken broth, chop meat into it, add greens. Meat can be baked with garlic and basil.

Diet 6 petals: menuDiet 6 petals: menu

Fourth day on cereals. 200 gr. dry cereal - daily rate. In the morning you can cook buckwheat, and in the evening rice. They save mucous porridge, they envelop the stomach. You can click the seeds and drink homemade sugar-free kvass. For the full effect, germinate wheat beforehand and eat green shoots for 4 days.

Diet 6 petals: menuDiet 6 petals: menu

The fourth day on cottage cheese. Per day allowed to eat 500 gr. cottage cheese, and you can also drink milk. Make salted pasta from cottage cheese and greens.

Diet 6 petals: menuDiet 6 petals: menu

Sixth day on fruit. There are diets on grapefruits, oranges, but the monodiet of 6 petals does not limit your imagination. AT 1.5 kg of fruit may even include bananas and grapes. Prepare fruit salads, fresh juices, smoothies, bake apples with cinnamon.

Diet 6 petals: menuDiet 6 petals: menu

On the seventh day Some nutritionists advise to arrange a feast of the abdomen and relieve your nerves, that is, eat ice cream, chocolate, but this is fraught with breakdown and weight gain. Therefore, it is better to finish the diet in the afternoon on water and green tea. Try to make this day a weekend so that you don’t have to go anywhere, because thinking your head will be bad, maybe even nauseous and nauseated. This toxins do not want to leave without a fight.

Diet 6 petals: menu

During the diet, do not try to eat less than prescribed by the Swedish nutritionist. After all, it is important not just to lose weight, but also to preserve your health. And do not forget about the liquid, because it is not a dry diet.. Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day.

Out of the 6 petals diet

If you ate a whole week by the rules, then you need gradually move to the usual diet. But it is better if you reconsider your eating habits, you will not return to the previous diet, and go to a healthy diet. To keep the weight within the framework and continue its reduction will allow the rejection of fried, fatty and other harmful products..

Diet 6 petals reviews

Everyone who has followed the diet according to the rules, state weight loss for a week at least 2 kg. The best result - minus 5 kg per week. In the process of diet, the volume of the stomach decreases, appetite decreases. To sustain a 6-day diet is not difficult.

Diet 6 petals: reviews

To raise the mood of the Internet users practice the advice of Anna Johansson. On the door of the refrigerator is attached a large bright flower with 6 petals.. On each petal is painted monodiet on the day. At the end of the day, you weigh, write down the weight lost during the day, tear off the sheet and send it to the basket.

Anna Johansson tried to reduce the dietary burden as much as possible and she succeeded. Sport and healthier nutrition - the key to a slim figure, and with which diet to start decide for yourself!

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