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You must clearly understand that finding a job may take all your free time, and if you are currently working and want to find a new one in parallel with your job, then it will be even more difficult, you will need more patience, but not everything is as bad as it seems at first sight.

The main thing you have to do is set a goal for yourself, then choose the means to achieve this goal and begin to act, for inaction does not produce anything in this life.

And you need to start with specialty definitions, where you are going to look for work in the future, and also that much is important, this is the industry in which you are going to work, you need to start not only from your education, but also from your knowledge, preferences and, most importantly, experience.

Show your strengths

It is necessary to highlight in itself the greatest strengths, because for an employer you are not a friend or even a casual passer-by, you are like a “commodity” that he will take from the shelf in order to consider a question. Imagine yourself in a supermarket, you are looking for a pack of milk for example: you come to the shelf, on it, as in all supermarkets, there are products from different manufacturers, labels - someone is good in his own way, someone is bad, tastes and there is no comrade color, but everyone will probably begin to choose a product, based on the ratio affordable price - high quality. This is how a potential employer will evaluate you, based on the same ratio, suggesting an average salary level for a highly qualified specialist.

Your task will be not to overestimate yourself, but you also cannot underestimate yourself. One currently known CEO of a large company said: "We value our employees not only for their professional qualities, but also for their moral qualities." None of the employers will not appreciate your ugly nature or, on the other hand, high ambitions, you will first have to show yourself one hundred percent.

CV as a business card

As you know, the product must be shown by the person, for the applicant in this case the person is his resume. Job search always starts with resume writing., so how exactly through the resume the employer will be interested in you as a potential employee. Many employers will ask for a resume without even seeing you, this is your business card, and best of all, if it reflects the most complete information about you and your professional skills.

Resume writing is a very delicate moment, it is important not to overdo it, but even a minimum of information will not tell the employer anything about you.

Let's start in order:any resume compiled "perfectly well" should contain:

  • A photograph (in no case should it be amateur, a passport photo, or other photo of a business nature).
  • At the top of the document should be its name, then your personal data: Name, date of birth, contact details.
  • Mandatory in the summary is the reflection of information about your work earlier, with an indication of the place of work, position and duties that you performed, after the information on education is reflected.
  • The most important element in the resume is information about knowledge and skills, and here you need to write everything that you know, know well, for example, fluency in a foreign language, computer skills at the level of a professional user, driving license, driving experience, car availability.
  • Also, the employer may be interested in your personal data, such as marital status, place of birth (where you are from).

Despite the fact that the summary should contain maximum information, it should be clear, informative, unique and fit on one sheet of A4 paper. The employer is a busy person, and he doesn’t have time to read too much information about you - this will tire him and he will send your resume to a remote box in his desk.

If you have a resume - consider that you have 59% of luck in your pocket.

Attentiveness - the key to success in finding a job

Remember that when looking for work you will be trapped by various pitfalls, such as one-day firms, dishonest employers or employers who will promise you the mountains of gold in the form of a very high level of wages with a relatively small amount of work. Be attentive to what the employer says, so as not to fall for such adventures, know that when looking for a job, you do not ask for alms, as most employers consider, but you sell your work, in which you have invested knowledge, skills, experience, time, and you continue to improve, you are not standing still, but are developing.

There are several specific issues, which not only can, but also need to ask the employer when looking for a job, here are some of them:

  • What salary does the manager promise?
  • What is the mode of the working day?
  • How is the design of the employee, and does it occur at all? (most important question)
  • What is the staff of the organization?
  • Do they work overtime in organizations?

After answering the above questions, it will become clear to you in which of the questions the manager answered clearly, and in which his answer was vague, this is the moment that should become suspicious for you, since in serious organizations such moments have already been worked out and confusion will arise can not and should not. In the end, select only those organizations that do not cause you suspicion, otherwise it may end in a new job search..

Only after you weigh the pros and cons, after spending time and effort, you will need to make a choice, do not be afraid of anything!

How to implement your resume, read the article Where and how to send a resume?

Follow our recommendations. Be confident and succeed!

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